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Does Nest Doorbell Work With Alexa?

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You love your Alexa smart home devices, but you’ve been thinking of buying a Nest doorbell camera for security purposes, and you’d definitely want to use it with Alexa. Are the two compatible?

Nest Doorbell now works with Alexa smart home devices, including the Fire Tablets, Fire TV devices, Echo Show, and Echo speakers. The Alexa compatible Nest cameras are the Nest Doorbell with battery, Nest Cam with floodlight, Nest Cam indoor with battery, and Nest Cam indoor or outdoor with battery.

If you have yet more questions about using your Nest with a compatible Alexa device, this article will tell you everything you need to know. By the time you’re done reading, you can make the most of your Alexa!

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Can Alexa Work With Nest Doorbell?

If you own Alexa devices such as the Fire Tablet or Amazon Fire TV, the good news is that you can use the device with many Nest Cams. These cameras include the battery-powered Nest Doorbell, the Nest Cam with floodlight, the indoor battery-powered Nest Cam, and the battery-powered indoor or outdoor Nest Cam.

Be aware, however, that Google says, “The notification options you get depend on the type of camera you have and whether you’re subscribed to Nest Aware.” Nest Aware is a paid subscription.

You have two options for using an Alexa / Amazon device with a Nest Cam. You can view a livestream of what’s going on from your front porch anytime (which is handy especially if you’re traveling or away) or use the two-way conversation option.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

1. Activate The Google Nest Alexa Skill

There are various Alexa skills that you can unlock through enabling new devices, and that goes for Google Nest, as well.

On your iOS or Android device, access your browser. There, you can turn on your new Google Nest skill for Alexa.

2. Migrate Your Nest Account To Your Google Account

If you have a legacy Nest account, you need to migrate it to a Google account as well.

3. Tell Alexa To Communicate With The Nest Doorbell

When someone rings your Nest Doorbell, you can tell Alexa to take care of it by saying, “Alexa, answer the front door.”

If you’d rather just talk to the other person using the two-way talk feature, but not open the door, then say, “Alexa, talk to the front door.”

Using voice control / commands, you can also activate the livestream feature that Nest offers using your Alexa device such as the Echo Show devices.

You’ll have to give each of your Nest products a camera name first to make the most of this feature. This helps the smart speakers understand which device you are referring to.

For example, if you have a Nest camera in your living room and one overlooking your back deck, then you could say something like, “Alexa, show the Living Room feed” or “Alexa, show the feed from the Back Deck” and she’d show you the live stream from the device you requested.

The live view will last for approximately five minutes and shut off on its own unless you tell Alexa to power down the Nest livestreaming first.

To do that, you’d say something like, “Alexa, exit,” “Alexa, stop,” or “Alexa, hide the living room feed.”

How Do You Get Alexa To Announce The Doorbell?

What if you want Amazon’s Alexa to announce when someone is at the door? Is that something she can do as part of her compatibility with the Nest Cam?

It is, and here’s how you do it!

  1. Access The Google Home App – First, go to your Google Home app, which you should already have on your smartphone or mobile device. Open the app.
  2. Toggle Settings – Next, go to the area marked Settings.
  3. Change Visitor Announcement Settings – In the Settings menu, you should see an area for Visitor Announcements. Tap this.
  4. Activate Doorbell Press Announcements
  5. Activate the Visitor Announcements. Now, the next time someone rings your Nest doorbell, Alexa will announce it. The app might send you a notification as well.

You’ll certainly feel peace of mind with Alexa and Nest Cam on your side. No more will sudden visitors at the doorbell catch you off-guard whether it’s a stranger, the pizza delivery guy, or even the familiar faces of a friend or family member.

Do Nest Cameras Work With Alexa Show?

First released in 2017, the Echo Show, which some call the Alexa Show, is another in the long line of Amazon Echo products. Depending on the model, these smart displays have between a 5.5 inch and 10.1 inch digital touchscreen that comes in handy for video calls or playing videos.

Here’s how the Echo Show can help the blind or visually impaired.

Since you own a version of the Echo Show, you’re thinking its touchscreen would be great for watching live video streaming from the Nest Cam. But is the Nest compatible with the Echo Show?

Yes, it is!

Here are the features you can now enjoy.

Motion Detection

When there’s a motion on your property, you can set it up so your Alexa Show makes motion announcements and tells you what the Nest Cam captured.

Most of the time, the motion will be nothing more than a rabbit or a deer on your front lawn, but in case it’s ever a suspicious person, you’re going to want to know it right away. With the Echo Show and Nest, you will.

Two-Way Talk

If yours is the battery-powered Nest Doorbell, you can see visitors when they’re on your doorstep via a video feed.

We can’t stress enough how important this feature is for peace of mind. When you’re away from home, whether for work or because you’re traveling, you can feel like you’re leaving your home vulnerable and exposed.

Not with the Echo Show and Nest Doorbell. You’ll always be privy to who’s on your property.

You can also use the two-way talk feature when someone is on the threshold.

If there is a nefarious character lurking around, you can notify them verbally that you’re calling the police, and you don’t even have to be home to do it.

Of course, if you are home, the protection that is the two-way talk feature keeps you from having to open your door and potentially expose yourself to a dangerous situation.

Video Livestreaming

Your Nest camera can also send a live video feed directly to your Echo Show. As you can with other Alexa-compatible devices, you can watch Nest doorbell footage to ensure your home is the safe fortress you want it to be.

Tip: Nest cameras can also be paired with an Echo Dot to help with home security. Read more here.

Does Echo Show Automatically Show Who Is At The Door When The Doorbell Is Rung?

After reading the last section, you’ve decided to link up your Echo Show with your Nest Cam. You’ll feel a lot safer whether you’re in your home with your family or outside living your life.

So, now you’re wondering if the Echo Show will display who’s at the door automatically when someone rings your Nest.

Yes, it will.

Doorbell press notifications are incredibly convenient, as you no longer have to get too close to the door and look through the peephole to assess who’s at the door.

You also don’t have to configure your Nest or Amazon Echo Show to display who’s at the door since it happens automatically every time.

If you’re in bed late at night when someone rings the doorbell, you can stay safely in your room but still know who’s on the premises.

How Do I Connect My Nest Doorbell To My Alexa Show?

Are you ready to get started linking your Nest Doorbell and Alexa Show aka the Echo Show? These steps will tell you exactly how it’s done.

Step 1 – Set Up Nest

First, you want to open your new Nest doorbell, turn it on, and set it up.

Step 2 – Connect Nest To Your Nest App

Next, you should download the Nest app and create an account if you don’t have one already. Connect your new Nest to the Nest app.

Step 3 – Pair The Echo Show To Your Alexa App

Likewise, if your Echo Show is new, you want to go into the Alexa app and follow the steps to pair the device.

Step 4 – Go Into The Alexa App And Select Skills & Games

With both devices connected to their respective apps, stay in the Alexa app. Go to the Menu, which is in the upper left corner, and select Skills & Games.

This is where you can add the Nest camera skill to your Alexa.

Step 5 – Search For Google Nest

That will require you to do some searching. Tap the magnifying glass icon, which you should find at the top of the screen.

Type in Google Nest. You shouldn’t have to scroll far, as the Nest smart doorbell should be the top result.

Step 6 – Enable Google Nest

Once you’ve accessed the Google Nest skill for Alexa to learn, you’ll see an Enable button in blue. By tapping that, Alexa and Nest will begin interacting.

Step 7 – Configure Alexa Settings and Connect

Be sure to set up the Alexa settings so she has all your home info current and handy. Then connect any other devices while you’re here. When you’re finished, tap the Done option.

Step 8 – Sign Into Google

Next, log into the Google account that’s connected to your Nest. You’ll see an Allow button, so tap on that to finalize linking the Alexa and Nest.


The Nest and your Alexa are compatible so you can enjoy two-way communication, live video feeds of your front door, and even automatic video footage of who’s at the door. You’ll feel far safer in your day-to-day life and especially when you’re away from home!

A note about the Nest doorbell. There’s a problem with it’s battery and cold temperatures. According to Google (maker of the Nest) the battery can’t charge when the temperature is between -4°F (-20°C) and 32°F (0°C). And it can take days (even if you bring it inside) to recharge. (source)

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