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The Home Depot Independent Living Program

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Amidst this crazy pandemic and social unrest and political upheavals throughout the year 2020 – the Home Depot company launched a new program specifically for older adults.

The country’s largest home improvement retailer recently launched its Independent Living program in partnership with National Seating & Mobility (NSM), offering in-home consultations and equipment installation. For now, the program is available in a few stores, but is expected to expand based on demand.

This is great news for the ever expanding number of older adults around the world.

About Home Depot’s Independent Living Program

With 10,000 to 12,000 people a day turning 65 around the globe, it simply makes perfect sense for a company like Home Depot to begin taking this demographic seriously.

You can see the products that Home Depot is offering in this program here.

It’s no surprise that a majority of seniors want to stay and age in place in their own homes. This program aims to help with those goals.

So, what exactly does this program offer?

  • A free in home consultation that can run anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes
  • An in store consultation and review of accessibility equipment
  • Installation of equipment by NSM’s team
  • Installation of indoor / outdoor modular, portable and full size ramps
  • Installation of ramp decking
  • Installation of stair lifts
  • Installation of vertical lifts
  • Installation of door openers
  • Installation of grab bars
  • Much more

The program intends to add bathroom and kitchen modifications to their list as well as electronic monitoring.

It is important to note that this very new program is ONLY available in about 10 stores throughout New Jersey and Missouri. They are plans to extend the program to other areas based on interest.

So, if you are interested in this program coming to your area – I would recommend to contact your local Home Depot and let them know that you are interested and would love to see this available. Also – get your friends to call as well!

Home Depot Products For Seniors

Many buyers think of Home Depot as a hardware store and home and garden type of store but the truth is that it’s so much more!

Even if your store is not currently participating in the Independent Living program – you can still take advantage of the many products that Home Depot offers to make your home as safe as possible as you grow older.

The types of products that Home Depot offers that can be purchased to make a home safer for older adults include:

  • Grab bars
  • Shower chairs
  • Walk in bathtubs
  • Senior friendly toilet seats
  • Walkers
  • Accessibility ramps
  • Handheld showerheads
  • Bed rails
  • Touchless faucets
  • Smarthome electronics
  • Much More

Click Here To See All Their Senior Friendly Products

Brian Worcester, The Home Depot’s Senior Manager…said The Home Depot is looking to educate multiple generations of families: “Not only are you trying to get to the end user, you’re trying to talk to and talk with the loved ones of those end users, meaning ‘Here’s what we can offer your mom or your dad who has a physical limitation; how do you make them comfortable in their homes?’ That loved one who’s trying to make their mom or dad happy and comfortable becomes a customer as well.”


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