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Home Safety Tips For Seniors And Older Adults

Our home safety tips are meant to help you sort through all the techniques and products that can help you to make your home safer for anyone who is aging in place.

We do our best to cover all the topics that are relevant but of course, if you have any questions at all, please contact us.  We’ll work on answering your question(s)!

Below are several categories that contain articles on how to make each area of the house (and the outdoors) as safe as possible.

Safety Tips Throughout The Entire House

Articles on how to make areas throughout the home safer for older adults.

Making The Bathroom Safer

Tips and ideas and product recommendations on how to make the bathroom safer.

Making The Bedroom Safer

Tips and ideas and product recommendations on how to make the bedroom safer.

Making The Kitchen Safer

Tips and ideas and product recommendations on how to make the kitchen safer.

Senior Housing

Articles on the different types of housing that seniors can look into if they are considering downsizing or if they need more help than they can get in their own home.

Technology For Seniors

There are so many wonderful gadgets available these days that can make life easier and safer for seniors and for their families as well.

Mobility Issues

Articles on the different types of tools available to help make mobility an easier and safer task for older adults.

Personal Care Matters

Tips and advice on how to make personal care an easier task for older adults and how caregivers can correctly and safely help their senior loved ones with personal care issues.

For The Love Of Pets

Many seniors love the companionship that their pets provide and for very good reason. There are many wonderful ways that pets help us through some of our most difficult times. These articles may help you to care for your pets, to help seniors care for them and the best types of pets that seniors can benefit from.

Home and Personal Security

These articles are meant to help seniors and their loved ones better protect their homes and themselves from the dangers and scams that target older adults.

Being Safe Outdoors

There are certain tactics and products that can help seniors to be safer when they are enjoying outdoor activities.

Transportation Issues

These articles focus on issues about driving (a touchy subject for many older adults) and also transportation services such as Uber and Lyft.

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