10 Best Limited Mobility Vacation Ideas For Seniors

By Seniorsafetyadvice.com

Older adults with mobility challenges may find the idea of a vacation daunting. The good news is that accessible travel is perfectly doable - with the right planning. 

I took several cruises with my elderly in-laws. In my personal experience, the ships are very accommodating for seniors who use canes, walkers, and wheelchairs.

#1 Cruises

Limited mobility vacations can include beaches! Many have places to rent beach wheelchairs for easier access.

#2: Beaches

#3: National Parks

Lots of national parks are driveable and wheelchair accessible, so you can enjoy all the natural beauty that these parks have to offer.

#4: Tour By Bus

Many bus tours are accessible for seniors with limited mobility. They combine both entertainment and history all in one organized trip!

#5: Ride The Rails

Trains are another great way to sightsee in places you might not otherwise be able to visit. Try one in Alaska or Canada or the backroads in Colorado. 

#6: Rent A House

This is a great way to get away to someplace new if you prefer to spend your vacation time in your own space instead of a hotel.

#7: Activity Themed Trips

Try out culinary classes in a new city, play adaptive golf, take a fishing tour, or even try golf cart tours or wheelchair accessible tours!

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#8: Theater Themed Trips

Is the theater your thing? Head to Broadway in New York City, or Branson, MO, or Las Vegas and see a show! Check out the other local sights while you're in town.

#9: All Inclusive Resorts

Basically like a "cruise" on land, all inclusive resorts are where you travel to one place and then relax. Do as much as you like or nothing at  all! They're great for a family reunion vacation, too. 

#10: Visit Botanical Gardens

Most big cities have botanical gardens, with smooth paths and elevators to different levels. Some also have accessible areas for sight-challenged visitors, such as the botanical gardens in Montreal, Canada.

Vacations for seniors with limited mobility may take a little more planning, but they can be just as memorable as you want to make them! Visit our website for more limited mobility vacation ideas, plus tips for seniors and caregivers about aging in place safely.