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Fire Safety Equipment For The Home: Tips For Seniors

Senior man in the kitchen with a stove fire.

Fire, an unpredictable and unforgiving force, poses a threat that can turn our haven into havoc within moments.

I believe that there are essential fire safety tools that every household should have, ensuring peace of mind and protection for years to come.

Recommended Fire Safety Products For Your Home

Stove Alarms

FIRST ALERT Combination Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Backlit Digital Display, GCO1CN
  • Versatile CO alarm senses high levels of propane, natural/methane gas, and carbon monoxide

Gas stove alarms monitor for gas leaks. They give an audible alert if they detect one.

The most budget-friendly model is a gas stove alarm that you can just plug in and walk away from.

This plugs into any standard outlet and detects natural gas, propane gas, and carbon monoxide.

Fire Blanket

Prepared Hero Emergency Fire Blanket – 4 Pack – Fire Suppression Blanket for Kitchen, 40” x 40” Fire Blanket for Home, Fiberglass Fire Blanket
  • ✅ PREPARED HERO EMERGENCY FIRE BLANKET: Extinguish small fires quickly and easily with no mess (unlike common fire extinguishers). Simply deploy the blanket by pulling down the tabs.

A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small fires. It’s usually made of materials like fiberglass or a type of heat-resistant fabric.

This blanket doesn’t catch fire easily and can withstand high temperatures, which makes it perfect for smothering fires.

Read more about fire blankets here.

Simplest Fire Suppressor – For Electric Stoves Only

Rangehood Fire Suppressor (1 pair)
  • Automatic Fire Suppression for Residential Cooking fires

This is basically designed to put out grease fires and automatically deploys when it comes in contact with flames.

Mounted by magnets to the underside of the range hood, StoveTop FireStop gives you invisible peace-of-mind.

Fire Extinguisher For Seniors To Use

Kidde Fire Extinguisher for Home, 1-A:10-B:C, Dry Chemical Extinguisher, Red, Mounting Bracket Included, 1 Pack
  • Use to fight basic fires common to the home involving trash, wood, paper (Class A), flammable liquids and gases (Class B), and electrical equipment (Class C)

Fire extinguishers are not always the easiest for older adults to use but if you are capable, then it’s certainly an item that would be recommended in your home.

Smoke Alarms / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

2 in 1 CO & Smoke Alarm,Carbon Monoxide Detectors, with Battery, Smoke Detector,85dB in Alarm,for Home and Kitchen,LCD Screen,Easy to Install
  • 𝟮 & 𝟭:Our carbon monoxide detectors have 2 in 1 functionality. Not only detect carbon monoxide, but serve as smoke detectors. This dual functionality eliminates the need for multiple devices, saving you time, money, and space.

There are many different types of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors available on the market.

What you decide to use depends on your needs.

Take a look at the large list of these tools that we have here.

These gadgets and more can help to create that safe environment for your elderly loved ones.

This article has affiliate or sponsored links. If you buy something through those links we may earn a small commission. This won’t cost you extra. We only recommend things we really think are good, not just to make money. For more details, see our Affiliate Disclaimer.

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