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75th Birthday Gift Ideas (35 Gifts For Him And Her)

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There’s no doubt that reaching a 75th birthday is a special occasion that calls for the best gifts you can give. After all, 75 years is a long time to be alive.

But searching for the perfect 75th birthday gift can be overwhelming! With so many things to choose from, family members and friends want to find a perfect gift that will help make this milestone event memorable.

We’ve got a list of a great list of ideas to help you. We know that this is one of those years where it’s hard to find the right gift and we want to make things easier for you!

Here are some of the best 75th birthday gift ideas that you can give to that special someone who is celebrating such a special day.

What Is The Traditional 75th Birthday Gift?

One of the best ways to say happy birthday and celebrate senior citizens on their 75th is with traditional gifts.

Traditionally, birthday gifts given for a 75th include anything that has to do with the year that they were born. This could be a copy of a newspaper from that year, a magazine from that year, photos, etc.

What Is The Symbol For The 75th Birthday?

The symbol for a 75th birthday is often a diamond. Diamonds are the traditional gift for this milestone and signify strength, durability, and eternity.

The number of diamonds used in an item of jewelry or decorative piece can vary from one to several, depending on personal preference and budget. In addition to jewelry, other items such as clocks, figurines, and frames can also be embellished with diamonds.

The diamond is also a reflection of the person’s life – encompassing all their accomplishments, love, and joy over the last 75 years. It symbolizes the many triumphs they have experienced along with the remaining hope for many more that are yet to come.

The diamond is an ideal symbol to remember and honor this momentous occasion for years to come. A beautiful diamond gift will mark a lifetime of achievements and serve as a reminder that life can be celebrated in all its stages.

Great 75th Birthday Gift Ideas

Here’s our list of 35 gifts that you can gift to your 75-year-old loved one. We’ve given these gifts to our friends and family and they just loved them!

New York Times Birthday Newspaper

The New York Times birthday newspapers

One of the best ways to celebrate a birthday is to give a copy of the newspaper from the date your senior loved one was born!! The New York Times Birthday Newspaper is a unique and thoughtful gift. It comes with the full newspaper from the date that you were born.

Magazines From Their Month and Birth Year

Another idea is vintage magazines from the month/year that they were born. Find out what your favorite magazine covers looked like in the year you were born. This is a great way to go down memory lane and reminisce about magazines of years past.

Fun Walker Accessory

If your 75-year-old uses a walker, this sweet little bird can be a fun accessory for him or her. It’s animatronic which means it chirps when it detects motion from the walker.

Candy From Their Childhood

Nothing brings you back to the good times of childhood like the candy that you used to look forward to. Here’s a great gift idea! A box full of candies from their era. What was their favorite childhood candy? Did they forget about it until now? Well go ahead and jog their memory with this wonderful gift of candies.

A Blast From The Past

I remember when I used to forward to the Sears Christmas Book!! It was packed with so many great products! I could spend hours going through it! This is a fun gift to give to the birthday person and reminisce. It’s a great idea and a good way to go remember the gold old days.

A Little Trivia

Test your trivia knowledge with this crossword puzzle book all about the 1940s!! It’s a great way to get a conversation going about past memories, how things were, and what their childhood was like. It could be a fun activity to do with others at a 75th birthday party!

What Do You Buy A 75-Year-Old Woman?

Many older women have just about everything they need. So buying them something can be very difficult. But we do have some great ideas for you!

Whether it’s your mom’s 75th birthday or your best friend, we’re sure that you’ll find some great gift ideas here.

A Funny Book

Say happy 75th birthday by giving her a gift of laughter! It’s always a good gift and this book should really give her a giggle! The best part is that this book is something that can bring a smile to her over and over again!

Movies With Her Heartthrob

Girls back then (just like now) fall in love with an actor and/or a singer and that love will stay with them forever! Why not gift her a set of popular movies from back then or CD’s of her favorite crush?

Something To Snuggle In

Nothing beats a wonderful afternoon or evening snuggled under a warm blanket watching your favorite movie or reading a great book! It’s a beautiful gift that she will love.

Beautiful Nightlight

I gifted this to my beautiful mom-in-law and she just loves it. It’s a great way to showcase a nightlight and makes a lovely accent anywhere you place it. This may be a better way to shed some light during the night.

Personalized Crystal Photo

A very unique and beautiful way to showcase a favorite photo for her. It’s a custom gift that only she will have! Or you can also look at this 75th birthday necklace!

Sterling Silver Necklace

For the senior lady who’s turning 75 and loves jewelry, this beautiful sterling silver necklace may be just what she would fall in love with. There are many other sterling silver jewelry pieces you can choose from as well – just click here.

Bed Jackets

I love my bed jacket. It’s so nice to slip it on, sit up in bed, and read a book. It feels like a little bit of luxury and I’m sure your senior gal will love it too.

Non-Slip Slippers

It’s important to be as safe as possible to prevent falling as you get older and non-slip footwear is one of the ways that you can do that. These are super comfy and easy to put on and take off.

For The Crafty Gal

Some women love arts and crafts, and why not? It’s a great way to spend some time, it helps you to be creative and you can end up making some wonderful products.

Photo Puzzles

Customized photo puzzles are a great way to have some fun and showcase family photos! Don’t forget the puzzle glue so that you can hang it up when you’re done!

Useful Gardener Gift Set

For seniors who love gardening – why not gift them this beautiful and very useful set of tools for the gardener. It can be an amazing gift for her.

Flower Night Light

This beautiful glass dome covers artificial flowers that light up (battery-powered). It’s a beautiful nightlight that can add beauty to any room.

Photo Album

Many older people have lots and lots and lots of photos stuffed in boxes or bags. These photos represent many years of life and they should be protected. Why not help them get these out and placed in some nice photo books?

Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are the high tech way of having photos on your tabletop. Family and friends can email their photos directly from their phones and computers to this frame making an ever changing array of new photos to look at and enjoy.

What Do You Buy A 75 Year Old Man?

Older men still enjoy activities, hobbies, and of course, spending time with their family and friends. Here’s a list of some great gifts for your birthday boy.

Fun Backyard Games

Cornhole is just one of those great backyard games that people of all ages can participate in and enjoy. For older men, it can help to get some fresh air, work on improving their balance and spend some time with friends and family.

Funny T-Shirt

If your 75-year-old appreciates a little fun, then this t-shirt can be a great gift for him! It’s a great way to declare who he is, proudly!

Record Player

Vinyl records are not just for old people anymore but many seniors still hold on to their collection so why not gift him this wonderful new record player that may remind him of the one he grew up with.

After Dinner Drink and Cigar

For the men who love an after dinner drink and a cigar, this set of glasses may just fit the bill.

Slim Wallet

A new wallet that’s slimmer and easier to carry in their back pockets.

Password Organizer

Who can remember all the passwords we need to access our accounts these days? With this handy 6″ x 9″ large print organizer, he’ll stay on top of it.

Labeled with A – Z tabs for easy access, this book has plenty of room to write down all the info needed. There are 10 pages for each letter of the alphabet, plus extra pages in case he needs more of a certain letter.

Each page gives him room to record the website name, username, and password, 3 security questions and answers, plus allows him to add future update info.

There are several cover choices available, as well as a Spanish version.

Comfy Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

These comfy slip-resistant slippers can help the older man in your life to work around the house or just relax in just a little bit of luxury.

Eyeglass Lanyards

Is he forever losing his glasses or sunglasses? Why not gift him some lanyards that he can hook onto his glasses and hopefully they won’t get lost as often!

Golf Trunk Organizer

Does your senior guy love golf? Maybe this great organizer can help him to keep all those golf accessories and tools organized in his car!

Tool Belt

For handymen, why not gift him a toolbelt (or a new one) to help him do his work around the house a bit easier.

For Men Who Love To Grill

For the guys who love to put a steak on the grill why not gift him this beautiful ultimate grilling set!

For Beer Lovers

The beer lovers on your list will love this Growler!

Beer Board Game

A fun game for a group of men who love their beer.

Have A Little Fun With This Baseball Cap

Your guy celebrating his 75th may just love this baseball cap declaring his confidence and good looks! It’s a great birthday gift that he can proudly wear!

Lift Chair

A lift chair can be such a wonderful gift for someone who has trouble getting up from a seated position.

With these gift ideas, you’re sure to find something perfect for your loved one’s 75th birthday. We hope that this list is helpful and we wish the best of luck in finding a great present!

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