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Large Print Magazines For Elderly (& Activity Books)

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Reading is such a wonderful activity that many seniors enjoy – I know that my amazing 98 year old mom-in-law reads every single day.

But for many seniors – reading traditional print is often very difficult. So the best solution for them is to either find a large print version of their magazine or book, etc. OR to use a large magnifying reader.

Although there aren’t many magazines in large print, there are a few so if you or your senior loved one enjoys magazines – check out the ones that we list below.

Reader’s Digest

large print reader's digest

Many older adults grew up with Reader’s Digest and many still read all the wonderful stories and information in this great magazine.

Now available in large print for anyone with low vision problems.

Guideposts Magazine

Large print Guideposts magazine

Guideposts is a monthly magazine filled with inspirational stories and interviews of a variety of people around the world.

If you are interested in reading material that will leave you feeling hopeful and loving towards the human race – Guideposts may be just what you’re looking for.

Reminisce Magazine

Remenisce magazine

A popular nostalgic type of magazine with stories and information about events and life in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

The subscription includes 7 issues throughout the year.

Large Print Activity Books

In addition to large print magazines and books, there are also a nice variety of activity books written in a larger print.

With everything from Sudoku to word search to coloring books – you should be able to find something that you or a senior loved one will enjoy doing.

Kappa Word Search – 9 Volumes

large print word search

A collection of 9 large print books of word puzzle games. Easy to read and fun to do if you’re into word searching games.

Sudoku Puzzles

large print sudoku books

Over 1000 Sudoku puzzles in this large print book making it easy to read and fun to work on.

Crossword Dictionary

large print crossword dictionary

If you love crossword puzzles, than this large print crossword dictionary will make it much easier for you to partake in one of your favorite activities.

Coloring Books

large print coloring book

A beautiful large print coloring book for those seniors who enjoy spending hours coloring but find it difficult to see the images. My mother would spend hours and hours coloring and we enjoyed getting her as many books as we could find.


large print cryptograms

Puzzles, trivia and fun facts – all meant to help to keep your mind sharp. Written in large print for anyone with low vision problems.

110 Brain Workouts

101 brain workouts

A large print book filled with a variety of games including word search, sudoku, crossword, mazes and more.

Brain Teasers

brain teasers

75 difference brain teasers including puzzles, riddles and games to help you keep your mind sharp. All written in beautiful large print.

Large Reading Magnifier

large reading magnifier with light

Since not EVERY book or magazine is produced in large print – you can use this large magnifier with lights to help you read anything that is not available in a large print.

For a list of all the large print books, magazines and activity books available at Amazon – click here.

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