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What Is A Senior Home Safety Specialist?

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A Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist is someone who has gone through a course training them in issues related to…

  • Home safety issues as it pertains to seniors
  • Fall prevention tactics and tools
  • Personal safety matters related to seniors
  • Financial exploitation of seniors (scams targeting seniors)

The Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist is trained to assess the environment that an older adult lives in and make recommendations on how that environment can be made safer for that particular senior.

This of course involves looking at factors such as…

  • Cognitive capacity (i.e. dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.) – what can the older person(s) do and not do? What kind of compensations can be made?
  • Physical abilities – what can the older person(s) do and not do? What tools and compensations can be made?
  • Fire safety issues – what equipment is needed to make the home safer and help to prevent and/or escape from a fire.
  • Physical building – how safe is the environment the older person is living in?
  • Personal safety issues including crime prevention, senior exploitation, scams, theft, etc. What techniques and safe guards need to be put in place to help protect the senior(s) and their families.
  • Communication skills – what equipment can be used to help the older adult(s) to communicate better with their caregivers and / or loved ones.
  • Aging in place home modifications – what modifications and tools would be recommended to help make the home the senior(s) are living in safer as they grow older?
  • Technology and tools to help make the senior safer – recommendations on the amazing new technologies that are evolving almost daily to help seniors and their caregivers as they grow older to be as safe and independent as possible.

When To Hire A Senior Home Safety Specialist?

Ideally, it would be wonderful to hire someone trained as a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist BEFORE you need them!

In other words – be pro-active. If you or a senior loved one is planning to age in place in their home, or move in with a family member (or some other living arrangement) it would be wise to have a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist assess the situation and make recommendations.

These recommendations can help to keep the senior(s) independent and healthier longer simply because they have taken the steps to make their living environment safe.

But – even if these steps are not taken prior to an accident or event – it would be a wise move to hire a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist to assess the living environment seniors are living in to make recommendations to help them to continue living in their home and to give peace of mind to their family caregivers.

Our Training

Both Robin Schiltz and Esther Kane have gone through and graduated from the Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist training provided by Age Safe America, an AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) Approved Provider.

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