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27 Christmas Gifts For Dementia Patients (Or Alzheimer’s)

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It’s hard to buy the perfect gift for an older adult who suffers from the memory disorders, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

But with the holiday season here, you want to do all you can to give your loved one a gift that they can enjoy and use. But if they suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s or any other illness that causes cognitive decline – finding the right gift can be daunting.

You don’t want to just hand them a gift card! You want it to be special.

One of the best gifts for Alzheimer’s patients or people with dementia is something that will allow them to use their hands and to express themselves artistically. That’s why arts and crafts type of gifts are so good for anyone with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

What Do You Get Someone With Dementia For Christmas?

Some wonderful ideas for dementia gifts could include items that can make life just a bit easier for them. Also items that may help to trigger memories. Of course, the gift of family time is usually one of the most precious gifts that you can give to someone who is suffering from memory loss.

Some gift ideas are…

Easy To Use Telephones

An easy to use picture phone with photo buttons can be a a really good idea for anyone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s one of those useful tools that can be appreciated every day. There are other good options to choose from – just click here.

Large Reminder Day Clock

This large clock with date, day and time can be an excellent gift for someone with dementia.


These easy to use puzzles can be a great activity for many seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. There are many different ones to choose from.

Twiddle Muffs

Twiddle muffs have been used as a therapy tool for anyone with Alzheimer’s or dementia to help alleviate restless hands.

Activity and Puzzle Books

Activity books filled with crossword puzzles, coloring pages and more can provide someone with dementia an activity to keep them entertained.

Gift Ideas For Someone With Early Stage Dementia

Some of the best gift for anyone in the early stages of dementia or early stages of Alzheimer will be activities that stimulate their mind as well as products that can help them to keep in touch with friends and family.

Photo Sharing Frame

Photo sharing frames like this one are a great way to families to keep in touch with each other. It’s one of the more practical gifts for any seniors.

Automatic Pill Dispenser

An automatic pill dispenser can be a life saver for seniors who are having trouble remembering what to take when. They may be skipping medications or taking too much! This great little gadget can give you some peace of mind knowing that they may be able to stick to their medication schedule better.

Scrapbooking Kit

Filling a scrapbook with old memories and stories would be a great gift for anyone with dementia.

Amazon’s Echo Show

Amazon’s Echo Show product is a very versatile tech product that can be used for video chats, games, listening to music and podcasts, watching movies and much, much more.

Gift Ideas For Someone With Middle Stage Dementia

As dementia progresses, the patient’s needs become more focused on basic sensory activities and memory aids that are as simple to use for them.

In the middle stage of dementia, the person often develops a need for simple memory aids and tactile activities. Sensory stimulation is important at this point in order to help lessen their discomfort as they experience symptoms more vividly than before.

Bubble Pop

These fun little bubble pop products can be addicting!

Aqua Painting

These easy to do paint kits require no paint. Just a brush with water to reveal the image on the pad.

Wooden Puzzles

Matching the puzzle pattern to the patterns in the book can be a stimulating activity for someone with dementia.

Gift Ideas For Someone With Late Stage Dementia

In this late stage of the disease, the best type of gifts for your loved one would be something that provides comfort and safety.


A warm, comforting soft blanket can be a wonderful gift for someone in the later stages of dementia. An appropriate gift to give someone to use in everyday life.

Robotic Pets

Many seniors with dementia love to hold on to and/or pet an animal so a stuffed animal or a robotic one like this one shown here can be a great source of comfort for them. (Here’s the cat version). These can make for perfect holiday gifts for someone in the late stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Lifelike Baby Dolls

Similar to robotic or stuffed animals, some elderly with dementia become enamored with a baby doll. These are very lifelike and can provide great comfort to some. Look through the many varieties to choose from here.

GPS Smart Sole

shoe inserts

These smart shoe inserts come with a GPS tracker in them making it much easier for family members and caregivers to keep track of seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is very common for seniors in the later stages of the disease that they would wander away so keeping a tracker on them could save their life.

What Is A Busy Box For Dementia Patients?

The idea of a busy box or fidget box is to provide some sensory stimulation activity for the person with dementia.

Multi-sensory stimulation is becoming increasingly popular in nursing homes based on the impressive results of numerous research studies into its effectiveness.

Busy Boxes and Fidget Blankets

A busy box like this can be a great gift for someone in the middle stages of dementia. For many, it’s a perfect way to keep busy which can be very difficult for someone with cognitive decline.

Latches Activity Board

Another activity board with multiple latches.

Fidget Blanket

Another type of activity board are fidget blankets that can help your senior loved one to be actives and de-stress.

There are many more activity boards and fidget blankets to choose from – click here to see them all.

Gifts For Dads With Dementia

Some wonderful Christmas gift ideas for the men on your list could include any of the following:

Infinity Maze Game

A fun game that can help to keep your father busy.

Plumbers Puzzle

Another activity that can provide sensory stimulation for your loving Dad.

Ring Toss Game

Activities that can keep seniors with dementia active while being safe can make for excellent gifts.

One Touch Music Player

This very simple to use music player can provide hours of entertainment for your Dad with dementia.

Comfort Items For Dementia Patients

Many persons with dementia suffer from anxiety as they slowly lose their memories and become uncomfortable with their situation.

It is common for people with dementia to have anxiety. It can make symptoms of dementia worse – particularly symptoms that affect a person’s attention, planning, organising and decision-making.

Alzheimer’s Association UK

So, it makes sense that gifts that can provide a sense of comfort and maybe safety can be wonderful gifts for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Shiatsu Massage Chair

The ultimate in comfort is this Shiatsu massage chair with built in heat and air massage. For anyone with muscle aches and pains, this can be an extremely comforting gift.

Light Therapy

This beautiful light therapy product can help you to fall asleep faster and to wake up with a beautiful warm light.

Adult Bibs

Wearing something over your clothing to help protect you from getting food on them can make life just a little bit easier for both the senior and their caregiver.

Sensing Bed Pad

I admit, this gift is a bit more for caregivers than it is for seniors with dementia but knowing when your senior loved one may be getting out of bed can help to save them injury or pain.

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