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At Senior Safety Advice, we’ve spent lots of time researching, trying, and testing various products to help our loved ones age safely. We’ve used some of these products for our own elderly parents. Some are products that Esther recommended to her patients when she was practicing Occupational Therapy.

Our goal is to provide recommendations for products and services that meet the needs of elders, that are well-priced, and that maintain a high standard of quality.

We hope our ever growing list will make your roll as a caregiver easier and the lives of your elderly loved ones safer.

Auto Aids

More and more seniors are driving and it’s important to make that as safe as possible. Here are some products that can make it safer and easier for older adults behind the wheel.

Bathroom Products

The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house for many elderly adults. Here are products that can help you to make it safer.

Bedroom Products

Falling out of bed or slipping on a bedside rug can be avoided. Take a look at what we recommend to make the bedroom safer.

Caregiving Products

Caregiving for an aging loved one is a very difficult task so why not take advantage of the many products available that can make it much easier and safer for both the caregiver and their senior loved one.

Entire House

Here you will find products that can make the house safer such as anti slip rugs, smoke detectors, lifting cushions and much more.

Gardening Products

Many older adults enjoy gardening so why not make it as easy and fun as possible? Here are some products that can do just that.

Kitchen Products

The kitchen can be the second most dangerous room in the house for older adults. Check out the products that we recommend to help keep yourself and your senior loved ones safer.

Leisure Products

Seniors of all age groups and all levels of activity should engage in leisure activities. Whether you’re an active senior who wants to stay fit and have fun, or a senior who prefers the quiet life at home, there’s a product that you can engage in for fun and relaxation.

Personal Care Products

We all have special needs as we grow older. Using the right tools can make personal care much easier not only for aging adults but for their caregivers as well.

Pet Products

For aging adults who are animal lovers and caring for a pet – it can become difficult to do some of the necessary tasks to care for that furry loved one. Here are some products that can make that easier and safer.

Technology Products

Tech products are not just for the younger generation. So many tech gadgets can be used to make life easier and safer for seniors. Check out the tools that we recommend that can help you as you grow older as well as a caregiver.

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