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35 Gift Ideas For Woman’s 70th Birthday (Best Gifts 2023)

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Do you have an amazing woman in your life whose 70th birthday party is coming up! This is a special occasion that deserves memorable gifts.

Finding the ideal present for a woman’s 70th birthday can be daunting. You probably want to give her something better than just another gift card or basket!

For starters, consider giving her something special that she can keep forever, like jewelry or a keepsake such as a glass sculpture. A fun idea could be to give her an experience such as spa treatments or tickets to a show.

No matter what you decide, make sure your gift is personalized and meaningful as it is the thought that counts.

You want to show her that she deserves the best 70th birthday presents for being who she is and for reaching such an amazing milestone.

What Do You Get A Woman For Her 70th Birthday?

It’s important to remember that age is just a number, and what matters most is finding a gift that reflects her interests, personality, and needs.

While it’s true that older women may have different needs and preferences than younger women, there are still many gift options to choose from that can make her feel loved and appreciated.

Whether it’s your mother, grandmother or best friend, you want to give her a gift she will love.

Discover the ultimate 70th birthday gift with our curated guide!

Explore our collection of standout gifts for the remarkable 70-year-old woman in your life. These gift ideas are sure to impress!

If you are looking specifically for Christmas gifts for older women – click here.

What Is The Traditional Gift For A 70th Birthday?

The traditional gift for a 70th birthday is platinum. Platinum is chosen for this milestone because of its rarity, strength, and beauty, symbolizing the endurance and significance of seven decades of life.

For a woman turning 70, here are some platinum gift suggestions:

  1. Platinum Jewelry: A classic choice, consider giving a platinum necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. You can also find pieces with gemstones set in platinum for added elegance.
  2. Platinum Photo Frame: Capture a cherished memory in a beautiful platinum frame. This can be a wonderful way to commemorate the special day.
  3. Platinum Watch: A luxurious and functional gift, a platinum watch is a timeless piece she can wear daily.

The tradition of giving platinum for the 70th birthday stems from its enduring qualities, mirroring the resilience and preciousness of a life lived for seven decades.

It’s a way to honor the many experiences, memories, and wisdom accumulated over the years.

Make her 70th Birthday Party extra special with these fun and creative birthday party ideas.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

Here’s our list of the best gifts for women over 70 years old.

Handmade Natural Soap

These little darlings are on a mission to make my bathroom smell like a slice of heaven. And let me tell you, they’re rocking it! The aromatic wonders they unleash in there are nothing short of magical. I’m head over heels in love with these fragrant heroes. It’s like my bathroom has transformed into a sweet-smelling oasis! Plus, they come in a beautiful gift box.

Swaying Solar Lights

These beautiful solar lights are great in pots or in a garden. They sway with the wind and light up beautifully! They can be the perfect gift idea that can give them joy in their daily life.

A Happy Birthday Rose

This beautiful single rose is dipped in platinum and presented in a beautiful gift box. It’s a great idea as a gift to help her celebrate and remember such a milestone birthday.

Gift A Personal Message

These great little blank cards can be used to write personal messages to her! Use them by placing them where she can find them randomly. In the fridge, under her lunch sandwich, on her pillow or underwear drawer, etc.

Pierced Earrings

These beautiful earrings are platinum plated with Zirconia crystals. Jewelry can be a perfect 70th birthday gift for the woman who loves a little bling. A special gift for a special woman.

Pendant Necklace

This beautiful platinum plated sterling silver Swarovski Zirconia pendant necklace make an excellent gift for her!. Jewelry can make up some of the best birthday gifts for many women.

Platinum Photo Frames

A beautiful 4″ x 6 ” photo frame to house her favorite photo or any of the wonderful photos of the family and loved ones. Photo frames of any kind can be a very thoughtful gift especially if you present it with a memorable family photo.

Ring Holder

A pretty little 4 inch dish with a platinum kitty in the middle to hold your rings and other small jewelry.

Unique And Unusual Gifts

Here are some unique gift ideas that may be a perfect match for the woman who appreciates the extraordinary (or at least claims to!).

7 Ring Necklace

This beautiful necklace has 7 rings representing each decade of their amazing life. It’s a personal gift that she can cherish.

Smart Plugs

So, smart plugs may not be an aesthetic gift but it’s certainly a practical and very useful gift! It’s one of my favorite gifts to give. She’ll love being able to control an appliance or lamp or television, etc. with her voice!

Home Spa

What about giving her the spa treatment with this foot bath massager. Most any 70 year old woman will love the luxury of soaking her feet and getting a foot massage!

Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable? And these socks can do the trick!

Happy Birthday To You by Dr. Seuss

This book is not just any ordinary children’s story. It’s a whimsical masterpiece filled with rhymes, colorful illustrations, and a whole lot of giggles. Dr. Seuss has a special way of capturing the joy and magic of birthdays, and trust me, you’re never too old to enjoy his fantastical tales.

Kindle Books

For many years now, I’ve been giving my mom-in-law (who is now 100 years old) a set of 12 books for her birthday. The idea is that she will have one new book per month to read for her new year. She loves it and looks forward to them. Some are print, some are kindle!

See all the Kindle books you can order!

Fun Mug

This fun mug can make for a great gift for any woman with a sense of humor. It’s a funny little gift to help her celebrate this special birthday. Sometimes the small gifts can be the most fun.

For A Good Laugh

My family loves a good laugh and every year we pull out the Birthday Cake hat for the whomever is celebrating their big day!

Electric Wine Opener

For older women who are wine lovers and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, it can become difficult to open that bottle of wine. So why not make it easier for her with this beautiful electric wine opener.

Hippie Self-Help Book

This fun little book is for that 70-year-old hippie in your life! It’s a self-help guide for the old hippie at heart and a fun read.

Prayer Journal

A beautiful and inspirational Christian bible journal for her can be the perfect gift.

Night Light Rose

This beautiful rose encased in glass has LED light string inside so that it glows in the dark. It’s a beautiful way to say happy 70th birthday! And having a night light is perfect not only for older people, but everyone too!

Comfortable Seating

How about gifting her a lift chair or any other type of recliner so that she can enjoy reading her books and watching a movie in comfort? Or maybe, a rocking chair like this one would be better suited for her? After all, some of the best gift ideas are the most practical ones.


Another beautiful glow in the dark gift are these solar powered hummingbird wind chimes. They turn different colors and can make a quiet evening out on the deck a sheer delight.

Compassion Blanket

Some of the best 70th birthday gifts are the ones that bring comfort. A compassion blanket is printed with messages of love and hope. A wonderful way to stay warm especially during the colder months.

Echo Show

An Echo Show is an extremely useful gift that can do a lot of things for her. It’s a great way to keep in touch with everyone in the family. She can also use it for all kinds of entertainment and much more.

Large Print Password Books

This beautiful large print password book will help her to keep her passwords organized in one spot.

Bed Jacket

One of the great things about being retired is being about to wake up and lounge in bed for a bit. Reading or watching TV. If your loved one enjoys doing this then a cozy bed jacket may be a perfect gift for her.

Meaningful 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Maybe you’re searching for some meaningful gifts that represent a special memory or are more personalized. This list below can give you some great ideas for that special woman in your life.

Compass Heart Jewelry

A beautiful sterling silver necklace commemorating your affection for her. It’s a beautiful sentimental gift that she will cherish.

Messages In A Bottle

This fun gift is filled with capsules with a small blank scroll in each capsule. Write your words of motivation, love and support on each scroll. A great way to add a personal touch to a little gift that your loved one can enjoy every day.

Crystal Photo

A beautiful personalized gift using your own photo which is etched in a square crystal and beautifully presented.

Gift Coupons

Of course, custom gift coupons offering everything from a date night to movie or game or even an afternoon tea can give her the gift of quality time that she will treasure.

Custom Star Map

This beautiful customized star map showcasing the constellations for a specific date.

Soundwave Art

Turn your personal recording or favorite song into a work of art. Truly a very unique gift.

Grateful Notes

When my friends and family tell me that they are grateful for me, it just makes me cry with joy. Let your special one know how much she is loved with this beautiful grateful journal.

Displaying Loved Ones

A beautiful way to display photos of family and friends.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

This beautiful photo album holds 48 favorite photos that can help her (and the family) take a beautiful trip down memory lane of your life together.

We hope that these gifts bring much love and happiness to your senior loved one!

Check Our Gift Guide For All Our Gift Suggestions

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