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January Activity Calendar For Seniors With Dementia

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The month of January can represent a clean slate, a chance to make this upcoming new year as good as possible.

This month hosts wonderful month long celebrations such as National Bath Safety Month, Financial Wellness Month, National Oatmeal Month and International Brain Teaser Month!

So, take some time this month to enjoy the wonderful holidays that this month presents, then check out our other activity calendars in the following months.

January 1

Ellis Island Day – Many of us, here in America, had origins in other countries throughout the world and at some point, some of our relatives went through Ellis Island.

Outdoor Activity – If the weather permits, and you live nearby, today would be a perfect day to visit Ellis Island.

Indoor Activity – There are many wonderful books about Ellis Island and there are some movies about it and there are even some puzzles too. These are some great indoor activities to do today with your senior loved one.

January 2

National Science Fiction Day – There are some folks (like me) who just love science fiction! Well, today is the day to indulge!

Outdoor Activity – A trip to the movies for a SyFy film could be fun. But if you live in or near Seattle, you can visit the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.

Indoor Activity – Of course, today would be a great day to indulge in some great old time SyFy movies! Here’s a collection of 4 movies but of course there’s plenty more!

January 3

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day – Most everyone loves chocolate covered cherries! There are many different kinds these days so take a moment today to enjoy these delicious treats.

Outdoor Activity – A trip to a local bakery (if they make chocolate covered cherries) may be a fun outing – especially if you can do it with a few friends.

Indoor Activity – Of course, you can order some chocolate covered cherries but you can also make them too which can be a great activity for you and your senior loved one. Here’s a video of the recipe that I used many times!

January 4

National Spaghetti Day – Who doesn’t love some kind of pasta? Well, maybe there are a few folks but I expect the majority of people absolutely enjoy this delicious dish.

Outdoor Activity – Of course, lunch or dinner at an Italian restaurant are in the cards for today. Especially if it’s one that you have enjoyed before.

Indoor Activity – If you haven’t yet noticed, these days spaghetti is being made out of different food items. Why not give them a try today and perform a taste test? There’s spaghetti made out of chickpeas. And there’s also spaghetti made out of cauliflower. You can try spaghetti made out of edamame. Of course, there’s also gluten free spaghetti. And finally, spaghetti made out of Quinoa.

January 5

National Bird Day – If you have the luxury of having bird feeders and bird baths in your yard then you know the simple pleasure of spending time watching these beautiful creatures in your yard. Today is the day to celebrate the birds.

Outdoor Activity – Order some birdseed, pack it up and take a trip to the park (if the weather permits) or your backyard and spend some time feeding these beautiful wild birds.

Indoor Activity – You may want to consider adopting a bird as a pet today, or you can certainly spend some time enjoying Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, The Birds!

January 6

National Take Down The Christmas Tree Day – If you put up a Christmas Tree, the today is the official date to take it down!

Outdoor Activity – For real trees – look for a tree recycling program in your local area to bring your tree to.

Indoor Activity – If you haven’t yet organized your holiday ornaments and lights, consider any of these organizers so that next year, the job can be much easier.

January 7

National Bobblehead Day – This little toy began in Germany and finally became popular in the USA in the 1950s. These days, you can even create your very own custom bobblehead!

Outdoor Activity – Yes, there is a bobblehead museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! If you’re near that area, or want to take a trip – it may be a fun place to visit.

Indoor Activity – Start your own collection of bobble heads! You can focus on science, politics, sports, entertainment, etc.

January 8

National Bubble Bath Day – Many people love bubble baths – even men! So why not enjoy it and indulge when and if you can! Here’s a fun little clip you might remember about a bubble bath!

Outdoor Activity – If your senior loved one hasn’t been able to take a bath because it’s just not safe – consider getting out to a warehouse that sells walk-in-tubs.

Indoor Activity – A bubble bath can be simple, or you can make it special by adding some extra accessories like flameless candles, aromatherapy, music via an Alexa device, a cushioned headrest and of course, a bathtub caddy!

January 9

National Cassoulet Day – A traditional French casserole dish made with white beans. If you’ve never tried one – then today may be a fun day to experiment and create one for yourself.

Outdoor Activity – If you happen to live near a French restaurant, then why not give it a try today?

Indoor Activity – A night in with french food (buy it or make it) and maybe watching The French Connection movie or any other french themed movie!

January 10

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day – Many older adults live on a limited budget and cutting energy costs can help to save some of that money! Check with your local utility companies to find out how you can cut your energy costs. Check out this website for information.

Outdoor Activity – Consider how you can save on water for your lawn and other outdoor energy expenditures by contacting your plumber and utility companies.

Indoor Activity – Spend some time with family and friends and make your own checklist on how you can save energy in your home.

January 11

Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day – Back in the 1950’s, amateur radio was as popular as video games are today and Morse Code was a language that many children and adults learned. Why not have some fun and re-learn it again today?

Outdoor Activity – The inventor of the Morse Code was Samuel Morse. His home and museum in Poughkeepsie, NY may be a fun activity to do today. Otherwise, just spending some time outdoors reading a story about Morse Code (if the weather permits) could be fun.

Indoor Activity – Sit back and enjoy the movie The Hunt For Red October where Morse Code is used throughout the film.

January 12

National Hot Tea Day – With over 3000 different types of teas, there’s at least one that’s sure to tingle your taste buds. There’s even tea that tastes like coffee!

Outdoor Activity – It may be a cold day where you live so perhaps a visit to your local coffee / tea shop for a nice brew and a piece of pastry or cookie would be in order for today.

Indoor Activity – Bring back an old tradition of afternoon tea time. Usually served between 3pm and 4 pm, it’s a nice “snack” to look forward to! Check out this great book for tea time ideas.

January 13

National Sticker Day – Just a fun day and a great way to add to your sticker collection or to go ahead and begin one! It can be a good activity to include the children in your life as well.

Outdoor Activity – Get out to your local arts and crafts store and find some fun stickers that you can use to label things, in your letters to friends and family, just to collect, etc.

Indoor Activity – Or, you can order stickers online and build up a great collection! Here’s a great video on all kinds of crafts that you can make with stickers.

January 14

International Kite Day – Many of us grew up flying kites and they can be fun on a beautiful windy day. Bring back some of that childhood fun by celebrating kites.

Outdoor Activity – If the weather is good where you live, get yourself a kite and get on out and have some fun!

Indoor Activity – There are several wonderful Kite Kits that you can purchase to make your own kite! So even if you can’t get outside today to fly one, you can certainly work on making one to fly later on when the weather is better.

January 15

National Hat Day – I love hats so I love that there’s a day to celebrate them! In the 40’s and 50’s, most everyone wore a hat so it’s certainly something that can be reminisced about today.

Outdoor Activity – There aren’t any more hat stores that I know of but I know that thrift stores often have a fun variety of hats! It may be fun to visit one and take some selfies with these fun accessories.

Indoor Activity – Have some fun making your own hats with this great book on Felt Hats.

January 16

National Fig Newton DayFig Newtons have been around since 1891 and are still very much enjoyed today. I know my late husband LOVED these delicious cookies!

Outdoor Activity – If the weather permits in your area, invite friends and family for a fig newton bake-off. Ask everyone to bring either their own home made fig newton or a recipe that is made with fig newtons like this Fig Newton coffee cake. Of course, you can also hold this event indoors.

Indoor Activity – Try making your very own fig newton cookies at home! Here’s a great recipe to try out. It could be a fun activity for your senior and family.

January 17

Popeye Day – Who doesn’t remember Popeye?? First introduced in 1929, he’s been a staple of children’s stories and cartoons for decades.

Outdoor Activity – Yes, there is a Popeye museum in Chester, Illinois. So, if you are near that area it may be a fun place to visit and re-live some childhood memories.

Indoor Activity – Celebrate today with some of the original Popeye cartoons or the wonderful Popeye movie starring Robin Williams.

January 18

National Winnie The Pooh Day – Another wonderful childhood character that many of us grew up with was (and still is) Winnie the Pooh. Today is a great day to remember these stories and reminisce.

Outdoor Activity – The Winnie the Pooh museum is in East Sussex in Hartfield in England. It may be a long trip for many to visit so here’s a great video about the Pooh Corner!

Indoor Activity – There are many paint by number crafts of Winnie the Pooh and today may be a fun day to work on these.

January 19

National Tin Can Day – A day to celebrate the tin can which was first patented in 1825. Many children in the 20’s and on to the 40’s played Kick The Can and also many used cans to create their own communication device! So it may be a good way to remember yet another childhood game with your senior loved one.

Outdoor Activity – A trip to the grocery store to see what kind of food you can buy in a tin can. Try something that you’ve never tried before. Maybe something like Brown Bread, or Chicken Dumplings!

Indoor Activity – Make a meal today ONLY using food from a can! Or up-cycle your tin cans and turn them into a craft project like these planters.

January 20

Penguin Awareness Day – A great day to celebrate The Penguin! I know someone who loves these little critters and collects as many Penguin items as she can! It’s a fun activity for her and why not?

Outdoor Activity – If you’re close enough to a zoo that may have a Penguin exhibit, today may be a good day to take a trip and enjoy these fun animals.

Indoor Activity – There are several Penguin themed crafts that you can work on (just click here) and you can certainly work on these today with your senior loved one.

January 21

National Hugging Day – What a wonderful holiday to celebrate something that is so simple to do yet feels amazing to give and get! Hugs can help to reduce stress, boost heart health, reduce fears and pain and much more! Read more about the great benefits of hugs.

Outdoor Activity – Just getting out to meet friends and family today would be wonderful, as long as you can give them a really nice, long hug!

Indoor Activity – Whomever you are living with, make sure to give them lots of good long hugs today. But if you’re alone, consider inviting some folks over for a snack or a meal and don’t forget to give them hugs!

January 22

National Blondie Brownie Day – If you’re a brownie lover then you’ve probably eaten blondies! And you may even have your own family recipe for them. Well, today is the day to indulge in these delicious treats.

Outdoor Activity – Call around to some local pastry shops or coffee shops to find out if they have blondies today. Then get out there and spend some time enjoying people watching, sipping on some tea or coffee and of course, eating their blondies.

Indoor Activity – Get your family recipe or find a recipe that you’d like to try and spend some time with family and/or friends making these great treats.

January 23

National Pie Day – Ahh, another pastry dessert day! Pies are a favorite of many and why not? There are all kinds of pies to enjoy. Savory pies, sweet pies, fruit pies, etc.

Outdoor Activity – Grab a book about the History of Pies – then go to your local coffee shop or diner and enjoy a piece of pie and a warm drink!

Indoor Activity – Many people make pies but skip making the homemade crust. Why not try making a pie today from scratch, including the crust! Here’s a video showing you how!

January 24

Global Belly Laugh Day – Today is dedicated to laughter. There are many benefits of laughing and since it’s absolutely free, it’s something we should all indulge in – every single day!

Outdoor Activity – Go watch a comedy movie or maybe visit a comedy club today. Or, gather some friends / family and ask everyone to bring with them some jokes or stories to laugh about.

Indoor Activity – There are many ways that you can laugh today. Put on your favorite comedy show (Mine is Who’s The Boss and The Good Cop). Or get yourself some DVD’s of some great classic comedies!

January 25

Observe The Weather Day – I’m not sure why, but it seems that older adults love to watch the weather channel. At least, the older folks that I know do! So, if this is something that you enjoy, then today is the day to geek out to your hobby.

Outdoor Activity – Spend some time outdoors today (if the weather permits) and simply try to enjoy the weather. If it’s cold, bundle up! If it’s windy then observe the clouds as they move by. If it’s warm and sunny then put on some sun block and enjoy the warm weather.

Indoor Activity – If you are into knitting or crocheting, you may want to work on a Temperature Blanket. Or you can spend the day today watching the great movie called Twister!

January 26

National Green Juice Day – The idea today is to drink green juice for your health. Traditional green juice is made from green vegetables. There are many different recipes to choose from if you want to start reaping the health benefits of this beverage.

Outdoor Activity – If there’s a juice bar or Whole Foods grocery store in your area -then today may be a good day to pay them a visit and enjoy a glass of their green juice.

Indoor Activity – You don’t necessarily need a juicer to make your own green juice – here’s a video on how to make them in a blender. But, if you prefer, you can certainly purchase green juice!

January 27

National Chocolate Cake Day – Oh, it would be hard to find anyone who does not love chocolate cake, right? It’s such a delicious treat and there are so many different varieties!

Outdoor Activity – Is there a restaurant or diner or pastry shop nearby that makes a delicious chocolate cake? If so, then give them a visit today.

Indoor Activity – If you have a family recipe for chocolate cake then today is the day to make it. You may even want to add your own twist to it. Or, you can try this great recipe from The Stay At Home Chef.

January 28

National Lego Day – Legos can be a great activity for many seniors with dementia, depending on the stage of dementia they are in. These days, Lego is much more than just the plastic building blocks we grew up with!

Outdoor Activity – There are multiple Legoland parks and centers across the country so if you happen to be near any one of them, it may be a fun activity to visit one of them.

Indoor Activity – Check out the numerous Lego kits that you can purchase and work on with your loved one. Spending time with each other working on a project like this can create some wonderful memories.

January 29

National Puzzle Day – Puzzles can be a very stimulating activity for anyone, including seniors with dementia. As long as the puzzle is not overwhelming! There are traditional flat puzzles like these, there are 3D puzzles like these and of course there are more simple puzzles for seniors with advanced dementia.

Outdoor Activity – If the weather permits, it may be fun to get outdoors to a park and work on a puzzle with your loved one. Of course, there are also many puzzle museums throughout the world that you can visit today.

Indoor Activity – There are many wonderful puzzle accessories that you purchase to make this hobby more enjoyable! So make some space in your home to work on this great past time.

January 30

National Croissant Day – These delicious baked goods are tasty by themselves or when used as a sandwich. Enjoy one or two of these today to celebrate this Austrian invention.

Outdoor Activity – Hopefully there’s a restaurant, diner or coffee shop nearby that can offer you croissants along with a hot drink today!

Indoor Activity – If you have never made a croissant, then today may be a good day to experiment and try. Here’s a video on how to make them. Or, you can order some and enjoy this wonderful movie It’s Complicated.

January 31

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – A wonderful day to celebrate art, whatever type of art you enjoy!

Outdoor Activity – A visit to a museum, an art gallery, a ceramic shop, anywhere that you can spend some time to enjoy art, in whatever form.

Indoor Activity – There are all kinds of art kits that you can enjoy with your senior loved one. From paint by number to scrapbooking and more.

I do hope that you have fun with these ideas and that they help to make your days with your loved ones more enjoyable.

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