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50 Christmas Gifts For Older Women (2023)

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christmas gift ideas for older women

Updated November 1, 2023At Christmas time, the best gifts for older women are the ones that can give them some comfort, some fun or some sense of purpose in an activity that they enjoy or maybe even a brand new one!

But oftentimes, finding a thoughtful gift for a family member or an older woman can be challenging. But, rest assured – we have a GREAT list of the best gift ideas for you.

In case you’re looking for a larger list of Christmas gifts for aging parents – click on our gift guide here.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Older Women

Take a look at our list of unique gifts for Christmas (and Hanukkah) for an older wife, a best friend, or the senior women in your life.

Hand Massager

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For older women with hand pain due to arthritis or carpal tunnel, this great little gadget may give her some relief. It uses acupressure to massage the palm and fingers and has 5 different massage modes, 5 levels of intensity and 2 vibration modes.

Vinyl Trivet

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I love this idea. A table runner that also acts as a trivet! It comes in several designs besides the one you see above. They measure 39.40 inches long and 11.80 inches wide. They can tolerate up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit which means that you can put most any hot plate or bowl on them.

Trinket Box

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This beautiful trinket box embellished with mother of pearl can be a beautiful addition to any dresser! There are multiple variations and sizes of this box which can hold her jewelry in a beautiful way.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

aromatherapy shower steamers

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Many women (including myself) love to linger in a long, hot shower. These aromatherapy shower bombs make it even more luxurious by adding a beautiful scent to make an ordinary shower a relaxing experience.

It’s an excellent gift for your senior loved one and could be the best present she gets this holiday season.

Shawls and Scarfs

shawls and scarfs

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During the cold winter months many older women enjoy wearing a long scarf or shawl to help keep themselves warm. This imitation cashmere is soft but inexpensive. It makes an ideal gift for the holidays and is also the best birthday gift choice for older women who celebrate birthdays during the winter months.

One important factor to be aware of – it does require hand washing or dry cleaning. It cannot go into the washing machine, so make a note of that!

You can see a large collection of shawls here – pick the one that suits her the best!

Vertical Mini Waffle Iron

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This stylish waffle maker makes the perfect Belgian waffle – and takes up less space on the counter, too!

She just pours the batter into the pour spout on top using the measuring scoop. The waffle maker has 5 browning levels and both a visual and audio indicator that tells her when the waffle is done cooking.

The locking handle keeps batter from leaking and the vertical design evenly distributes the batter across the non-stick cooking area. Plus, clean up is super easy

Sherpa Fleece Blankets

winter sofa throw

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There’s no better time to cuddle up under a beautiful throw blanket than winter time!

I bought a fleece blanket for a friend of mine last year and she absolutely loved it. I ended up buying more for friends this year! They come in many different colors.

I’m sure the older women in your life will love snuggling up under these throw blankets on those cold wintry nights!

Check out the large variety that you can buy here.

Instant Pot

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Okay, so a pressure cooker isn’t a very sentimental gift, but any woman who enjoys being a home chef will think an Instant Pot is a fantastic gift.

Seriously, the Instant Pot has been one of the most popular gifts since its debut a few years back. I love mine because it is so versatile. It can pressure cook, be a slow cooker, steam rice or grains, saute, warm foods up, and even make yogurt!

It typically comes in the stainless steel / black you see in the image above, but is also available in an all black version.

There are different sizes, too (3 QT, 6 QT, and 8 QT), so it makes the right gift for both a senior woman who lives alone or the lady who feeds a huge family.

Digital Photo Frame

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Another one of the most useful gifts you can give is a digital photo frame where family members can send their photos into it which constantly updates their photos! It’s a great way to keep in touch, especially if you haven’t seen each other in a long time.

The Skylight picture frame featured here requires minimal set up.

Just plug it in, then use the touch screen to connect the frame to Wi-Fi. Next, the senior picks a unique Skylight email address so the frame can receive photos from loved ones. Family members email photos to the frame’s address and they will appear onscreen instantly!

Most any elderly woman would love this gift that can keep on giving them beautiful photos of their family and friends throughout the year.

Alarm Clock

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This beautiful alarm clock also doubles as a wireless charger for your cell phone. It comes in different color options – either wood / brown for a vintage look or black, gray and white for a modern, elegant look.

It’s a classic, useful gift that she will love.

For The Gardener – Lomi Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

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I know this sounds like a strange gift, but trust me – if she’s a gardener, she’ll love the idea of turning her kitchen waste into nutrient-filled dirt for her plants.

This electric compost bin turns regular kitchen scraps into rich dirt in around 4 hours. One touch of a button is all it takes!

Aside from providing rich soil for her plants, this machine will help to reduce her carbon footprint and keep her kitchen waste out of the landfills.

In fact, it can reduce her household garbage output by up to 80 percent. Everyday items like banana peels, carrot peels, meats, breads, coffee grounds, eggshells, and more can go into this bin.

Don’t worry – it’s not noisy and it won’t make her kitchen smell either.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries

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Many women love to indulge in a little bit of chocolate now and then! And chocolate covered strawberries may be just the perfect gift to give! You can add a bottle of champagne or sparkling white grape juice if you like and she’ll feel like a queen!

Adult Coloring Book

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There is something very soothing about working on an adult coloring book. Maybe it brings us back to our childhood or maybe it’s just a mindful task.

Whatever it is – there are certainly many different kinds of adult coloring books to choose from.

Family Tree of Photos

photo tree

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I gave this family tree of photos to an older friend of mine last year and she loved it. She filled it with photos of her 4 grandchildren and displays it in her front foyer.

Most all older women love to show off their family (especially grandchildren) and this is such a cute and creative way to do that.

Large Print Password Logbook

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We all have so many passwords and challenge information to remember nowadays. Why not make it easy for her with this large print password keeper?

It features one page per password, with plenty of room to record password updates. The alphabetized tabs make it easy for her to find the right page. There is also space for recording security challenge questions and answers, plus changes.

Fun Socks For Cool Nights

funky socks

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This sweet and colorful set of thick knit wool crew socks is the perfect present to wear in front of a fireplace on a cold night (maybe with a glass of wine and a good book!).

Shiatsu Back Shoulder Neck Massager

neck and shoulder massager

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Just about everyone loves a massage. So why not gift her this wonderful shiatsu massager that provides heat and deep tissue kneading massage for shoulders, neck and upper back area. She will love you just a little more every single time she uses it.

Essential Oil Diffuser

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An essential oil diffuser doesn’t just bring fragrance to a room, it is a gorgeous gift that can double as a beautiful piece of art. Many shine lights in various (or changing) colors and some even come with a remote control for easy operation.

There are a ton of styles to choose from, ranging from sleek, minimalist wood or glass diffusers all the way to intricate, vintage-insured metal containers. There are even diffusers that look like a vase with a succulent plant on top!

Click here to see a range of diffusers or here to check out the essential oils used in them.

Essential Oils

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Essential oils can be a wonderful gift for many senior adults. It can help them to destress, to sleep better, to be more focused, etc.

There are many great benefits to using essential oils for aromatherapy (and some precautions too) but generally speaking, they are a wonderful addition to any home.

Hulu Entertainment

Hulu – Hulu experience

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My sweet mom-in-law LOVES her streaming services! At 100 years old she is a master with her remote and we spend countless hours discussing the movies and episodes of each show.

If your senior gal enjoys watching unique and wonderful content – consider a giving a Hulu subscription as a Christmas gift (click the image to be taken to the Hulu website).

Rose LED Light

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I just bought this for my sweet 100 year old mom-in-law this year. I saw it at a local store and I thought it was just beautiful.

The size of rose dome is 8.26″ H x 4.33″ D and is battery powered (requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

This rose LED lamp is good option for an older person to have a “night light” with some beauty to it.

Window Bird Feeder

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Many older people (and myself included) love to pass some time watching birds. This is especially true when you are home most of the time and of course, during the winter.

But this bird feeder has the added bonus of being suctioned to the window with weather resistant suction cups so that you get a show up close!

It also features a removable try for the seed, with drain holes to keep the seed fresh. There is even a small water container in the middle of the tray.

Bird Watching Binoculars

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Maybe she wants to up her game of bird watching with these great binoculars! They are a great pair of binoculars for bird watching that also doubles as a high-powered telescope.

These lightweight and compact binoculars are perfect for adults, and come with a phone adapter and foldable tripod to make bird watching easier than ever.

With their super bright optics and large field of view, you’ll be able to see all the details of your favorite birds like never before. Order your HD binoculars today and start enjoying nature at its finest!

Button Down Bed Jacket

bed jacket

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Older women typically feel the cold more than they used to. So, sitting up in bed while reading is something that can be uncomfortable simply because it’s a bit chilly.

Instead of fumbling with a blanket or shawl in bed – why not gift them a practical gift of a bed jacket like this soft fleece one. It’s worn over pajamas and when she’s ready to put down her book (or laptop or kindle) then she can just slip it off!

It’s machine washable polyester and comes in sizes from Medium to XX-Large (and in 5 colors too).

A Gift Of Learning

udemy courses

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I personally love learning. It’s something that I will be doing for the rest of my life.

If there are any older women in your life who are like me – then why not gift them a course from Udemy? It’s a great way to learn online and to keep educating yourself to be the very best person that you can be.

To check out their classes, just click on the Udemy image above.

Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite

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We’ve been recommending the Kindle Paperwhite for seniors for quite a while now. This model is waterproof, includes twice the amount of storage and it can be read both indoors and outdoors.

If your senior gal loves to read – then why not gift her the opportunity to carry a large library of books anywhere she goes! It’s one of the best useful gifts you can give her.

Wireless TV Speaker

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If your senior loved one loves to watch TV but has a hard time hearing it – you can gift her these wireless portable TV speakers to help her! It can be the best way for her to enjoy her shows and movies.

Of course – if she has an Alexa device you can also use that as a TV speaker as well.

Indoor Garden

indoor gardens

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An indoor garden is perfect for the older women on your list who love to garden but can’t during the winter.

There are many varieties of indoor gardens that you can choose from besides the one I list above – check them out here.

Electric Heating Pad

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If keeping warm is a difficult task – then maybe a brand new electric heating pad is in order. It can be a wonderful gift for some senior women. TIP: a heating pad can be a bad idea for some seniors – read about that here).

My mother hated wearing socks or long sleeves, so the only way she could keep warm on cold nights was to place an electric heating pad on her lap.

I say, do whatever makes your mom happy!

Crocs Shoes

croc shoes

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I know it may seem odd to gift someone a pair of Crocs shoes but honestly – they are SOOO comfortable! I wear Crocs every single day!

If your elderly loved one complains about not being able to find comfortable shoes – these may just fit the bill for her. To look at them online, just click the picture above.

Large Print Books

large print books

Check The Price

I gift my 100 year old mom-in-law with large print books every year for her birthday. She loves how easy it is to read them because of the large print!

Of course, you can choose from a nice large selection – click here to see what’s available.

The Gift Of Security

Check The Price

Try the SimpliSafe system (click on the image to go to their website). It’s extremely easy to set up, extremely easy to use.

You can read more about it here and see if it’s something that would suit the senior woman you are considering to gift it to.

Get To Know Your Grandparents Conversation Starter Cards

Check The Price

This box contains 200 cards with guided prompts and conversation starters. Create lifelong memories and have deep, meaningful conversations that let grandparents share their heritage, life stories, and perspectives with their children and grandchildren!

The questions are printed in large font on both sides of 3.5″ x 2.5″ cards – the same size as standard playing cards. Check them out here.

Solar Powered Flowers

solar flowers

Check The Price

This very unusual item can bring some light into her garden and joy into her heart.  What a beautiful gift to give!

There are many different varieties of flowers to choose from as well – check out the large selection here.

Fruit Baskets by Edible Arrangements

fruit baskets

Check The Price

I LOVE gifting from Edible Arrangements. I have been using them for years to send gift baskets and I always get such wonderful thank you’s for them.

If you have never tried them I would recommend that you do. They make wonderful gifts not only for Christmas but all year long as well! Just click the image to go to their website.

Puzzle Storage System

puzzle storage

Check The Price

These days, so many of us are enjoying the games of old! Puzzles, board games, etc.

If your senior loved one is working on puzzles – why not give her a place to put them and to store them? Elderly couples and elderly parents would love this too. Actually a puzzle lover of any age would – I just bought one for my niece!

Unique Night Lights

unique lights

Check The Price

I tell all my friends and family members who are getting up in age that “light” is so very important to have throughout the house as they grow older. It’s a safety thing!

And these days – you can choose from a large variety of beautiful night lights that you can place throughout your home!  Check out the ones that I found here.

Nutritional Supplements

Check The Price

My mother lived over 10 years with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Her doctors always told her she would only live a few years but she took extremely good care of herself.

She ate very healthy, took nutritional supplements and exercised every day. The only time she slowed down at all was a month before she passed away. 

If your elderly loved one is into caring for her health as much as my mother did – perhaps a gift certificate to GNC would be something she could appreciate. Just click the image to go to their website.

Echo Show by Amazon

Check The Price

If you’ve seen any of our other gift guides on our website you’ll notice that I recommend the Amazon Echo Show a lot!  The reason is that I think it is one of the most useful tools that every home should have.  Especially homes of older adults.

The Echo Show in the picture is the newest generation, featuring the latest technology. Amazon is always adding a new skill to keep these devices up to date

Check out all the great skills that any of the Alexa devices can do – including the Echo Show.

Knitting Bag

knitting bag

Check The Price

If she’s into knitting or crocheting – then maybe a beautiful new organizer bag to help her keep all her supplies together might be just what she would love!

There are other varieties as well to choose from – click here to view them all.

Cell Phone Magnifier

cell phone magnifier

Check The Price

If your senior loved one uses their cell phone to watch movies or answer facetime or Zoom calls – then why not make it easier for her with a cell phone magnifier like this one?

It’s extremely easy to use, simply place the cell phone behind the screen and that’s it. Nothing to plug in or hook up.

There are several varieties and styles – click here to view them all.

Jar Opener For Arthritic Hands

Check The Price

It can be next to impossible to open a jar if you have arthritis in your fingers. This gadget makes it so simple!

Just set it over the top of the jar, press the button and watch… The jaws close tightly around the rim of the jar, then twist, and – presto! – the jar is open!

Magnifying Glass with LED Light

magnifying glass with light

Check The Price

Even with glasses, my mom had a hard time reading some books in her later years. Part of the problem was the size of the print and part of it was that light seemed dimmer to her.

For anyone like her who has trouble reading their favorite magazine or book – this magnifying glass with LED light will be the perfect choice for a gift this year!

Toilet Seat Light

I know – a toilet seat light seems like such an odd gift. But several friends of mine have gifted this to their older parents and they LOVE it!

Each sensor lights up the toilet when it senses that you’ve entered the area.  This is perfect for older adults who get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom!

Constellation Symbol of her Zodiac Sign – Jewelry

constellation jewelry

Check The Price

These beautiful necklaces (I have one myself) are perfect for someone who likes to dabble in a little astrology.

You can choose the constellation symbol of her zodiac sign which makes it a personal and lovely gift.

Water Bottle

Check The Price

Many elderly women (and men) don’t drink enough water to keep properly hydrated.

If your senior lady is guilty of not drinking enough water during the day – then any of these beautiful water bottles may help her to get more hydrated and healthy.

So Many Hobbies To Choose From!

paper bowls arts and crafts

Check The Price

Perhaps your senior gal loves arts and crafts – well – there’s lots to choose from. 

You can pick one that she already is into or you can pick out something brand new!  Crafters love to try new crafts! Click here to see all that you can choose from.

Birthday Reminder Calendar

birthday reminder

Check The Price

What a unique and perfect Christmas gift gift to give to someone!  This “calendar” is meant to remind you who celebrates a birthday and when. It looks like a knick-knack that you hang on the wall but it’s much more than that! 

This plaque measures 15.7×4.7×0.2 inches and has 50 wooden discs to write names and date on (markers not included).

For Chocolate Lovers

chocolate covered pretzels

Check The Price

Let’s face it – there aren’t many women out there (of any age) who do not like chocolate!

So, why not gift her a box of these great pretzels covered with a variety of chocolate and yogurt!

Gift Cards

Check The Price

If you can’t decide on any particular gift, or maybe you don’t know the older woman well enough, then a gift card may be a great option as a gift.

There are so many to choose from – gift cards for her favorite restaurant (or for home delivery from her favorite restaurant!), movie gift cards, rideshare company gift cards, and the always popular gift cards for clothing or beauty products.

You can go wrong with any of them. My motto is that a gift card is always the right size and always the right color. Check out a huge variety of gift cards here.

For more ideas, see our extensive list of Christmas Gift Guides for senior men, senior women, caregivers, dementia patients and more – click here.

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