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Gifts For Older Women Who Want Nothing

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Older woman with gift

We all have struggled with trying to come up with the perfect gift idea for older women who tell us they want nothing! It can be frustrating!

We want to give them something for their birthday or other special occasion that they will like and hopefully use! Something better than just another gift card.

Of course, experience gifts are wonderful to give to anyone who seems to have everything they need. I’ll list some of these types of gifts later on.

I came up with a list of unique gift ideas that you might like so scroll on down and take a look!

Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts or for some other occasion, I’m sure you will find a great idea on gifts for women below.

40 Unique Gift Ideas For Older Women (Who Insist They Don’t Need Anything)

In my experience, the perfect gift for older women are practical gifts. Clothing that keeps them warm, tools and accessories for their hobbies, gifts that reflect their likes (books, music, movies, etc.) are all practical and can be enjoyed all year round.

I have put together this list of some very unique gifts that you could get for the older women in your life.

Tops To Keep Warm

Both my mother and mom-in-law complain of being cold, even when the temperature reads 85 degrees! It’s a common complaint amongst older women and I sometimes wonder if I’ll be like that when the years creep up on me.

Anyway, a top, like the Miusey Long Sleeve top shown here will go a long way in helping your senior loved one to stay warm.

What I like best about this top is that the sleeves are not winged. Too many older women wear shawls or tops with sleeves that can easily get caught in garbage disposals or catch fire over a hot stove. So, keep that in mind when choosing any type of top, sweater or jacket.

Socks To Keep Her Feet Warm

My mother used to say, “If my feet are cold, the rest of me is freezing.

One of the ways that she stayed warm was to use warm thermal socks like these. They’re made of acrylic, polyester and spandex.

I have a pair that I use when I go hiking in the winter and I love them. They make a great and thoughtful gift for your senior loved one who may be complaining of cold feet!

Coasters For A Laugh

If your senior lady enjoys entertaining and has a love for music, these retro record coasters may give her a laugh and just make her day.

One of my favorite gifts to give anyone are the ones that can help to give them a chuckle.

Leg Massager

For seniors who suffer from muscle cramps or muscle fatigue in their legs, this leg massager kit can be the perfect gift and help to give them the relief they need. It’s certainly not something most seniors would purchase for themselves so it makes a great gift!

For The Gardener

While it looks like she could be a crime-fighting superhero if she wears these, the Diggerz Garden Gloves With Claws are actually meant to attack weeds and other garden chores. These gloves are one size fits all, with 4 “claws” on each glove.

They are made of 60 percent latex and 40 percent nylon, so they are waterproof and puncture-resistant against thorns and greenery.

Learn About Your Roots

A special gift that you can give is one that can help her to find her roots.

It’s not so unusual for many families these days to be unaware of their ancestry. So a very unique and different type of gift for someone is an ancestry kit like this one from 23andme.

She may end up being very surprised to find out where she came from and who knows, it may open up a whole new chapter for the entire family.

Genealogy Charts

And hey, once she knows her ancestry, she may want to start charting down the family history on these great genealogy charts! It’s certainly something that can be handed down to each generation of the family.

Travel Scarf (Great For Everyday Too)

This wonderful scarf is sold as a “travel scarf” but honestly, it can be used everyday too! It has a built in zippered pocket where you can put your phone, credit card, money, keys, etc.

What a great way to go shopping or out to lunch or dinner and not have to carry a purse! I think it’s a very thoughtful gift for someone who seems to have everything.

Comes in a variety of patterns and colors too!

Cell Phone Stand With Wireless Speaker

Works with both iphones and Samsung phones! Not only does it hold your phone, but the speaker allows you to listen to music, podcasts and phone calls with a nice, clear sound.

Solar Powered Wind Spinner

My mom-in-law loves the one I got for her! It’s solar powered, so there’s no need for her to fuss with an electric cord or change a battery. The solar light comes on at dusk and holds a charge for 6 – 8 hours. It features UV-proof coating so it can stay outside year ’round.

Sea Glass Wind Chime

Windchimes can help to make an outdoor space a beautiful spa like atmosphere and these beautiful chimes can do just that for her!

Large Print Password Logbook

There are so many passwords and challenge questions to keep track of nowadays, why not make it easy for her with a password logbook?

This one features alphabetized tabs to easily locate a website, plus large, easy to read font. There is one page per password, with room to record several changes. She can also write down challenge / security questions and changes.

There are several covers to choose from, including discreet covers so no one knows what the book contains, except her!

*Also available en Español.

Funny Prank Gift

Well, she said she wanted nothing, did not need anything. So, why not gift her an empty box full of nothing! After all, if that is what she really wants, then at least give her the gift of laughter!

If She Asks For The Moon, Give It To Her

This softly glowing realistic-looking moon lamp was printed using 3D technology. She can change the color from white to a pale yellow with just a touch. The lamp runs on a battery that lasts between 4 – 8 hours and the light level can be dimmed or increased, depending on her mood.

Electric Heating Pad

This particular electric heating pad has a timer which makes it a safe option for older adults.

Of course, to keep feet warm, socks are the way to go when you’re out and about or doing household chores but at night (or when she’s watching her favorite afternoon soap opera or game show) plugging this in on a cold winter day can bring a smile to her face!

A really inexpensive gift that she can enjoy all winter long. (or in the case of my mom-in-law, all year long!)

A Wine Tote

This stylish wine tote is padded and insulated. It comes with two insulated stemless wine glasses and features a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It also has an exterior pouch to hold keys, wine accessories, or other small items.

Faux Fur Throws

Nothing like a beautiful faux fur throw blanket to snuggle under during the colder winter months. Although my mom-in-law lives in South Florida, she still tells me she gets very cold during the winter and cranks up the heat in her condo! A blanket like this beautiful throw which is super soft and hypoallergenic will be a great gift for her this Christmas or at any time.

Large Print Books

For the avid readers who are older women, large print books are a GREAT gift! Amazon has many different types of books in their Large Print category so check it out. The one here on the right is just one of their large print novels.

If you don’t have vision problems yet, you can’t understand the frustration that comes with trying to read something that you simply can’t see very well, even with glasses.

Large print books make reading fun (and easy) again and your senior loved one will love it!

Wine Soap

A friend of mine just gifted this to me and I can’t stop smelling them! They have such a beautiful wine scent – I can’t wait to get in the shower with one of these soaps. If your gal loves wine, she’ll absolutely fall in love with these Napa Soap bars.

A Sense Of Humor

If your gal has a sense of humor, she just might love this book for her guest bathroom, or maybe even her own! Filled with jokes, puzzles, sudoku and more.

Cat Lover Earrings

Does she wear earrings? Does she love cats? Well, then why not gift her these beautiful sterling silver huggie hoop earrings for a unique piece of jewelry. They’re hypoallergenic and can certainly be a conversation starter.

Pressure Activated Mug Warmer

This mug warmer can be used with porcelain, ceramic, glassware, or enamel mugs. It turns on via pressure, so she doesn’t need to remember to turn it off (if the light is on, the warmer is activated).

It’s waterproof and can hold today’s oversized mugs with ease.

Pop Up Paper Flowers

Give the recipient of your gift an experience they’ll never forget with our large popup cards. They can stand on their own or in a vase, and you’re included paper for custom message that’s ready to mail anywhere! These paper pop up cards are an excellent way to wrap your loved ones in a bouquet of flowers without having the inconvenience and difficulty that usually comes with gifting them real live plants. With many different styles available, you’re sure find one perfect for any occasion!

Amazon’s Echo Show

I’ve mentioned several times in other articles how much I love Alexa products and the Echo Show is just one of them.

The best thing about the Echo Show is that you can use it to communication with video. Very easy to use but it does only communication from one Echo Show to another.

But, it still has all the amazing skills that Alexa has (click here to read about them) and it will just keep getting better as Amazon keeps introducing more and more skills.

The Gift Of Chocolate

You can never go wrong by gifting a box of chocolates. Well, except if that person is diabetic but generally speaking, most every woman loves to get a gift of these delicious treats.

Canvas Tote

This roomy canvas tote can be personalized with her first initial. It has a magnetic closure and also features a PE board for a sturdy bottom, plus double stitch sewing on the handles and an inner zippered pouch.

Colorful Crystal Bracelet

This gorgeous bangle bracelet is made with crystals from Austria. There are a few different color variations to choose from. You can even choose a matching necklace to go with it as well.

Organic, Fresh Herbs And Veggies

This smart garden from Click and Grow allows your senior loved one to grow her own herbs and fresh veggies. There’s no need for a window because the self-watering garden comes with a grow light – along with 3 mini tomato, 3 basil and 3 green lettuce pods to get her started.

A Life Story Book

One thing so many of us regret is not knowing the life story that our mothers lived before we came along (and maybe even after!).

Here’s a special gift to help prompt your mother to give you her story. A treasure that can be kept in the family for generations to come.

Beautiful Tumbler

This tumbler is a beautiful way to help your senior loved one to remember to drink throughout the day. The unique design and patterns on this particular tumbler are beautiful but it also comes in a variety of designs too.


My mother loved sweets. She didn’t eat many of them when we were younger but as she got older she gave in to her cravings and enjoyed a few cookies every night (good for her!)

So, if an older woman in your life has a sweet tooth then what could be better than a gift box of gourmet cookies?

If she loves cookies as much as my mother did, then she will love this gift!

Always Learning

I personally love learning and have a large library in my home! So if your senior lady loves learning too, a book like this can be a fun gift for her.

For Older Women Who Love Music

I love to watch my mom-in-law dance to the music that she loves! She’s 100 years old and she still can enjoy the sounds that make her smile.

If your senior loved one enjoys music, then get her a collection of her favorites. You could get something like this collection of music from the 1940’s or maybe her favorite artist, band, etc.

There’s nothing like shaking your booty to a favorite tune, no matter how old you are!

And Something To Play It On

If she loves music, she needs something to play it on! This 7 in 1 Victrola player will allow her to listen to vinyl records, USB, CDs, cassettes, FM radio or streaming music from her smartphone via Bluetooth.

For The Artist (And Those Who Wish They Were)

A Buddha Board is perfect for both real artists and those who wish they were!

My mom loved to draw as a younger woman, but gave it up because she felt that there were only so many walls on which to hang framed pictures. This board solves that problem because it uses only the special “canvas”, water and the included bamboo brush – the image she draws will slowly disappear as the board dries.

There’s no pressure to be perfect in her creation because the painting doesn’t last. The idea behind this is more for meditation and calm than to showcase artistic prowess. Which means that anyone can use it to draw figures, flowers, and more.

Then, she can practice the “art of letting go” as the image slowly fades.

Original Art Shoulder Bag

This small purse is big enough to carry her cell phone, keys, and a few small items, but it’s the hand-painted exterior that sets it apart from other shoulder bags.

For Older Women Who Love Movies

There are book lovers and music lovers and I for one am a huge movie lover. So, a gift of movies with my favorite actor or of my favorite genre would be a great gift.

You could get one or two DVD’s or a collection like the one here. This is a collection of 5 Jimmy Stewart movies.

There’s just nothing better for movie loves than to curl up all snug and warm and enjoying a great, old movie!

Anything For Their Hobby

My mother was a master at knitting and crocheting (amongst other things) so a gift for her of yarn, or new set of knitting tools, etc. would be a wonderful present.

Whatever your senior loved one is into – there is always a new product available for that hobby or simply replenishing things like paint, yarn, thread, paper etc. All of these can always make for a great gift that they can actually use.

Magnifying Glass With Light

If vision has become a problem and keeping your elderly mother from participating in her favorite hobby – then a lighted magnifying glass would be a great gift.

This one here is a floor model that can be placed anywhere and bent as needed.

My mother loved Sudoku and as she got older, it became a bit more difficult for her to see the print. Even the large print books were difficult so this magnifying floor lamp did the trick!

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Seniors often don’t drink enough water, so make it more tempting with this fruit infuser water bottle. It’s BPA free, light weight and leak proof. It’s dishwasher safe, as well.

She just slices up the fruit of her choice and adds water, for a tasty and healthy soda substitute.

I hope that these gift ideas inspire you for your own ideas for the older senior women in your life!

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Thoughtful and Unique Gift Ideas for Older Women
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