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Best Gifts And Gift Ideas For Elderly Parents (2021)

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Gifts for older parents can be a huge challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

With many older people having specific tastes and a lot of stuff, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for them or to come up with some great ideas on what to give them.

Coming up with good unique gift ideas for elderly people may seem like an impossible task at times but this list may help you. Whether it’s for a holiday or any of the special occasions we all celebrate, I’m sure you can find the right gift here that your senior loved ones will enjoy.

One thing to remember when gifting to older adults is that for many, usefulness is more important than sentimentality. Of course, this depends on the person you are giving the gift to but generally speaking, most seniors enjoy gifts that they can use.

Our list of fun and useful gifts are perfect for any event throughout the year. Everything from birthdays to anniversaries to holidays and whatever in between. They can also inspire you for other gift ideas that you may not have thought of.

33 Best Gifts For Your Elderly Parents

Key Finder

I love this gift and have given it to several folks I know and they love it too! It’s a great gift idea. This little gadget that you can place on your key chain (or on anything really) and with an app on your phone, you can locate where that item is.

Massage Pillow

I don’t know of an older adult (including myself) who doesn’t have general aches and pains on a daily basis somewhere! So being able to use a tool like this massage pillow to soothe those muscles can be a wonderful blessing.

Cooked Meals

Sometimes, the best present is something that helps on a daily basis. For many older folks, especially the ones who live alone, cooking is just not a priority. So giving the gift of freshly made, cooked meals delivered to your door can be perfect gift ideas.

Old Movies and Comedy

My sweet mom-in-law loves old movies, especially the comedies. They help her (at 99 years old) to bring some memories and laughter into her day and I have to agree! So, a gift like this can be wonderful, especially if you take the time to share it with them. Make it a dinner and a movie event.

Easy To Use Remote Control

An easy to use and program remote control can make all the difference for some seniors. I know a few who cuss and yell at their current remotes and end up just walking away frustrated! This might just be a wonderful gift for your elderly parents.

Digital Photo Frame

I just love these digital frames and I’m seeing more and more of them in households that I visit. What’s so great about them is that family members can easily ADD photos to the picture frame via their phone or email so the owner of the frame can keep getting new photos!

Cell Phone Screen Magnifier

This great little gadget can turn small cell phone screens into large screens making it much easier to see a movie, a show, a Zoom video chat and much more.

Showcase The Family Tree

I gave this gift to a good friend of mine and she absolutely loved it. What a wonderful way to showcase the photos of the family!

For Their Pets

Taking care of a pet can be costly so why not consider gifting them something from for their pet? After all, the love that your senior loved one gets from their furry friend makes all the difference in the world to them.

Echo Show

Tech gifts like the Echo Show (and other Alexa devices) are always, in my honest opinion, a great gift for older adults. Simply because they can provide so many different services! Everything from making phone calls, (even a video call), setting alarms, remembering important dates and other practical applications to entertainment – it’s just a win-win product.

Single-Serve Coffee Makers

There are so many elderly adults living alone and having a large coffee pot can just be wasteful. So why not gift them a single-serve coffee maker? It’s an easy way for them to make their favorite brew. You can add their favorite coffee to the gift as well.

Engaging Games

Games are an excellent way to spend time with others, get to know others and have some fun. This particular game can be a great way for grandkids to get to know their grandparents. So, although it’s actually a gift for the grandparents, I think it’s probably more of a gift for the kids!

Showcase The Family Name

This is such a great idea for older adults because it’s something that can be handed down through generations. Basically, it’s a metal wall art that showcases your family name. How cool is that?

Lawn Care

The company Task Rabbit provides helpers for all kinds of services, including lawn care! If your senior loved one needs a little help (or a lot of help) taking care of their yard, this might be a great gift to give them. Consider using Task Rabbit for other tasks as well – makes for some great unique gifts.

Motion Activated Lighting

A great little safety device that turns on the light when motion is detected. It’s perfect to set up by the bed, by the doorway to the bathroom or just about anywhere your elderly parent would need some light to move about safely.

A Little Helper To Get Up And Down

I have a few friends with relatives who have a difficult time getting up and down from the sofa or a recliner or chair and this little gadget can be a lifesaver. It gives your elderly loved one the independence to get up and down safely and it comes with a table top with a drink holder so they can enjoy a meal or a game or a book while in their favorite sitting spot.

Induction Cooktops

It may seem like an extravagant gift to give someone a cooktop but the advantages of an induction cooktop for seniors makes it a GREAT gift! There are entire cooktops of course but there are also individual “hot plate” type of cooktops that can be gifted as well.
Read here about the great advantages of an induction cooktop for seniors.

Portable Battery Charger

This great little gadget can be used to jump start your car, charge your mobile phone, your laptop, etc. It’s a wonderful gift to give and has many great features. Check it out here.

Sleep Machine

I don’t know many seniors who don’t have trouble sleeping (including myself). I personally use my Alexa device as a sound machine to help me sleep but if your elderly parent is not using a smart home device then maybe a sleep machine may be able to do the trick.

Capturing Their Story

I just love these types of books! So many of my friends whose parents have passed away mention how they wish they had known more about the lives their parents led. This book, and others like it are a perfect way to get those memories in writing. It’s a beautiful gift to give (and maybe work on together).

Television Headphones

If one of your elderly parents is driving the other one crazy with the television set on a very high volume then why not give them a gift that both of them can enjoy? These headphones can be used to help the one who can’t hear very well enjoy the show or movie and give the other one just as much enjoyment too!

Rollator For Seniors With Limited Mobility

Okay, so this may not be a funny gift or even something that many seniors want to admit that they need – BUT – if your elderly parent has issues with limited mobility this may be just the thing that can help them to get about easier and safer.

Sweets For The Sweet

Consider getting them a subscription through Candy Club! It’s a fun way to satisfy seniors with a sweet tooth.

Magnifying Glass For Readers

My father in law loved reading the newspaper and his journals. But as he grew older, it was becoming more and more difficult for him so I remember him using a magnifying glass very similar to this one. It gave him the ability to continue enjoying something he truly loved to do.

Tabletop Magnifying Glass With Light

Another good option is also a magnifying glass that can be attached to a tabletop which allows the reader to use it hands free. This would also be great for someone who enjoys needlepoint or any other craft that they may be having trouble doing due to their vision.

Digital Clock and Calendar For Low Vision

This is a great gift for anyone who has trouble with their vision and it may also be helpful for seniors with mild dementia. This digital frame shows in large print the date and the time and also whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening. It also has an alarm clock feature.

Cardigan Sweater

I have admitted before that I just love cardigans. They can make you feel all warm and cuddled and they look great too. So if your elderly loved one lives in a colder climate, consider getting them one of these great sweaters. It comes in many different colors so choose their favorite.

Pill Organizer

There are many different styles of pill organizers available and this particular one is the most popular. These tools are a simple way to keep all the medications that some elders need in check.

Adult Coloring Books

My mother loved these adult coloring books. They helped her to relax and work on a project that didn’t require much exertion, which was perfect for her. There are many different kinds to choose from as you can see here.

Simple Bed Rail

One of the very first things that my mom-in-law purchased for herself when she was in her early 90’s was this bed rail. She uses it to her herself get into and out of bed safely and comfortably. She loves the storage pocket which is a great place for her to put her book in! Such a simple tool that would be so appreciated by anyone who can use it.

Toaster Oven

If your elderly loved one needs a new toaster oven, you may be tempted to get one that can air fry, toast, roast, dehydrate, etc. But I would recommend to go simple because it will be much easier for them to learn (in most cases).

A Funny Little Gift

Many older moms and dads would appreciate this little gift! Just a little humor in the day and a reminder of who gave it to them.

Gift Card

gift cards for elderly parents

Of course, there’s always the gift card option which allows your loved one to get whatever it is that they would like to get! You can also consider giving a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant!

Giving a gift to someone who is older doesn’t have to be difficult. Just try to think about what they do on a daily basis. And maybe what they aren’t doing because it’s either too difficult for them.

Then base your gift on that. Whether it’s a product or a service or maybe even something as simple as your time with them – they will appreciate it and love you for it.

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