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35 Best Ideas For Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma (2024)

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Sunday, May 12th, 2024 is Mother’s Day!

Grandma mother's day

If you are lucky enough to have a grandmother in your life, don’t forget to include her on this special day.

Grandmas are the matriarch of the family, the special lady who has always been a part of your life. Mother’s Day is the perfect way to show her how much you love and appreciate her.

Finding the perfect gift for grandma can be tricky, but with a little thought and effort, you can come up with some great gifts that she will treasure.

Grandma’s gift should be something that she can cherish for years to come. A sentimental piece of art, a personalized item, or even a set of different types of tea are all perfect gifts to show your grandma how much you care.

Check out our article on Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

No matter what you choose, make sure it comes from the heart so your grandmother knows just how special she is to you.

What To Make For Grandma For Mother’s Day?

Some of the best mother’s day gifts are the ones you make yourself!

There are many different ways to show your grandma love, and a homemade gift is a great way to do it.

  • You could create a special heartfelt message for your grandma, or even make a personalized gift set with her name on it.
  • A bouquet of flowers with her grandkids’ names on it is also a special way to show her how much you care.
  • Freshly-baked cookies are always a great treat!

Here are some craft kits that you can use to make a special gift for your grandmother.

Color Your Own Coaster

The kit comes with 8 ceramic disks with corks (for the bottom). The discs are absorbent so perfect for cold and hot drinks. Colored pens are included.


A beautiful way to capture the light coming through a window! A fun and easy craft that the grandkids can make.

Doodling Flower Pots

If your grandmother has a green thumb, then gift her these fun pots that you can draw on and personalize just for her.

Flower Garden Growing Kit

Or, how about a flower growing kit? Personalize the beautiful tin pot (paint included) and give her the chance to get started on growing some beautiful flowers this year.

Paint Your Own Stepping Stone

I made several of these for my own yard many years ago and everyone just loved them. Your grandmother will love them too!

Wooden Birdhouses

A beautiful gift for anyone who enjoys their backyard are birdhouses! Paint them in your own way. This kit includes 12 birdhouses that you can surprise your grandmother with.

DIY Clay Jewelry Dish

A fun craft for grandkids to make for their grandma’s are these clay jewelry dishes. The kit comes with enough material to create 3 dishes.

DIY Windchime

Make her a beautiful windchime that you paint yourself. The kit comes with everything you need to create 1 windchime.

Mother’s Day Gift For Future Grandma

If your grandma is going to become a future grandma, there are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas to consider.

Grandma’s Brag Board

A fun way to show off the grandkids (and kids too!) Start off with the ultrasound pics and you can go on from there!

From Dog Grandma to Human Grandma

A fun little gift letting her know that she will soon be enjoying helping you to care not just for a furry loved one but a human one too.

Willow Tree Grandmother Sculpture

The beautiful sculpture says it all. A grandmother holding her grandchild in a loving and engaging way.

Picture Frame

There’s one thing all grandmothers have, and that is lots and lots of picture frames! So get her started with this beautiful silver plated frame.

Becoming A Grandma

A great way for your grandmother to let everyone know just how she feels about soon becoming a grandma!


I’m a blue jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, if your grandmother is like that too, then she’ll love this great t-shirt! It comes in several different colors.

21 Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandmas

Here are some great gift ideas for your grandmother on that special day of the year, Mother’s Day!

Fresh Flowers

The classic mother’s day gift is a bouquet of flowers. This beautiful arrangement includes Lavender Roses and Daisies and mini carnations.

Personalized Photo Collage Blanket

A beautiful fleece or sherpa throw that’s customized with your own photos!

Personalized Grandchildren Birthstone Necklace

I know this necklace is advertised as a “mother’s” gift but frankly, I think it would make a beautiful grandmother gift too.

Digital Photo Frame

I love the idea of digital photo frames. A great way for family to submit photos of the family directly to this frame. A continuous stream of new, updated photos for your grandmother.

Tea Gift Sets

All my friends will tell you that I LOVE tea. If your grandma does as well, then a beautiful gift set of different teas may be a great gift for her. But if you’re looking for some different and absolutely delicious teas, consider looking at these teas from Teecino – they are delicious!

Blooming Flowering Tea

This set comes with the glass teapot and 4 cups as well as 12 flowering teas. If you’ve never seen this, you’ll love it! Drop the pod into the teapot and watch it bloom in front of you.

Crystal Photo

A unique way to showcase a photo is to have it etched in 3D in an engraved crystal. Your grandmother will love it.

Grandmother Throw Blanket

When your grandmother sits in her favorite recliner and wraps herself up in a blanket, why not give her a blanket to remind her of how wonderful and loved she is.

Stainless Steel Tumber

Help her to keep hydrated (many seniors don’t drink enough water). Here’s a tumbler that’s just for her!

Grandparents’ House Rules

Is your grandmother’s house often filled with grandkids and family? Then this fun wall plaque may be a great gift for her.

Birthday Reminders

A great way to remember who’s birthday is when! Hang this up in the kitchen or anywhere it can be easily seen.

Neck and Shoulder Heat Pad

Most older adults have general aches and pains in their neck and shoulders. This great heat pad is made just for those areas.

Amazon’s Echo Show

The Echo Show is one of the best gifts (in my opinion) for any senior person. Especially if other family members have an Echo Show too. A great way to video chat with others and it comes with so many wonderful features. Read about what the Echo Show can do here.

Raised Garden Bed

For grandma gardeners, a raised garden bed can help to make gardening so much easier and more enjoyable.

Bright Outdoor Solar Lights

Make her outdoor area safer by adding these bright solar lights. No need to do any wiring or to remember to turn them on and off. There are many different types of solar lights you can choose from, just check them out here.

Night Lights

It’s so very important for older adults to have as much light as possible throughout the house. These plug in night lights are very bright and last a very long time.

Lift Chair

If your grandmother is starting to have trouble getting up from a chair, then this lift chair may be the best gift you can give her. It has lots of features such as recliner features, massage features, cupholders and pockets.

Pillow Pad

My mom-in-law loves her pillow pad. It’s a great way to hold a book or a tablet. No need to sit or lay down and hold these items.

Auto Cane

If she’s having any problems getting out of her car, this auto cane may be the thing that makes it easier for her.

Power Jar Opener

It’s never easy to open those jars so why not give her the one gadget that can do it for her.

Tell Me Your Story

A beautiful gift for the entire family is the written story of their grandparents. This book is a guided journal to help your grandmother tell her story in her own words.

No matter what type of grandma your grandma is, there is a perfect gift out there for her. Whether you choose a heartfelt gift or a unique one, your grandma will appreciate the effort you put into finding the best gift for her.

Show your grandma some love this Mother’s Day and make it a special day she will never forget.

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