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Resources For Seniors And Caregivers

Below is a list of valuable resources for seniors and caregivers.

Our goal is to keep adding to this list so to provide you with the type of information that can help make your life safer and easier.

Resources For Home Modifications – A list of resources in the United States to help you with home modifications to make your home, or your elderly loved one’s home safer.

State Lifeline Assistance Programs – A list of each state in the USA with links to information about the Lifeline Assistance program in that state.

State Medicaid Contact Information – A list of the contact information for each US state’s Medicaid program.

Where To Buy New and Used Stairlifts – A list of companies where you can purchase new or used stair lifts.

Travelers Health – Health information from the CDC for senior citizens.

Budget Travel Tips – Safe and budget savvy travel tips for seniors.

Solo Travelers – Information on how to travel well and safely if you’re traveling alone.

Travel Insurance – Information for seniors about travel insurance.




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