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April Activity Calendar For Seniors With Dementia

If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to keep your loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease engaged, this monthly activity calendar is just what the doctor ordered!

From painting sets or playing cards in different rooms throughout their house- there are so many options that they will never get bored.

April is the month of new beginnings and fresh starts. It is a time to set your intentions and goals for the year and start working towards them. So use these monthly calendars for activities to help you care for your senior loved ones.

April 1

National One Cent Day – Today is meant not only to celebrate the penny, but to celebrate and more importantly, remember history. After all, if we don’t remember it, we are doomed to repeat it.

Outdoor Activity – Collect the pennies in your home as well as others if they will let you and bring them all to the bank to exchange them for dollars. Then take those dollars to a local charity.

Indoor Activity – A bit of a puzzle type of craft! Create a picture of Abraham Lincoln with pennies!

April 2

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day – Most of us (Americans at least) grew up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. First introduced in the late 1800’s, it has been a staple of the American diet ever since.

Outdoor Activity – It’s hopefully a fine day for lunch outdoors so why not pack your favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or snacks and spend some time outdoors enjoying the scenery and fresh air.

Indoor Activity – Why not try using this great combo on something new? Here’s a great recipe for Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie cups!

April 3

World Party Day – Today is all about enjoying the company of others and hosting a party for all your loved ones! It’s about family, friendship and fun.

Outdoor Activity – Host a barbecue in your backyard, invite your loved ones, play some games and be grateful for the love of friends and family.

Indoor Activity – Or, host a party indoors! Give it a theme, any theme you like! Have a contest, collect money for charity, make it an all chocolate party, etc.

April 4

Vitamin C Day – One of the classic and still very good vitamins for a strong and healthy body! Officially discovered in 1932, it helped to prevent scurvy. Now we know it’s vital for so much more. Today is the day to celebrate this super vitamin.

Outdoor Activity – Start a garden to grow foods that provide this great vitamin. Tomatoes, oranges, lemons, peppers.

Indoor Activity – Make it a day where every meal has something that provides your body with vitamin C. Here’s a list of recipes you can try.

April 5

National Deep Dish Pizza Day – If you’re from the midwest area of the USA you may have grown up with deep dish pizza! Well, today is the day to enjoy this delicious treat.

Outdoor Activity – Get out to your favorite pizza joint and celebrate this day with them. Or, if you’re near the Chicago area, a day trip there may be fun.

Indoor Activity – You can also buy your own or get a deep dish pan to make your very own deep dish pizza at home.

April 6

Hostess Twinkie Day – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a Hostess Twinkie! So delighted to have a day to celebrate these great little treats.

Outdoor Activity – So today is all about celebrating this commercial pastry. Why not celebrate it with friends? Here are some great party ideas.

Indoor ActivityHere’s a fun little Twinkie craft that you and your senior loved one can make together!

April 7

National Handmade Day – Many of us have at least one handmade product from our grandparents or great grandparents. Back then, there was much more opportunity to work on handmade products than today. It’s nice to celebrate those amazing skills.

Outdoor Activity – Get out to a craft store to find some items that you can work on to make together with a senior loved one. Make sure to select crafts that are not too frustrating for a senior with dementia.

Indoor Activity – There are some wonderful crafts that you can purchase that work very well for seniors with dementia – take some time today to work on these together.

April 8

Draw A Bird Day – You may have never heard of this holiday but it first started back in 1943! It’s literally meant to celebrate drawing a picture or painting of a bird! Here’s the story.

Outdoor Activity – Get a drawing pad, your hat and your sunscreen and comfortable chair and get outside and spend some time watching the birds and your attempt at drawing them!

Indoor Activity – Head on over to Youtube and check out the many videos they have on how to draw a bird. It can be very simple, or a bit more detailed. Look at several of them and get some ideas on how to draw your very own version of a bird!

April 9

National Cherish An Antique Day – Many of our grandparents have at least one item that can be considered an antique. Of course, to them, it’s a sentimental item from their own parents or grandparents! Well, today is a great day to talk about the stories behind that particular item.

Outdoor Activity – There are antique stores most everywhere. Why not spend some time today with your senior loved one at an antique store? They may surprise you about some of the memories they have when they recognize an object that they may have grown up with.

Indoor Activity – Write down the stories surrounding any of the antique items that your senior loved one has collected. Take photos of them and create a scrapbook about them.

April 10

National Farm Animals Day – Many of us just shop at the grocery store and don’t think about the animals that are providing us with the food that we eat. We also don’t think about the conditions that they have to endure (which are often quite terrible). Today is the day to bring awareness to that situation.

Outdoor Activity – If you are lucky enough to live near a farm or farm animal sanctuary I encourage you to visit today. Learn about these beautiful animals.

Indoor Activity – There are some cute farm animal crafts that you can see here. Most are for children but if your senior loved on is in the later stages of dementia, they may be suitable.

April 11

National Clean Up Your Pantry Day – I love this idea – a day dedicated to cleaning out your pantry and finally throwing away that box of oatmeal that’s been there for 8 years!

Outdoor Activity – There are places that you can go to purchase items to help organize your pantry. Walmart, The Container Store, Dollar Store, etc.

Indoor Activity – Or, you can certainly purchase some organizing products online here and of course, turn on some music and begin cleaning out that pantry!

April 12

National Licorice Day – I love licorice, especially black licorice. If you do too, then today is the day to enjoy this delicious treat. For aficionados of this candy – take a look at for some wonderful ways to enjoy licorice.

Outdoor Activity – If you’re near Lincoln, Nebraska you can visit Licorice International. Otherwise, I would recommend a visit to a local candy shop for some unusual licorice candy. Or, if you live near a Fresh Market – they have a good selection of licorice.

Indoor Activity – There are some fun and creative ways that you can use Licorice for crafts so you may want to take a look at them here for some ideas!

April 13

Scrabble Day – Scrabble started in 1938 and it’s a great game, especially if you love words! Today would be an awesome day to spend some time playing the game, with or without the standard rules.

Outdoor Activity – Grab this Scrabble board that is good to use outdoors and spend some time out in the park or backyard enjoying this wonderful game. When playing with someone with dementia I would recommend to let go of the rules and simply play the game any way that your senior loved one can play.

Indoor Activity – Call some friends or family members and enjoy a friendly game of Scrabble! Or, buy bags of scrabble letters and use them to make some wonderful craft ideas!

April 14

National Gardening Day – Ahh, Spring is here and it’s time to get out into our gardens and do our best to get plants to grow!! Or, if you’re like me, plant some silk flowers in some pots outdoors for color with no hassle!

Outdoor Activity – Gardening is a great way to not only get some exercise but for cognitive stimulation as well. But make it a safe activity. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Indoor Activity – If you can’t get outdoors, then consider some indoor gardening ideas like these.

April 15

Purple Up! Day – Today is the day to wear purple in order to support and say thank you to all the military kids who sacrifice so much simply by having a parent or family member serve in the military.

Outdoor Activity – If you know of any military kids, then today would be a great day to bring them some cookies or a gift or just pop in for a visit.

Indoor Activity – Buy a Purple Up T-shirt or make your own and give them as gifts to military families or organizations that support them.

April 16

National Orchid Day – There is a great art to growing orchids so if you love to grow them or just admire them, today is the day to enjoy them.

Outdoor Activity – A visit to a botanical garden would be a wonderful outing for the day.

Indoor Activity – If you enjoy crafts, you can certainly create some with these beautiful orchid designs.

April 17

Ellis Island Family History Day – My own family didn’t come to the USA until 1962 so we missed the entire migration through Ellis Island but many families in America can trace their ancestors to this migration.

Outdoor Activity – If you happen to live near New York, today may be a wonderful day to make a visit to Ellis Island or even the Tenement Museum in NYC. But if you do not, consider visiting any history museum near your location.

Indoor Activity – Spend some time at website to explore the amazing history of this location.

April 18

Nabisco Animal Cracker Day – These wonderful little crackers are really more like a cookie (at least to me they are) and children certainly love them!

Outdoor Activity – So today is a great day to celebrate these treats but also to be grateful for any wonderful childhood memories you may have. So get out to buy these treats and then spend some time in the park reminiscing about how your senior loved one played as a child.

Indoor Activity – There are some wonderful dishes that you can make with animal crackers – just take a look at these. Spending time with a senior loved one creating something is almost always a great way to create a wonderful memory.

April 19

National Hanging Out Day – You may think today is just about relaxing but it’s not! Today is meant to celebrate the clothesline and to encourage people to use a clothesline instead of their dryer. The Project Laundry List works to get individuals and communities to be more ecologically and economically responsible by using cold water to wash clothes and hang drying clothing instead of using a dryer.

Outdoor Activity – If you haven’t hung out your clothing in a long time, today may be a great day to try it.

Indoor Activity – There are some fun things that you can make with clothespins. You can buy them at your grocery store, the dollar store and even online. Here are some ideas on clothespins crafts that can inspire you!

April 20

National Cheddar Fries Day – Okay, I admit it, I have never eaten a cheddar fry! But if they are something that you love, then why not indulge and enjoy them today.

Outdoor Activity – Restaurants like Wayback Burgers and Checkers serve cheddar fries so take some time today to get out and enjoy these treats.

Indoor Activity – If you want to try to make your very own, then why not try this prize winning recipe of Cheese Fries!

April 21

National Tea Day – I love tea, all kinds of tea. If you and your senior loved one can experiment with a new different tea today, you may just find a new favorite! A good idea would be to try a different kind every month! (Read about the benefits of tea for seniors.)

Outdoor Activity – There are many tea museums around the world that you can explore. And of course, visiting your local tea and/or coffee shop (yes, coffee shops serve tea too) could also be a fun event for today.

Indoor Activity – A tea party complete with finger sandwiches or scones could be a fun way to spend an afternoon. You may even want to incorporate the British “tea time” at 4 pm every afternoon into your daily routine.

April 22

National Baseball Day – If you love Baseball, then today is your day to celebrate this great game!

Outdoor Activity – There are many baseball teams to go and watch. Little league, high school, professional, semi-professional, etc. Getting out for the day onto the bleachers could be a great way to spend some time outdoors. Remember to wear your hat and sunscreen and bring some water with you! Here are some more summer safety tips.

Indoor Activity – I love the Wii Baseball games! They are easy to do, fun to play and a great way to get in some exercise!

April 23

Movie Theater Day – Movies have always been a great way to escape into a story and if your senior loved one can tolerate spending time in a movie theater, I would encourage you to do so today. If not, you can try to plan a movie day at home.

Outdoor Activity – Getting out to any movie theater may be a great distraction for the day. Even if your senior loved one cannot attend. I encourage caregivers to get someone to sit with their senior loved one and get some much needed time away at the movies.

Indoor Activity – You can plan to have a day of movie binging if that will work for your senior with dementia. Choose your genre, love stories, crime stories, thrillers, etc. Or maybe a favorite actor or actress and spend the day watching them!

April 24

National Pigs In A Blanket Day – I haven’t seen Pigs in a Blanket in a very long time, so not sure if they are still being served but if they are, and you like them, then today is the day to make some!

Outdoor Activity – There are actually quite a few restaurants (mostly smaller chains or privately owned) that serve this treat. So, I would get on the phone and start asking which ones do serve it and give them a visit. OR – you can always get to the grocery store and purchase some ready made frozen ones to make at home.

Indoor Activity – There are a variety of ways to make pigs in a blanket, as you can see by clicking here. So gather your ingredients and have some fun making this delicious treat for the day.

April 25

World Penguin Day – I have a friend who loves to collect Penguin themed items. Her house is filled with all kinds of decor dedicated to the Penguin! It’s a fun hobby for her.

Outdoor Activity – Get out to the zoo or local aquarium to enjoy these beautiful and very interesting creatures.

Indoor Activity – A funny movie about these birds is Mr. Poppers Penguins! Get it or order it online and enjoy the day with a few laughs.

April 26

Audubon Day – Following the theme of birds this month, today is National Audubon Day. It’s meant to honor the birth of John James Audubon who was born in 1785. There are currently about 45 million bird watchers around the world and it’s a hobby that can take you to places you never thought to visit! Even if you just have some binoculars in the backyard, bird watching can be a great hobby for many seniors.

Outdoor Activity – Get yourself some great binoculars like these and get out to your backyard, your local park or beach and begin your bird watching adventures!

Indoor Activity – But if you can’t get outdoors, there are MANY bird watching videos on Youtube that you can watch. If you have a smartTV and use Roku or Amazon’s Firestick then you can watch Youtube right on your television!

April 27

Babe Ruth Day – A baseball legend, Babe Ruth! He became a full time baseball player in 1919 and helped his team, the Yankees win 7 pennants and 4 World Series titles! He became the first baseball player to hit 60 home runs in one season and that was in 1927.

Outdoor Activity – If you happen to live near Baltimore, Maryland you can certainly visit the Babe Ruth museum there. If not, spending any time at any baseball game or museum would be a great way to honor this amazing baseball player.

Indoor Activity – The movie The Babe with John Goodman is a great movie to watch about Babe Ruth. But if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime you can watch The Babe Ruth Story and more.

April 28

National Superhero Day – Everybody needs a superhero to look up to! It could be your doctor, it could be your spouse, it could even be your childhood comic superhero! Whoever it is, keep them close to your heart!

Outdoor Activity – Take some time today to thank and / or spend time with your very own personal superhero! They deserve to know how important they are in your life.

Indoor Activity – Today was created by Marvel Comics back in 1995. So why not celebrate the day with some Marvels comic books. After all, they’re not just for children!

April 29

Arbor Day (aka Day of Trees) – I admit it, I love trees and because of that I love forests and parks much more than beaches and other terrains. So, if you are a tree lover, then today is the day to sit back and marvel at these beautiful creations.

Outdoor Activity – Get out to a park or wherever you may have lots of trees. Enjoy the sound of the wind that rushes through them. The birds and squirrels that are on them and the general peaceful mindset that you can get when you are around them.

Indoor Activity – If you don’t have an indoor tree /plant then I encourage you to get a few. Having to care for a plant is a good activity for many seniors. Any purposeful and functional activity is always a good way to keep active in later years.

April 30

Bugs Bunny Day – So, who doesn’t love Bugs Bunny? The sarcastic and mischievous cartoon rabbit that many of us grew up with. This character was created in 1940 and according to Mel Blanc, the original voice of Bugs Bunny, he’s from Brooklyn, NY and has a Flatbush accent.

Outdoor Activity – Invite some friends and family over for a Bugs Bunny marathon! Collect several DVD’s (buy them or borrow from friends) and spend the day enjoying this great and zany character.

Indoor Activity – While watching Bugs Bunny, why not create a menu of carrots! There are many different ways that you can serve this great healthy and low calorie treat! Here are some recipes for you to try.

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