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27 Best Romantic Movies About Seniors In Love

Love is ageless, and these five films celebrate seniors who find themselves in the throes of passion.

Whether it’s a May-December romance or getting back in the game after years of marriage, these movies show that love knows no bounds.

So put on your comfy pajamas, grab some popcorn and watch one of these amazing romantic movies about seniors in love – guaranteed to make you laugh and cry!

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List Of 27 Movies About Seniors Falling In Love

I used to love movie nights with my late husband and these days, I invite my friends over to enjoy a dinner and a movie!

So, here is my list of some great movies featuring not only seniors falling in love but love stories amongst seniors.

These movies all portray the funny, heartwarming and sometimes sad aspects of finding love at any age.

Because I Said So (2007)

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Overbearing Daphne sets up her youngest daughter with a “perfect” man, sparking dating chaos and forcing them both to redefine love and independence.

The Notebook (2004)

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Across social class and time, a passionate love story endures, as an elderly man reads from a notebook, rekindling the fiery romance hidden within his Alzheimer’s-stricken wife.

The Leisure Seeker (2017)

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An Alzheimer’s-stricken couple embark on a final road trip in their beloved RV, rekindling passion, confronting mortality, and rediscovering the magic of their life together.

It’s Complicated (2009)

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Divorced exes reignite an old spark, juggling new flames and family drama as they redefine their relationship in unexpected ways.

Mamma Mia (2008)

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In idyllic Greece, a spirited bride-to-be invites three men from her mother’s past to her wedding, hoping to discover her father and facing the secrets and consequences of her mother’s free-loving youth, all to the infectious beat of ABBA’s greatest hits.

Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

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Across decades of changing times, a fiercely independent Jewish widow and her African-American chauffeur overcome racial barriers and forge an unlikely friendship, their journeys intertwining as they navigate the evolving South.

As Good As It Gets (1997)

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A misanthropic romance novelist confronts his obsessive-compulsive quirks and grudgingly opens his heart through unexpected friendships with a single mom and her dog.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

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British retirees seeking a cheap retirement adventure find laughter, love, and unexpected purpose in a rundown Indian hotel teeming with life and lessons.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015)

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Sonny’s expansionist dreams clash with love, family, and unexpected arrivals at the bustling Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, forcing everyone to juggle ambition with the chaos of life.

Senior Moment (2021)

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After losing his driver’s license, a retiree navigates public transportation, rediscovers lost passions, and finds love while reconnecting with old friends and life’s simple joys.

Harold and Maude (1971)

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Morbid young Harold finds life through death-obsessed Maude, leading to an unconventional romance across generations that challenges societal norms and embraces the vibrant chaos of living.

Saving Grace (2000)

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A widowed gardener finds herself growing and selling marijuana to save her home, navigating unexpected dangers and rediscovering faith and strength in the process.

I’ll See You In My Dreams (2015)

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Widowed Carol rediscovers the joy of living through unlikely friendships, new love, and facing the loss of an old friend, proving life can begin anew at any age.

The Ghost And Mrs. Muir (1947)

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A lonely widow charms the grumpy ghost haunting her seaside cottage, forming an unlikely friendship that defies death and fills their lives with laughter and unexpected connections.

Away From Her (2006)

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A happily married couple navigates Alzheimer’s and its devastating impact on love and identity, leading to a heartbreaking choice as memories fade.

Letters To Juliet (2010)

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A young American woman on vacation in Verona stumbles upon unanswered letters to Juliet, prompting her to write back and set in motion a journey of love, loss, and second chances across generations.

The African Queen (1951)

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In WWII East Africa, a gin-swilling riverboat captain and a prim missionary embark on a perilous mission up a treacherous river to attack a German gunboat, finding unexpected love and resilience amidst the jungle’s dangers.

Our Souls At Night (2017)

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Two lonely seniors in a small town defy societal expectations and share a bed for warmth and companionship, not romance, confronting their pasts and finding solace in newfound connection.

Grumpy Old Men (1993)

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Feuding next-door neighbors, fueled by decades of pranks and insults, find their grumpy hearts unexpectedly softened by a beautiful newcomer and forced to confront their buried feelings for each other.

Cocoon (1985)

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An alien energy pool rejuvenates seniors, prompting them to seize life and face the ultimate choice: stay young on another planet or return to Earth with newfound wisdom.

Gran Torino (2008)

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A cantankerous Korean War vet grudgingly mentors his Hmong neighbor and confronts his prejudices, finding redemption in unexpected relationships and a final act of heroism.

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

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Despite a hilariously terrible singing voice, a wealthy New Yorker pursues her operatic dreams with unwavering passion and the unwavering support of her devoted husband, charming all with her joyful spirit in the process.

Finding Your Feet (2017)

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After a life of stability, a betrayed wife finds freedom, friendship, and fiery flamenco dancing with her bohemian sister, rediscovering herself and proving it’s never too late to find your footing.

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

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A loudmouth New York lawyer with no trial experience must defend his innocent cousin against murder charges in rural Alabama, leading to culture clashes, courtroom chaos, and hilarious hijinks.

The Bridges Of Madison County (1995)

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A passionate four-day affair between a National Geographic photographer and a lonely Iowa housewife forces them to confront their desires and the sacrifices made in their lives.

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