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Resources For Home Modifications

If you are a “handyman” type and can do projects around your home (or your parents’ home) then I have to say that is GREAT! These days, there are so many Youtube videos and even some radio shows on home improvement that even if you’re a weekend warrior type of handyman, you’ll still be able to do many projects around your home.

But certainly, not everyone has those skills or the capabilities to do DIY projects.

Below is a list of resources in the United States to help you with home modifications to make your home, or your elderly loved one’s home safer.

Also know that some cities occasionally provide grants to individual home owners for certain home modifications. Grants like the ones given out by the Home Repair Resource Center in Cleveland. In April 2019 they began distributing grant money to elderly homeowners homeowners living in the Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood. The money was to be spent to repair their homes.

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