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November Activity Calendar For Seniors With Dementia

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You’ll notice that starting in November, there will be many more “food” related holidays. After all, tis the season to celebrate so it makes sense that there will be more days devoted to some fun and delicious food.

As we do monthly, we’ve got a calendar of fun ideas for seniors with dementia to fill your time with meaningful activities. So, enjoy the cooler days of November with these!

November 1

National Cinnamon Day – Cinnamon is a wonderful spice that can be used in many dishes. In addition to that there are many health benefits that it provides.

Outdoor Activity – Many cities have spice stores where you can purchase a variety of different types of spices that you wouldn’t find in your local grocery store.

Indoor Activity – There are many wonderful craft ideas that you can make with Cinnamon – here are just a few.

November 2

Cookie Monster’s Birthday – The lovable Cookie Monster has been entertaining kids and adults for 50 years! Celebrate his birthday today by making cookies with your loved one.

Outdoor Activity – A trip to your local bakery for some delicious cookies would be fun. Or how about baking a batch of cookies and bringing them to someone?

Indoor Activity – A great and easy way to make cookies is by using a Cookie Press. You can make some wonderful cookies with this tool!

November 3

International Sandwich Day – Everyone loves a sandwich! And most everyone has a favorite sandwich so today is the day to celebrate it.

Outdoor Activity – Visiting a sandwich shop for lunch or maybe packing a picnic with your favorite sandwiches would be a wonderful outing for the day.

Indoor Activity – Some will say that there’s an art to making sandwiches. Check out some Youtube videos on how to make the ultimate sandwich or try this book that’s all about sandwiches and enjoy making a new favorite sandwich today.

November 4

National Candy Day – Most everyone has a favorite candy that they like to indulge in every now and then. Today is the day to enjoy!

Outdoor Activity – I’ve seen some wonderful candy shops pop up recently in small town centers and if you have one of these in your area – it may be fun to visit.

Indoor Activity – Check out some of these vintage candy kits that your senior loved one may have enjoyed when they were younger.

November 5

Wiggle Jiggle Jell-O Day – this wonderful little snack is something that many of us grew up with. Years ago it was used to make “salads” which seems a bit funny now!

Outdoor Activity – Yes, there is a Jell-O museum in the birthplace of this great treat – in LeRoy, NY. If you’re not nearby, then why not get to the store and stock up on every flavor of Jell-O!

Indoor Activity – There are some wonderful fun ways that you can enjoy Jell-O and making it. Here are some great molds that you can use to have fun with your treats.

November 6

National Nachos Day – Turn on some music with a Latin beat and celebrate the favorite snack of millions of people – Nachos!

Outdoor Activity – Seems obvious to take a trip to a Mexican restaurant (or order in) and enjoy their dish of scrumptious Nachos.

Indoor Activity – Of course, there’s nothing like being home and making your own dish of Nachos – just get all the ingredientspull up a recipe – and have some fun watching the movie Nacho Libre!

November 7

National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day – Ahh – chocolate! Most everyone has a favorite type of chocolate and if bittersweet is yours – then today is your day.

Outdoor Activity – Call some local coffee / tea cafes in your area to see if they serve any type of hot chocolate with almonds. Or you can just enjoy a hot chocolate with an almond pastry!

Indoor Activity – Treat yourself today by using a little chocolate with almonds throughout the day. Put a little in your oatmeal for breakfast. Have a mid afternoon snack of chocolate and almond biscotti.

November 8

National Parents As Teachers Day – One thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught many parents is that being a teacher is a lot more difficult than they thought. Today is meant to encourage parent teacher organizations to join forces with parents in the education process of their children.

Outdoor Activity – Doing something with children today would be a wonderful activity for many seniors with dementia. An outing to a zoo, a park, etc. But include some type of educational lesson in the outing.

Indoor Activity – Working on a project together at home with your senior loved ones and children would be a wonderful way to spend the day. Any type of arts and crafts could be fun. They may even enjoy learning and creating the ultimate volcano!

November 9

National Scrapple Day – A dish originally from German descent – it has made it’s way into American food culture in some parts of the country.

Outdoor Activity – If there are any restaurants in your area that serve scrapple – today would be the day to get some friends together for a trip to that eatery. Otherwise, bringing your own scrapple out to a park or picnic site could be a fun way to introduce this food to some friends who have never tried it. As long as they’re not vegetarians!

Indoor Activity – Of course you can buy scrapple or make your own. It’s a time consuming task so expect to spend an hour or two creating this dish. Here’s a recipe you can try.

November 10

Forget Me Not Day – Today’s holiday is meant to remind people to keep in touch with family and friends. It’s so very easy to lose touch with each other – spend some time today contacting them and catching up.

Outdoor Activity – Call someone you haven’t seen for a while and invite them out for a walk, a coffee, a meal, etc.

Indoor Activity – Gather your stationary (or buy some) and write a note to someone you haven’t heard from in a while. Or pick up the phone and call them!

November 11

National Sundae Day – Even though the weather outside may be a bit cool – there’s always a little room to enjoy a delicious Sundae!!

Outdoor Activity – Get out to your favorite ice cream shop and share a wonderful Sundae with someone.

Indoor Activity – Certainly, you can gather the tools and ingredients to make your own Sundae at home. In fact, invite others over and have a Sundae making contest to see who can make the most outrageous Sundae!

November 12

Chicken Soup For The Soul Day – Celebrate who you are and how you got to where you are today! Nurture your soul by taking the time to be grateful for all that you have and the gifts that you give to others.

Outdoor Activity – Take some time today to do some charity work, help a friend, relieve another caregiver for a few hours, etc. Doing something good for others is a wonderful way to give your own life meaning and purpose.

Indoor Activity – Watch a movie with an uplifting message like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

November 13

World Kindness Day – A global initiative to encourage the humans on the planet to demonstrate kindness to each other and to the planet we all share.

Outdoor Activity – Get out into your neighborhood with a trash bag and clean up any loose garbage you may see. Invite your neighbors to work with you. Or bring a meal to a senior who you know lives alone.

Indoor Activity – Take some time today to look at some charities that you can contribute to in the coming new year. There are so many to choose from but you just need to pick one to donate to.

November 14

National American Teddy Bear Day – Most everyone knows that the iconic teddy bear many children grown up with was named after President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Today is a day to celebrate bears, or learn about Theodore Roosevelt or even make your own teddy bear.

Outdoor Activity – There are multiple teddy bear museums throughout the world and if you’re near one today may be a good day to visit it. Otherwise, a trip to the library for some books on Teddy Roosevelt may be a good outing too.

Indoor Activity – Use this easy kit to make your own teddy bear! The kit comes with a full size teddy but you get to decorate it and make it your very own. Of course, you can also spend some time watching The Story of Theodor Roosevelt.

November 15

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day – Many older adults, especially ones with dementia are not able to keep up with maintaining their home – especially their refrigerator! Today would be a good day to give it a good scrub and clean it out of expired foods.

Outdoor Activity – A trip to an upscale appliance store (or Lowe’s or Home Depot) could be a fun way to see what’s new in the world of refrigerators and their accessories. I personally love the smart refrigerators!

Indoor Activity – Cleaning out the refrigerator gives you the chance the organize it with these great organizer bins. You’ll be happy you did it.

November 16

National Button Day – Invented in Germany in the 13th century, buttons have been used to fasten our clothing and as crafts ever since. Today is the day to celebrate this very simple yet overlooked product we use every day.

Outdoor Activity – A trip to the thrift store to look for clothing with unusual buttons may be a fun way to spend some time today. You can use those buttons in a craft project or simply collect them.

Indoor Activity – There are lots of different types of crafts, like this one, that you can use buttons with to make something fun and colorful.

November 17

Take A Hike Day – Getting outdoors for some fresh air is important for everyone’s overall mental and physical health. We highly encourage everyone to spend at least 20 – 30 minutes outdoors everyday if the weather permits.

Outdoor Activity – A hike around the neighborhood, or a local park or out in the country would be a wonderful activity today. Invite others to join you.

Indoor Activity – If you can’t get out for a hike for whatever reason, pull up your laptop or put Youtube on your television and enjoy the many virtual hikes that you can take. Bryce CanyonMount RainierRedwood ForestMany More.

November 18

National Apple Cider Day – There’s nothing like a cool Autumn day, sitting in front of a fireplace and sipping a nice hot cup of apple cider!

Outdoor Activity – I loved going to the apple orchards with my nephew and great nephews picking apples and enjoying the hay ride. If you happen to live near an apple orchard today may be a great day for such an activity.

Indoor Activity – Take some time today to make yourself some wonderful and tasty apple cider!

November 19

International Men’s Day – Today is all about celebrating the “positive value men bring to the world.” Of course, this depends on the man you are thinking about but if you have a positive male in your life, today is the day to celebrate and thank him.

Outdoor Activity – Take your guy out to something that he would enjoy. A game of billiards, a sports bar or a sports game, golfing, a day at the beach, etc.

Indoor Activity – Present him with a gift, or make his favorite meal. You can even do a full day of movie binge watching with movies just for men.

November 20

National Peanut Butter Fudge Day – If you love peanut butter (I know I do) and if you love fudge, then today is the day to mix those two together and have yourself a feast!

Outdoor Activity – A trip to your local candy store is one thing you can do. Or, if there’s a fudge factory nearby – a trip to that could be a lot of fun.

Indoor Activity – Certainly making your own peanut butter fudge can be a fun activity for you and your senior loved one. Invite some friends and family over for this delicious treat.

November 21

World Television Day – Televisions were first sold in 1929 and first became popular in the 1940’s. Since then, televisions have become a normal part of everyday life in many parts of the world.

Outdoor Activity – Have a theme lunch out with friends and the topic on the table are old television shows. You can even look up some trivia about these shows and bring them along.

Indoor Activity – These days with Fire TV sticks and television sets with built in Fire TV capabilities, viewers are able to watch more shows, events, documentaries, etc. than ever before. So binge a show, invite some friends for a marathon movie set and enjoy the day and the great marvel of television.

November 22

Humane Society Day – All animal lovers can celebrate today and help to give to the many animal humane shelters in their community.

Outdoor Activity – Visit your local animal shelter, take some time to play with the kittens / cats and the puppies / dogs. Better yet, consider volunteering at the shelter. Even one day a week for a few hours would be greatly appreciated.

Indoor Activity – If you aren’t able to care for a pet yourself, consider donating to a shelter or a foster home. Call up some of your family and friends and encourage them to do the same.

November 23

National Espresso Day – If you’re a coffee lover – then today is the day to try some espresso. Many cafes make their own special brews so enjoy a little pastry with your treat for the day.

Outdoor Activity – Get out to your favorite coffee shop and pay for the customer next to you in line. It’s a nice treat to give to someone and giving always makes you feel better.

Indoor Activity – If you really love Espresso you can treat yourself (and your senior loved one) to an Espresso machine to have your favorite brew at home. But if you love tea (like I do) then try the Teecino brands of tea that taste like coffee. My favorite is the hazelnut but there are many to choose from.

November 24

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day – I have always admired individuals who are able to be unique and different and don’t care at all what others think. It’s a sign of incredible strength, courage and self worth.

Outdoor Activity – Get out to a play, a movie or any event where others are displaying their unique talents. Spend the day acknowledging what your specific talents are and how you can best display them. Giving praise to seniors with dementia on what they CAN do versus focusing on what they CANNOT do can help them to get through this illness.

Indoor Activity – Create a scrapbook of all the amazing moments and things that your senior loved one has done in their lifetime.

November 25

International Hat Day – I love hats and do wish that they were back in style like they were in the 40’s and 50’s. If you love hats too than today is a day to take yours out and celebrate.

Outdoor Activity – I know there aren’t any “hat shops” around but I often see quite a few hats at thrift stores. It may be a fun trip to go to your local 2nd hand store and try on and maybe purchase a hat or two.

Indoor Activity – A fun winter hat making kit could be a great way to spend the day today!

November 26

National Milk Day – If you love a glass of milk or just milk in your coffee or tea, then today is the day to celebrate this versatile elixir.

Outdoor Activity – There are so many different types of milk these days. Lactose free milk, Goat’s milk, Grass milk, Quinoa Milk, Oat milk, Almond milk, Soy milk, etc. I would encourage you to get to the store and buy one container of each kind and give them a try. Who knows, you may end up discovering a brand new treat!

Indoor Activity – Don on an apron and do something different and make your very own cheese with your milk using this cheese making kit.

November 27

National Craft Jerky Day – The Craft Jerky company submitted and created their very own holiday! If you love Jerky then today may be a great day for you to join their Jerky of the Month club!

Outdoor Activity – Get to the store and purchase a case or two of jerky and make your way to a homeless shelter or food bank or even an area in your town where you know there are homeless individuals and give them your boxes of food. Doing something for others is always a great way to lift your own spirits.

Indoor Activity – Make your own jerky at home with this jerky making kit. But if you want to avoid meat then try any of these vegetarian jerky treats.

November 28

National French Toast Day – I can’t imagine anyone who does not like French Toast! So make sure to have this at least once today.

Outdoor Activity – Get out to your favorite breakfast place and order yourself some wonderful and delicious french toast.

Indoor Activity – To make the best french toast, use Brioche bread! Making something like this together with your senior loved one is a wonderful way to spend some time today.

November 29

Square Dancing Day – Many people think of square dancing as an American activity but it actually is a combination of English, Irish and Scottish folk dancing!

Outdoor Activity – A dance studio by you may be offering a special price today to teach students how to square dance! This may be a fun activity for you and loved ones.

Indoor Activity – If you’re spending the day indoors today, why not watch the movie Square Dance to celebrate the day.

November 30

National Mason Jar Day – The simple mason jar is a must in kitchens throughout the world. It can be used in so many utilitarian and fun ways!

Outdoor Activity – Gather some mason jars and fill them with candy or coffee beans or your best homemade soup and hand them out to your friends and neighbors. It’s always a nice way to spend a few moments with someone and surprise them with something fun!

Indoor Activity – There’s a lot of things that you can do with mason jars. From food storage, to gifts to crafts! Get yourself some mason jars and craft books and get started on spending a fun afternoon creating!

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