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24 Useful Gifts For Older Parents – Ideas They Will Love And Use

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Updated October 1, 2022 – There are many wonderful ways that we can help our older parents (and ourselves as adult children) to make their lives and our lives easier and safer. And one of those ways is by giving your parents useful gifts that can enhance their lives.

Whether it’s for their birthday, or an anniversary or just because – giving a gift can be a wonderful way to say I Love You!

Gifts For Older Parents They Can Use

Portable Car Battery Charger

This is one of the best gifts to give anyone (in my opinion). It’s a portable charger for car batteries, cell phones, laptops, etc. It also includes a 3- year warranty, plus a built in LED flashlight which can convert into a strobe light and more.

For Outdoor Hobbyists

For fathers who have outdoor hobbies – give them a gift from the ultimate outdoor shop – Bass Pro Shops!

Meal Delivery Service

If your parents find it difficult to cook for themselves or are living alone then why not gift them with prepared meals delivered right to their door? And better yet, ones that are specifically prepared for older adults.

For Book Lovers

If your Mom or Dad love to read – then what could be more useful than a Kindle? So many books available in one waterproof tablet that he can read indoors or outdoors!

Large Print Password Logbook

In today’s world, we have so many passwords to keep track of! If your older parents are online, they will love this large print password book to organize their login information.

This book features one page per password, with room for updates. Parents can also record security / challenge questions and updates and locate everything easily via the alphabetized tabs.

There are several covers to choose from, as well as several Spanish versions.

For Those Who Love To Tinker

If your Dad still enjoys puttering around the house and working on home projects – that’s wonderful! Give him the gift that all handymen love, something from Home Depot!

A Gift Of Comfort

Crocs are some of the most comfortable shoes available today and if your parents enjoy working in their garden then a pair of Crocs may be a wonderful, useful and very practical gift for them.

For Survivalists

Survival kits are an extremely useful gift for Dads (and Moms too) who love to live the adventurous life outdoors.

Lift Chairs and More

La-Z-Boy has some wonderful seating (including lift chairs) that can be a wonderful gift for older adults who may have problems getting up and down from a chair.

Alexa Speakers For So Many Useful Purposes

Alexa Smart Speakers are a wonderful, extremely useful gift for older adults – there are 26 Great Skills that can make Alexa an invaluable tool in any home with seniors.

Echo Show – Taking Alexa To The Next Level Up

The Echo Show is an Alexa device that is a step up from the Smart Speaker mentioned above. It does everything the Smart Speaker does plus it can work as a video monitoring device, a video communication device, and more.

So Many Useful Products At Best Buy

Older parents who may be techies or just love gadgets, music and more – well Best Buy is a great place to shop!

For The Forgetful Folks

All of us are forgetful at times, but as we get older, that can turn into a frequent event. So, why not gift your older parents with a little piece of mind with these Tile Essentials. Put and/or stick them on anything you might lose (cell phone, umbrella, wallet, etc.) and you can use them to locate your missing items.

Bringing Memories To Life

Electronic photo frames are an excellent way of keeping your older parents up to date with photos of the grandkids. Especially if they live far away and do not get to see those kids as often as they probably would like to.

For The Simple Foodies

These days, it may be a bit cheaper to eat out than to eat in, at least at some places. So why not gift your parents the gift of eating out once in a while at some great places like Cracker Barrel or Panera Bread or Chipotle’s!

gifts cards for elderly parents

For The Men Who Have Everything

Your Father may be a long time user of Gillette products and if so – then why not give him a gift that he knows, loves and will use.

Fun and Entertainment

Staying active is important – especially for men since as they get older, they tend to become couch potatoes! (We all know a few of those!) So help them to stay active in their own backyards with a Cornhole game.

For Golf Lovers

Or, if being outdoors simply isn’t an option and your parents are golfers – well – there’s nothing more useful to a golfer than a golf set they can use indoors to practice their swing.

Emergency Kits

I know that it may not be a cute or typical kind of gift but for many individuals, having an emergency kit in the home can end up being a lifesafer but the truth is, not many of us have one. So why not gift this to your loved one?

You can find out more about emergency kits at

Home Delivery Services

If your Mom and Dad have problems getting to the store (or they are being cautious and safe from exposure to Covid-19) then getting groceries can be difficult. So why not gift them the service of having someone else do the shopping for them?

get groceries delivered

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Apple Watch with Fall Detection Feature

The Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 both have the fall detection feature built in which is an amazing service for older adults. Basically, if the watch detects that the wearer falls it will sound an alarm. If the wearer does not respond the watch will automatically contact 911. Note that the wearer must have their cell phone nearby for this to work.

A Wearable Panic Button Device

Another stylish wearable that acts as a protective device is the Invisawear Smart Jewelry. This great piece of jewelry can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet or can also be used as a charm on a key chain works as a “panic button”. You can list up to 5 contacts on your list and when you double press the charm – it will contact those 5 people plus 911 and provide them with your GPS location. I wear mine whenever I go out and I love the security it gives me.

Amazon Subscription Service

One of the best services that Amazon offers are it’s subscription service. I love it! It’s something that your older parents can set up, or you can set up for them. They can have items automatically delivered to their home without having to go out or remember to refill them. Things from toilet paper to paper towels, vitamins and supplements, hair products, makeup and lotion and so much more. It makes life so much easier! So, give a gift of an Amazon card to help them get the necessities they need easily.

A Smart Television Set

If your parents are having trouble using the remote – no matter how big a remote you get them – then maybe it’s time to switch them over to a television that they can control with their voice!

You can do this with Alexa and Fire TV.

Here’s more information about how you can use Fire TV

We hope that you found one or two wonderful, useful gifts in our list for your senior loved ones!

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