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45 Of The Best 90th Birthday Gift Ideas: Celebrate 90 Year Olds

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As my Grandmother’s 90th birthday approaches, I can’t help but think about what the perfect present could be for her? What special gift can I give? I want it to be just the right gift for such an amazing accomplishment.

Sometimes you want to give your family member or friend turning 90 a meaningful and thoughtful birthday present for their special day. Something like an heirloom or a family keepsake. Or maybe a practical gift?

Other times you just want to give them something fun and different that will make them laugh. As someone who is always looking for new ways to add value to life, I’ve compiled some of the best gift ideas for you to celebrate such an amazing milestone in your loved one’s life.

No matter how old someone is, it’s always nice to get a birthday gift acknowledging that no matter how much time has passed, they are still special. If you’re looking for a great gift idea on what to get your loved one for their 90th birthday, take a look at the following suggestions.

A great idea could be any useful gift or maybe something funny or perhaps something very personal. Either way, your loved one will adore you for being so thoughtful and giving.

What Is The Traditional Gift For A 90th Birthday?

Unlike wedding anniversaries – there are no “traditional” birthday gifts for any year of anyone’s life but there certainly is a list of the most “common” gifts.

But why not think a little bit outside the box and give them something fun or practical or related to an activity that they enjoy doing? Or maybe even something useful that can help to make their daily life just a little bit easier and safer.

Take a look through these 45 great ideas for gifts that we have listed below! We’re sure you’ll be able to find something or be inspired by something for the senior citizen in your life who is turning 90.

Funny Gifts

There are lots of funny and gag type gifts that you can give someone who’s turning 90 and why not? If they can bring some joy and laughter into someone’s life – just do it! This Dr. Seuss book is just one example but there are many more – just click here!

What a memorable 90th birthday celebration it can be if it can also be fun and full of joy.

Personalized Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are ones that have that personal touch to them. Something that is personalized just for them like this star map.

There are many different kinds of gifts that you can have personalized – see them here.

Password Logbook For Their Important Info

There is no way we can remember all the passwords and security questions we need for our online accounts. Writing them down in this small logbook makes it easy!

There is one dedicated large font page per password and plenty of room to records updates and changes. There is also room for security questions and changes.

There are several covers to choose from. This password book is also available in Spanish.

Activity Books

Sometimes the best way to wish someone a happy birthday is to give them something they simply love to do!

My elderly mom loved to work on activity books. It didn’t matter if they were word puzzles or Sudoku or brain teasers or even the adult coloring books.

She would spend hours and hours enjoying them while she sat out on the back porch. Your senior might love them too! Check out all the different kinds that you can get here.


An ideal gift for an elderly person turning 90 is just something fun like these t-shirts. Of course they come in many different colors and sizes so make sure to get the right size for him or her.

If your elderly parents or other older adult enjoys having some fun and letting others know it – displaying their humor in a t-shirt might be just the right thing to give him or her! Here are some more to look through.

Amazon’s Echo Show

Our loved ones who are 90 years old and older have seen the world transition over and over and technology is just a glaring reminder of how much times have really changed.

The Echo Show (which is basically Alexa with a screen) is such a great tool and a useful gift for everyone – but especially for 90 year olds because of all the entertainment and safety features that it offers!

The Drop In Skill and now the new Care Hub features are just two of the many amazing things that you can do with Echo Show.

It can also be used as a sleeping machine to help light sleepers. Use it as a tool to give you reminders or even as an alarm clock. It’s a great multi-purpose tool! They can spend a lot of time listening to their favorite music or even old radio shows on their Alexa.

There are multiple Alexa devices you can choose from – see the selection here. Maybe even gift a few devices so that your loved one can place one in the bedroom, another in the living room, etc.

Foot Massager

Just about any kind of massager is a pretty common gift that senior citizens get and it just makes sense. After all, who hasn’t heard their senior loved ones talk about their general aches and pains that they have to deal with on a daily basis?

This foot massager is just one type that you can get – there are plenty more here.

Photo Albums

Another very common gift for elderly people are keepsake photo albums. Family members love to gather photos of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and put them all in a a photo album.

Or better yet, take some of those old family photos out of the shoe boxes and organize them in these albums! The project itself of doing this would be a great walk down memory lane for the seniors and the younger generation in the family.

There are plenty more to choose from here.

What Happened On Your Birthday

Another thoughtful birthday gift that is very common to give to older adults is something that reports the events of the day or month or year of their birth like this Birthday Chronicle.

What a great way to commemorate such a special occasion.

There are several ways you can gift something like this, in paper format, on plaques, framed or unframed, etc. Take look here for all of them.

Compassion Blanket

Many older adults feel cold more acutely than their younger counterparts – so a nice warm blanket to snuggle up in could be a great unique gift idea.

There are many to choose from.

TV Tray

TV Trays have come a long way since the 1950’s! This great tray swivels away when you’re done, has a handle that can be used to help you get up, has a cup / glass holder and even a pencil tray if you want to use it to do some work.

Large Print Books and Magazines

For older adults with poor vision – large print books and magazines can be a blessing. These days there are many to choose from so check out what’s available by clicking here.

Their Own Memoirs

Okay, so maybe this gift is more for the families and loved ones than it is for the 90 year old! It’s a book filled with 201 questions for them to answer which ends up being an amazing memoir!

And here’s a tip on how to make it even better – go ahead and film the process. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear the stories they have to tell! And as you write them down for them in this book (or even if they write them down) – it can all be captured on film.

It’s a wonderful way to remember them after they are gone.

Luxurious Microfiber Sheets

Give them the gift of a luxurious night’s sleep with these plush sheets. Easy care and machine washable, the sheets are durable and ultra-soft!

Super Fast Device Charger

If your elderly loved one has devices like a smartphone, tablet, or a smartwatch, they’ll love having a super-fast charger. This one has multiple charging outlets and a next generation chip that automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for connected devices.

Extra Mobility

I love these devices and have given several as a gift to seniors and friend recovering from knee or hip replacement surgeries. This “car cane” inserts in the striker plate of their car door and gives the senior increased leverage when getting into or out of the car. It can also be used as a window breaker or seat belt cutter in an emergency.

What Is A Good Gift For A 90 Year Old Woman?

The key to a great gift is finding out what the person likes. If you know they love gardening, go buy them flowers or some new tools.

One of my favorite 90th birthday gifts for Grandma is a thoughtful card along with a product that is related to whatever hobby she is currently in to. You can get a really nice greeting card at any store and inside you can write your favorite memories or jokes from when she was younger.


I don’t know too many women (no matter what age they are) who would not love to get jewelry as a gift. This beautiful 9 ring jewelry represents 9 decades of living!

There are some other beautiful options as well, but I love this necklace in particular.

Make Her Feel Like The Queen For The Day

What a fun and great way to make her feel like the queen that she is for accomplishing such an amazing goal! A Tiara and Sash set letting the world know just how truly fabulous she is!

For The Chocolate Lovers

Sometimes, the very best gift you can give someone is something that is delicious and sweet! Especially if chocolate is their favorite thing!

So a beautiful box of chocolates like this one can possibly be the perfect 90th birthday gift!

Solar Powered Roses

These are not your run of the mill roses! Put these out in the yard and at night, they will light up! This set comes with two stalks – I would recommend to get at least 2 or 3 sets so that they can light up a nice little corner of the yard!

There are plenty of other types of solar powered flowers to choose from here.

Love Pop Cards

These Love Pop cards are a wonderful and fun way to send a birthday card! There are many varieties to choose from (check them out here) and for just about any occasion.

Comfy House Slippers

One thing about being 90 – you want to be comfortable! These house slippers are not only that, but they are also safe. They have back support so they won’t easily slip off the foot, they are easy to put on and off (even for caregivers) they have a memory foam cushion so they are super comfortable and best of all, they have a rubber sole with anti-skid texture to help prevent slip and falls.

There are other varieties of slippers to choose from as well but I would recommend to get the ones with a back support for safety reasons.

Staying Warm

My mom-in-law has been complaining about always being cold since she was in her 70’s! And I know many older women who bundle up even when the temperature outside is in the high 80’s so anything that can help them feel warmer, like this shawl, can make a great gift!

There are other varieties to look at here.

A Plug-in Portable Space Heater

Speaking of staying warm, this plug-in ceramic heater heats up in 3 seconds and can heat the air up to 100 square feet around the senior lady in your life. It features a thermostat so she can regulate the temperature, as well as a timer. It weighs less than a pound, so it’s easy to move it from room to room, plus it’s tiny – just 2.8 x 4.3 x 6.5 inches.

Get Her New Wheels

If your 90 year old has limited mobility and has been using a walker or a Rollator – why not gift her a brand new one? After a while – these do take a beating and endure quite a bit of wear and tear. There are many different varieties to choose from, one one made by Porsche for the fashion conscious elderly women in your life!

Flickering Flameless Candle

She will enjoy the cozy glow of a flickering candle without the worry of fire if it gets knocked over. Flameless candles are safe for a nursing home or assisted living facility, too. It has a timer that will run for 5 hours and then shuts off automatically for 19 hours. This one can also be used with a remote (sold separately) and requires 2 C batteries (not included).

For The Gardeners

If your 90 year old is into gardening, then why not make it just a little bit easier and safer for her with this great garden kneeler and seat! Most have one pouch on the side but this one has pouches on both sides, making it even easier to hold more tools.

There are lots of garden related gifts you can give like Garden Tool Sets with Non-Slip Handles, Pruning shears for weak hands, and Raised Garden Beds.

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

My mom-in-law JUST started hiring someone to come in and clean her condo (she’s 100 years old!). For the last 10 years she’s been using a wonderful lightweight vacuum cleaner so if your senior gal still cleans her place – why not make it just a little easier (and safer) for her?

This cordless vacuum stick is a great tool that can make life just a little bit easier. It weights only 10.08 lbs and although there are lighter ones – I recommend a cordless model because it decreases the chances of her tripping over the cord.

But – there are other versions to choose from as well.

You can read more about some vacuum cleaners we recommend for seniors here.

Grabber Reacher

Maybe it’s not the most “elegant” gift, but a grabber reacher is super handy. Using this will keep her from bending over too far and losing her balance, or stop her from getting up on a stool to reach something that’s too high. It features a soft grip and easy close handle, unlike most others on the market.

Prepared Meals

My 100 year old mom-in-law still cooks all her own meals but hey, not everyone wants to do that!

So, why not gift her the luxury of prepared meals delivered directly to her? Silver Cuisine specializes in meals for seniors and any of their dietary restrictions. Check it out! It may be the best birthday gift she ever got!

A Sparking Crystal 3D Keepsake

Why not immortalize her favorite photo in crystal? These laser cut images look 3D and make unique gifts. One reviewer said that when her loved one received hers, “she literally cried. She said it was one of the best gifts she had ever been given.”

What Do You Get A 90 Year Old Man For His Birthday?

I often find that men are very difficult to buy gifts for, especially when it comes to presents for 90 year olds. This is because they don’t want anything too cute or feminine and there also isn’t a lot of options out in the world that cater specifically towards them! One thing I always suggest is throwing together a care package full of things they like. For example, if your 90 year old man is a fan of beer and beef jerky then you could put together a care package with these food items in it!

Men Seem to Love Baseball Caps

I see a lot of older men wearing baseball caps these days. So why not make a statement with them? Here’s a fun one for 90 year olds but you can also choose caps with their favorite sports theme, or just about any other theme there is!

High Powered Binoculars

My dad took his binoculars with whenever he traveled or even just took a scenic afternoon drive. He didn’t want to miss anything!

With these 20 x 50 high power binoculars, your father or grandpa won’t miss anything either. They’re waterproof and fog proof, and anti-drop. He can use them with a tripod, too.

A Drone

When my dad was 95, he decided he wanted a drone. He wanted the $1,000+ version, but I was terrified that he would lose it, so I got him this lower-priced version. He loved it (until he lost it in a tree one day).

This one has multiple functions, an HD camera, and comes with it’s own carrying case.

A Step Back In Time

The perfect gift for him as he turns 90 is a little reminder of the past and this beautiful pocket watch may be the amazing gift that you are looking for to let him know how much he means to you.

New York Times’ Custom Birthday Book

New York Times Gift

I absolutely LOVE this idea! This customized book is filled with the front page of the New York Times starting on the date of your loved one’s birthday and then followed by each birthday afterwards up to 2010. What a great customized gift!

Of course you can’t get the original newspapers but this is the closest I think that you’ll be able to get.

For Whiskey Lovers

I know a few older men who love just a little before dinner drink of whiskey or scotch and why not? They deserve it (if it doesn’t interfere with any medications). So why not gift him this beautiful gift set complete with crafted metal stainless chilling rocks, glasses and granite coasters.

Or Maybe He’s More Of A Beer Guy

These chiller sticks are ideal for keeping that bottle of beer nice and cold! Just keep the chill sticks in the freezer and when you need one, put it in the bottle of beer (after you’ve taken a sip so the beer won’t overflow) and it will keep your beer colder for much longer! Or – get him an insulated bottle cooler to keep his beer cold!

Power Lift Recliner

We all know that most men LOVE their recliners! But, the older we get, the harder it is for many of us to get UP from those recliners so why not gift him a power lift recliner that can help him to get up and down from his favorite chair easily and safely.

There’s a large variety to choose from here.

Recliner Accessories

Boost up his new or old recliner with a wonderful accessory where he can keep his things handy.

For The Bird Watchers

I have several older friends who love spending time in their backyards reading and watching the birds come to their bird feeders. There are many different kinds of feeders to choose from and if your senior guy loves this activity – why not get him more than one? See all the different ones here.

Candy From Bygone Days

Wouldn’t it be great to indulge in the wonderful treats that we all grew up with? Well, this basket comes with the candy from the 1930’s!

Funny Socks

My dad used to say this all the time when he was nodding off on the couch! These non slip socks will keep your dad or grandpa’s feet warm while providing a chuckle for the rest of the family.

Artsy Walking Canes

If your senior loved one uses a walking cane then why not indulge him with a beautifully crafted one like this one? Of course, there are many wonderful versions of canes to choose from! Some that stand on their own, others with ergonomic handles and many more!

Making Life A Little Easier and Cleaner

Now, this may not seem like a gift but it can be a great way to make life just a bit easier for someone if they are having trouble taking care of themselves when toileting. Their very own Bidet!! It’s such an inexpensive little gift and one that can help to make life a bit better for any 90 year old fellow!

It’s not easy finding the perfect gift for a 90 year old. They have been around long enough to see and do so much, that they are often picky about what they want.

But we hope that the gifts that we’ve listed here would be ones that your senior loved one will enjoy or at the very least – inspire you! Whatever it is, they will love you for it.

Check Our Gift Guide For All Our Gift Suggestions

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