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What To Give Caregivers For Christmas 2023

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list of some of the best Christmas gift ideas for caregivers

The best types of Christmas gifts for caregivers are traditionally something that takes them away from the stress of their career, like a spa day or a nice meal out. For Christmas in 2023, we’re focusing on caregiver gifts that will give caregivers some respite and relaxation.

Whether your caregiver is someone you hired, or a relative or a friend, you can thank them for all the work and sacrifices they go through to be a caregiver for yourself or a senior loved one.

They will love one or more of the wonderful gift ideas we have listed below.

25 Best Holiday Gifts For Caregivers

We’ve assembled a list of 25 of the best holiday gifts for your caregiver. Any one of them would made a wonderful present for the person who helps you so much throughout the year!

The Gift Of Time Away

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Every caregiver needs a break and I would recommend regular breaks (for example: every Tuesday and Friday from 2pm to 5pm). This can certainly help them to recoup their physical and mental strength to continue the very difficult task of caregiving.

You can print out and make your own book of coupons with these free printables or you can purchase any of these coupon books.

A Heating Pad For Sore Shoulders And Neck

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Caregiving is hard work and physically demanding. This 2-pound heating pad is designed specifically to conform to the neck and can start providing relief from pain and tension within 30 seconds!

It features 6 heat settings and for timer levels, so your caregiver can adjust it to their liking. It’s machine washable and also has an auto-shut off for safety.

Inspirational Insulated Tumbler

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This beautiful 12 oz capacity insulated tumbler comes in five different colors and is a daily reminder of how wonderful caregivers are. The saying is, “Sometimes You Forget That You’re Awesome So This Is Your Reminder.” This gift also includes a key chain engraved with the same sentiment.

The tumbler is made of unbreakable stainless steel. It is BPA-free and can keep drinks warm or cold. (Hand wash only, not for microwave use.)

A Blankiegram

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Along the same lines as the insulated tumbler, a Blankiegram “blankie” will give your favorite caregiver the warm fuzzies all year long. It comes in three colors and has various sayings on it, such as “You Are…Awesome”, “Adored”, “Spectacular”, and many more.

Made of super-soft and cozy fleece, each Blankie is machine washable.

To make you feel even better about giving this gift, Blankiegram gives back by donating blankets to those in need.

Morse Code Bracelet

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This eco-friendly bracelet says what’s in your heart – but in Morse code! The bracelet looks like a slim beaded accessory, but it has a secret, coded message hidden among the beads. Each time your caregiver looks at it, they will be reminded of how much they mean to you.

Suitable for men or women, the bracelet is made of durable materials and is hypoallergenic and waterproof. It easily adjusts from 5″ to 8″.

Choose from two caregiver-related sayings:

Comfort Shoe Insoles

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Caregivers are on their feet most of the day. Why not treat them to a soothing pair of insoles to make them more comfortable?

These triple density insoles provide arch support, cushioning and shock absorption. They are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.


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Journaling is one tool that caregivers can use to help themselves to deal with the stress and frustrations that come with caregiving a senior loved one. This wonderful paperback journal has 100 pages that can be filled with thoughts and reflections on this time in their lives. I would recommend to buy 4 of them so that they will have a journal to write in for the entire year.

Yoga Kit

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Another wonderful Christmas gift for caregivers that need a little de-stressing is a Yoga Kit! Couple it with a Yoga DVD or you can recommend any of the very many Yoga videos on Youtube that they can use and follow.

Yoga is a wonderful way to not only get physically fit but to spend some time on yourself!

Spa At Home

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If your caregiver can’t get out to a spa for some reason, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make your own spa day at home. has some wonderful Spa Gift Baskets that can help to turn any quiet bath time into a relaxing spa moment.

Shower Steamers

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These BodyRestore shower steamers come in the calming scent of eucalyptus that will help your caregiver relax and unwind after a long day of caring for others.

Infused with essential oils, this gift comes with 15 shower melts. Your caregiver places one on the floor of the shower, then steps into the wonderfully scented steam to relax and wash away the troubles of the day.

Vegan, paraben free, and long-lasting!

A Little Take Out

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It’s always nice now and then to get out for a little meal and anyplace these days that can provide a drive through is perfect! A wonderful Christmas gift idea are gift cards for their favorite (or a few of their favorite) places to go grab a bite to eat. Click here to see all the great fast food gift cards that you can order online.

Delicious Tea Sampler

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What better way to relax than with a warm cup of tea? These delicious teas are fresh from the tea plant. They are harvested, and then vacuum sealed and packed within 24 to 72 hours so the tea is a flavorful as possible.

This gift tea set comes with 40 individually wrapped tea bags in 8 different flavors and blends including darjeeling, earl grey, turmeric spiced, green tea, oolong and chamomile.

Some Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy candles likes the ones above make for wonderful Christmas gifts for caregivers. Relaxing at the end of a long and arduous day with a scented candle can help to de-stress the body and the mind.

For The Pet Lovers

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For those caregivers who love their faithful pet companions – it’s always fun to give a Christmas gift that they can use to care for and/or entertain their furry friend.

A Beautiful Ornament

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A beautiful ornament that your caregiver can hang on the rear view mirror of their car, on their Christmas tree, or in a window, this lovely charm tells them that you appreciate how much they have blessed your life.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

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For those caregivers who have a hard time using Bluetooth devices in their ears, now they can get music via Bluetooth through this warm beanie hat!

The 5.0 Bluetooth provides a fast and stable connection with a max 33 feet transmission distance. It features a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery and gets up to 10 hours playing time when fully charged.

The beanie comes in black and is made of 100% acrylic in a double knit. It is fully washable by hand or machine wash (before you wash it, you have to remove the speaker and the cord that connects them in side the lining of the beanie, but it is very easy to remove & put back in!).

New Smartphone

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These days a smartphone is a lifeline, a calendar, a computer and oh yeah – a phone! If your caregiver’s phone is on the fritz or is simply old and unable to do some of the wonderful things it can do to make life easier and safer – then gifting a new smartphone is a wonderful Christmas present!

Food Bouquets

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Real flowers are lovely, but sometimes it’s nice to get something that’s both beautiful AND a delicious treat. With a fruit bouquet, your caregiver can indulge in guilt-free snacking! A gift of a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements (click the button below) or Fruit Bouquets By 1800Flowers would make a wonderful thank you and Christmas gift for your caregiver.

For Christmas gifts for older women – click here.

Some Daily Inspiration

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All caregivers can use some daily inspiration! This great flip calendar is filled with quotes that can help encourage and inspire those who care for others.

Hulu Entertainment

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A subscription to a streaming service such as Hulu is another great idea to help a caregiver get some well deserved “time away” from their daily chores. This is especially helpful for those caregivers who can’t physically leave their senior loved ones and just need a little mental escape from the stress and strain of their duties.

A Cleaner Home

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While your caregiver is helping you or a loved one with daily activities, they could be effortlessly cleaning their own home with the Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum. Imagine how relieved they will be when they come home to clean floors, free of debris and pet hair!

They can schedule cleaning times with the Roomba phone app or their own voice assistant app (such as Alexa).

The Roomba’s advanced sensors will allow it to get into corners and edges, and stop if from falling down stairs. What a great way to help the person who is helping you!

Shiatsu Heated Massager

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This heated massager has 8 kneading settings to provide gentle, soothing relaxation to tired neck, shoulder, and back muscles. After a long day of helping you, your caregiver will feel their tension melt away with this gift.

This shiatsu massager has 3 speeds, direction control, and optional heat. It features an automatic 15-minute cut off timer, plus a home power adapter and a car charger. Your caregiver can take it everywhere!

Burt’s Bees Gift Set

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This Burt’s Bees gift set comes with skin care products that will pamper your caregiver. It includes Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Hand Salve, Original Beeswax Lip Balm, Res-Q Ointment, Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream and Coconut Foot Cream.

These gentle, moisturizing products soothe chapped skin, making this a perfect gift for those dry, cold winter months

Another idea is to give your favorite caregiver some books that can help them do their job and care for themselves better. Click here for a list of the best books for caregivers!

Wrap It Up!

Any of these Christmas gifts for caregivers are a wonderful way to let him/her/them know how appreciated and loved they are.

See all our Christmas Gift Guides here.

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