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How To Camouflage A Security Camera

Hide camera in plain sight.

If you have decided to put a home security camera on your property, you’re going to want to hide it from possible intruders.

After all, if a burglar can easily spot your outdoor cameras, they’ll just disable them before trying to get into your house.

So what is the best way to hide a visible camera?

Here are some ways to camouflage a security camera:

  • Place it above a person’s natural line of sight
  • Blend it in with room scenery such as the ceiling or crown molding
  • Paint it or cover it to match its surroundings
  • Put it in an unexpected object like a tissue box 

There are a lot of good disguises ahead, so make sure you keep reading! 

4 Ideas To Hide Outdoor Security Cameras

Although workplaces in the United States are subject to laws on hiding security cameras, if yours is for private use on your property, you should be in the clear to camouflage it.

So where can you put hidden security cameras outdoors?

You have plenty of options:

1. Place The Camera High In The Trees

If you have a tall tree on the front, side, or back of your property, mount your security camera here.


Yes, people may naturally look up if they know your security system features a camera, but since the camera is above a person’s line of sight – even a tall person’s – they’re not likely to look in a tree.

Ensure that the tree doesn’t have any branches, foliage or blind spots that will block the camera’s view, as that will make it difficult to record video.

2. Use A Camera Decoy

This is a great option, especially if your outdoor security camera is smaller than the norm. You simply buy a large decoy camera and mount it on your property in addition to your hidden small camera.

People will look at the decoy camera and think it’s the real one, completely missing your smaller camera!

3. Paint The Camera or Use A Camouflage Skin

If your camera still sticks out like a sore thumb, you may be able to purchase camouflage skins,

These are often used to disguise trail cameras, but they work with certain models of wireless security cameras too.

cat hidden in fall leaves

You can also try painting it to make the camera blend in better with its surroundings. You might have to use camo paint or otherwise paint the camera green, black, gray, or brown.

Make sure you use painter’s tape around the camera lens so you don’t get paint on it.

4. Use Garden Decorations

Landscaping and garden decorations can be your best friend when trying to camouflage your outdoor security camera.

garden gnome

You can purchase a fake rock and hide a mini camera in there, blending the fake rock in with the natural surroundings.

Even a garden gnome can house your security camera and usually, no one will be the wiser.

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How To Hide Outdoor Security Camera Wires

The best option is to switch from a wired camera to a wireless security camera like the Arlo Go.

I know – as a general rule, wireless cameras cost more, but the extra expense will save you from having to hide wires, so you have to decide if you’d rather spend your time or money. 

If your security camera is wired and you can’t afford to replace it right now, don’t fret.

You just have to watch where you mount the camera, installing it close to windows, molding, or siding that you can tuck the cords into. 

Can You Bury Security Camera Wire?

Good news – yes, you can! This will protect the wires from weather damage as well as make them harder to tamper with.

7 Ways To Hide An Indoor Camera

Everyday objects are a great way to hide a wireless camera!

We have a few creative ways for mounting an indoor security camera that require a bit more explanation, so we thought we’d dedicate separate sections to each of them.

1. Hide A Camera In A Wall

If you’re intrigued by the idea of installing a security camera in one of the walls of your home here are the steps to follow:

  • First, you need to measure your security camera, then create a template that’s the same size as its base. On the diagram, mark the spots where the screws will go, too.
  • Print out that template and tape it to your wall.
  • Next, create a hole in the center for cabling. This hole shouldn’t be too large, as then the cabling can come right out.
  • With the hole drilled into your wall, run your camera’s cabling through the hole. 
  • Center your security camera’s base over the template you should still have attached to your wall.
  • Remove the template and secure the screws one by one using an electric drill. Then attach your security camera to the base. 

If you want to hide the camera so it’s less visible, you can put it near a lighting fixture or get a cheap painting and hide the camera within or behind the picture frame.

You will have to cut a hole in the frame so you don’t block the camera’s view, though.

old photos hanging on a wall

If you decide to keep the security camera by a light source such as a lamp, make sure the proximity isn’t too close or the camera could start overheating from the light.

Using LED lights would be less likely to cause this issue. 

2. Hide A Camera In A Tissue Box

Another sneaky way to hide an indoor camera is inside a tissue box. Yes, that’s right, we said in a tissue box. 

tissue box

This is one of the easiest and fastest means of camouflaging a security camera.

All you have to do is cut a hole in the tissue box that’s large enough for the camera’s lens to look through so it can get a clear shot of the room. Then place the camera in the tissue box. 

If you live alone, then you must remember not to use that tissue box. For those with housemates, a partner, or kids, make sure you tell them what that tissue box is for and to get their tissues elsewhere. 

If it’s not feasible for you to mount your indoor security camera in a wall or put it inside a tissue box, here are some other great places for hiding a small security camera: 

teddy bear

3. Higher near the ceiling

As we discussed for outdoor use, you can mount your indoor security camera above a person’s natural line of sight.

Just make sure the camera is painted or otherwise covered so it blends in while still giving the camera a good view of the room.

You can attach your camera to a chandelier (safely, of course!) or put it on top of a high cabinet in the kitchen.

Just don’t put the camera on a ceiling fan though unless you don’t use that fan.

4. Place cameras in a power outlet

You can buy mini cameras that come inside an outlet cover. This is a perfect place in a high-traffic area, because outlets never draw much attention.

Generally these will be a wireless camera with a wi-fi connection.

5. Hide the camera in a bookshelf

Camouflaging your indoor security camera in plain view is another good option.

A bookshelf in which every shelf is occupied with trinkets, knick-knacks, and small décor will allow your camera to blend right in, especially if yours is a mini camera.

You may have to have an electrical outlet available to plug them in, however.

6. Put the camera in a stuffed toy (aka a nanny cam)

Do you have kids in the house or maybe you like stuffed animals yourself? If you don’t mind tearing one apart, then you can install your indoor security camera in the toy.

Open along the seam, put the camera in among the stuffing, pierce a small hole or remove an eye so the camera can look out from the stuffed toy, and then sew it back together.

7. Hide the camera in a potted plant

Maybe you have more of a green thumb. If so, then you can obscure your indoor security camera among the plant’s foliage. Don’t bury the camera in plant leaves, as then it can’t get a clear view of the goings-on in your living room or bedroom.

Try to prevent the camera from getting dirty, and please don’t water the camera as you tend to your plant. A fake plant would be best for these purposes.

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