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23 Vacation Ideas For Seniors With Limited Mobility

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For many older adults who are wheelchair users or need a cane or walker, the idea of taking a vacation can be daunting. Even if it’s with family members.

But the good news is that accessible travel is doable – it just takes a little bit more planning. For example, you always want to check ahead to ask about wheelchair accessibility, access to elevators, etc.

Believe me, vacations for seniors with limited mobility are doable!

You can also consider contacting any of these tour companies who specialize in accessible tours for seniors. Or contact a travel agent to help you plan your trip.

Vacations are important parts of life; they provide the opportunity to recharge and spend time with family and sometimes friends. Vacations can also be great opportunities for exploring new places, trying out new hobbies, or even getting some exercise.

The key to some of the best vacations for elderly adults is finding an activity and destination that fits your fitness level and mobility limitations. Also using the right products to help make the trip a bit easier.

Many websites with senior citizen trips and ideas tell you about places to go but the truth is, a great many cities and towns are accessible to most anyone with limited mobility so I thought that in this article I will research some accessible vacation themes and ideas that you can do almost anywhere.

You deserve a break and we have some unique ideas of perfect spots for you! So take advantage and make this the best time of your life!

23 Senior Citizens Vacation Ideas

Here are some great ideas for vacations for handicapped seniors to help inspire your next vacation!

1. Ocean and River Cruises

Cruises are, in my opinion, the easiest way to take a vacation without too much physical exertion which makes them an obvious choice and perfect for many senior citizens. The cruise line can usually attend to most any special needs you may have.

cruises for seniors with limited mobility

Cruise ships offer an opportunity for you and your family to explore new popular places while also enjoying the all-inclusive amenities of the ship itself.

I took many cruises with my elderly in-laws and I can tell you from personal experience that the ships were very accommodating for seniors who use canes, walkers and wheelchairs.

No matter what your activity level is, you can enjoy a great vacation on a cruise ship.

According to, the 5 best cruises for seniors are…

Of course, you can also look at cruises via the port cities they can take you to. Some very popular ones are…

  • An Alaskan cruise
  • Caribbean cruises
  • European cruises

Get more details about each of these lines at

river cruise vacations

If ocean cruises are not your style, consider taking a river cruise. These smaller boats are one of the best ways to visit beautiful parts of many countries.

There are many different river cruises in the USA, in Canada, Europe, South America and other countries.

Just like their ocean counterparts, the river cruises are a wonderful and easy way to travel if you are using a walker, a cane or a wheelchair to get about.

Some of the most popular river cruises are…

  • AmaWaterways – they offer river cruises throughout the rivers of Europe leaving from cities such as Paris, Budapest and Amsterdam.
  • CroisiEurope Cruises – another European river cruise line to consider leaving cities like Strasbourg, France and Engelhartszell, Austria.
  • Scenic Cruises – Yes, Europe has many river cruises and this is yet another. Leaving from Budapest, Zurich and Nuremberg.
  • American Cruise Lines – The USA also has a few river cruises as well leaving in locations such as New Orleans, Maine and Portland, Oregon.

As far as vacations for senior citizens go – I would rate cruising at the very top!

2. Museums and Art Galleries

visit museums

Indoor and handicap accessible places like museums and art galleries can be one of the best things to do in some cities and towns. They can also be great vacation options for history and art lovers who have limited mobility.

An idea would be to visit a city or town that has multiple indoor museums and galleries to visit. Some of the cities that could be on your list are…

  • New York City
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • London, England
  • Washington, DC
  • Paris, France
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Florence, Italy
  • Athens, Greece
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Rome, Italy

If larger cities are not your idea of a vacation, consider these 100 small “Art” towns that you can visit and enjoy.

Smaller towns may not have the number of museums that the larger cities do but they usually have the most interesting ones. Here are some examples…

3. Beaches

Travel for seniors with limited mobility can certainly include beaches. It’s a great destination for many older adults who love warm weather!

You don’t have to rule out beaches just because you find it too hard to walk on the sand. There are many beaches with boardwalks and sidewalks that you can visit.

If you’re planning family vacations with your grandchildren – a beach destination may be a wonderful option.

You can find some accessible beaches here in the USA – see this list.
There are many wonderful handicap accessible beaches in Europe too. See this list.

Read our recommendations on the Best Beach Chairs For Elderly Adults

4. National Parks

vacationing to national parks

Another type of popular tourist attractions are national parks. Many are wheelchair accessible , and you can still enjoy all the natural beauty that these parks have to offer.

According to the best places for those with limited mobility are…

5. Botanical Gardens

A botanical garden can be a great place to visit for some vacation time. Many adults love to visit Botanical Gardens and why not? They are filled with beautiful and unique flowers and plants and offer a wonderful, serene setting.

Here are just a few botanical gardens that are perfect for seniors who use a cane, a walker or a wheelchair.

6. Bus Tours

bus tour vacations

When I was younger I took a few bus trips with my classmates and what I remember is a lot of talking, laughing and singing!

I imagine that after a few days, the members of a traveling bus tour could be in a very similar situation.

Bus tours are a streamlined “cruise on land” that can take you to many popular destinations in a comfortable and relaxed manner. It’s perfect for many senior travelers who are looking for limited mobility vacations.

The tour guide can offer entertainment and history all wrapped up in an organized trip. Leaving you to just sit back and enjoy.

Many are accessible for seniors with limited mobility and oftentimes the tours are filled with older adults so you should be in great company.

You can find some bus tours here at

7. Local Boat Tours

Local boat tours to beautiful locations like Niagra Falls, NY / Canada can make for a wonderful vacation for seniors. Other types of tours like this can be found in…

8. Music Themed Vacations

If music is your jam then consider a vacation in places like Nashville, TN or Branson, MI where many of the shows are handicap accessible.

9. City Walking Tours

For those who can do a bit of walking with a cane or walker consider a walking tour. Just make sure to ask the tour operators how long is the walk and are there spots in between to sit and rest.

Also know that many major cities like Chicago and New York offer wheelchair accessible walking tours where you can explore your favorite landmarks in comfort.

You can also indulge in walking tours provided by museums such as the one offered by The Walnut Creek Historical Society. This is often a small group tour giving you a history of this beautiful northern California town.

Some other walking tours you can investigate are…

10. All Inclusive Resorts

all inclusive resorts

Some other senior citizen trip ideas includes resorts!

All inclusive resorts are another “cruise on land” idea where you travel to one place and get to relax and do as much as you like or nothing at all.

I would recommend to search for all inclusive resorts and then contact them to find out if they can accommodate your mobility issues.

Some places to consider are…

11. Resort Like Hotels

Many destination hotels have wheelchair accessible rooms where it is possible for a person with limited mobility to still enjoy themselves.

I love staying in a hotel room with a great view. I often take weekend vacation trips to these types of hotels. I can sit back, take in the view and do what vacations are meant to do for me, relax!

According to some of the best resort hotels for seniors with limited mobility are…

12. Movie Themed Trips

If you’re into movies, maybe a trip to Los Angeles where all the great older movies were made. Make it a point to see at least one movie a day.

There are multiple movie themed tours available. I would recommend to contact the one(s) that you are interested in to get information on how accessible they are for your limited mobility issues.

13. Theater Themed Trips

theater themed vacations

Or maybe theater is your passion. Well, then a trip to Broadway is on the list!

But don’t think that New York is the only place to go for a theater themed vacation. I would recommend Ashland, Oregon which is famous for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

14. Activity Themed Trips

Cooking is something several of my friends love and they enjoy taking a culinary class wherever they travel. Making a trip to a great city and taking a few culinary classes could be a great vacation trip for you.

Outdoor activities are certainly not off limits to seniors with physical limitations.

Golf is another activity that you can still take advantage of! So why not make that a vacation destination for yourself if you love to play golf! You can find more information from the U.S. Adaptive Golf Alliance.

Fishing tours for adults with disabilities can get you back on the water to do the thing that you love – fishing!

If you’re an adventurous type and looking for a unique experience then consider the wheelchair accessible tours by National Geographic. They include things like Hot Air Ballooning and Riding a Camel in Morocco!

15. Book Themed Trips

If you’re a book lover like my friend Judy then you may consider visiting any of these wonderful book stores as an absolute treat during your vacation.

16. Keeping It Local

Senior vacation destinations don’t have to be in a faraway place. Who says that you have to travel long distances to take a vacation? I personally love sleeping in my own bed at night so taking a road trip to local places is a great way for me to take some time off.

Some perfect destination ideas could include things like…

  • Wine tasting events
  • Live shows in local parks
  • Visiting historic buildings in your area
  • Taking in the history at historical landmarks in your area

For many older adults, day trips every so often are a much better alternative than longer vacations.

Take a little time to check your local area for events that are wheelchair accessible. These places would also be accessible to seniors who use canes or walkers. Click here to do a Google search.

17. Rent A Private Residence

If you prefer to spend your vacation time in your own space instead of a hotel then take a look at Handiscover – an Airbnb for people with limited mobility.

18. Games, Theater and Relaxation

For vacations with everything, you may want to consider places like Las Vegas, NV. There’s a little bit of everything there. It’s easy to get around and you can spend your time enjoying the theater, gambling, people watching or just relaxing.

19. Golf Cart Tours

golf cart tours

I bet you never heard of golf cart tours! What a great way to get around an city or area.

These are tours where the guests drive their own golf cart throughout the tour.

Here’s one in Rome, Italy and another in Iowa, USA and what looks like a fun golf cart tour in Nashville, TN.

Check out other golf tours here.

20. Amusement Parks

I believe that all amusement parks comply with the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide accessibility for disabled and of course, seniors that use adaptive equipment for mobility.

I would recommend that you contact any amusement park you may be considering to visit. This would be a wonderful vacation to spend with your family, especially the grandkids!

Here are some links to the information about accessibility for some popular amusement parks.

21. Riding The Rails

Trains are another great way to sightsee and get around for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation if you are limited in your mobility.

Amtrak is the most popular train service here in the USA and with it’s senior discounts, it can be an affordable way to travel for your next vacation.

The wonderful thing about train trips for elderly adults is that you can take longer, all-inclusive trips and even day trips locally. It’s really nice to have so many options available.

Of course, they are not the only train service – here are some great train vacation ideas to consider for your next get away!

22. Mobility Scooter Vacations

If you have your own mobility scooter then there are certainly many places you can go from national parks to cities and even beaches.

But if you prefer to leave your scooter at home (or you don’t own one) there are plenty of scooter rental places that you can rent one to use to enjoy your vacation.

Know that there are weight and measurement limitations on most lifts (for trains and buses) for mobility scooters so you will need to check with these types of transportation before you book your trip.

For example the shuttle buses in Yosemite National Park can accommodate mobility scooters and wheelchairs up to 24 inches wide and 46 inches long, with a top weight limit (scooter and person) of 750 pounds. I would say that limitation is pretty common, but of course you should check in advance about any lift limitations, especially if you use a bariatric scooter.

23. Virtual Vacations

Finally, if your mobility issues are limiting you to the extent that you simply find it too difficult to take any type of travel, then you may want to consider virtually traveling to places from the comfort of your home and your easy chair!

Using a virtual reality headset – you can take a trip almost anywhere and see some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Take a museum tour, a trip to the Antarctic, scuba dive the barrier reef and travel through many of the major cities throughout the world!

Make Your Trip Easier With These Products

Here’s a list of 7 products that can help to make your trip just a bit easier (and more fun!)

I hope that these ideas and products help you to enjoy your next vacation!

Vacations for people with limited mobility just takes a little more planning. They can be great fun. If you love traveling, but are not as mobile as you used to be – these travel ideas for seniors should help!

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