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Top Tools to Make a Bathtub Safe for the Elderly

The combination of slippery surfaces, water, and limited mobility can make bathing a challenging and potentially dangerous activity for the elderly.

Falls in the bathroom are among the most common household accidents for seniors, often leading to serious injuries.

By equipping bathtubs with safety tools, we can significantly reduce these risks and provide our elderly loved ones with the dignity and independence they deserve.

Our Recommended Tools That Can Help To Make Your Bathtub Safer

Bathtub Bench

Drive Medical 12011KD-1 Tub Transfer Bench For Bathtub, Height Adjustable Shower Bench with Backrest, Shower Seat Shower Chair Bath Chair for Elderly, Seniors, Arm Support for Transfer, 400 Weight Cap
  • Enter & Exit the Tub with Confidence: The tub transfer bench makes it easier and safer to get in and out of the tub; simply sit and slide over the bathtub’s side to get in and enjoy the support of the generous seat and backrest while you shower

Also known as a bath seat or shower bench, is a water-resistant seat designed to be placed inside a bathtub to provide stability and support for individuals who have difficulty standing while bathing.

Split Shower Curtain

Designed for use with bathtub benches, features a split or opening in the middle, allowing it to wrap around the bench while still providing full coverage, ensuring water stays inside the tub and offering easy access for users.

Bathtub Lift

Drive Medical 477150312 Whisper Bath Lift Chair, Blue
  • Bath Lift Chair: Designed to fit just about any style of bathtub, the Whisper shower chair for bathroom is easy to install and can support up to 300 pounds

This is a mechanical or battery-operated device designed to safely lower and raise individuals in and out of a bathtub, providing an accessible bathing solution for those with limited mobility.

Bathtub Grab Bar Safety Rail

Drive Medical Adjustable Bathtub Grab Bar & Bathtub Safety Rail, White
  • Tub Grab Bar: Designed to fit just about any style of bathtub, the clamp-on safety grab bars for bathroom are exceptionally easy to install without tools

A safety device installed on the side of the bathtub to provide support and stability for individuals when entering, exiting, or standing in the tub, helping to prevent slips and falls.

Bathtub Stickies

Secopad Bathtub Stickers Non-Slip, 24PCS Safety Shower Treads Adhesive Appliques with Premium Scrape (Gray)
  • ★Wondering how to keep bathtub or shower floor from being slippery? To address this potentially dangerous situation, we provide the snowflake shape non sip bathtub stickers for you. The anti slip bath tub stickers set works the same way a tub mat does only that it’s easier to set up. It’s also lighter and easier to maintain. You only need to stick the individual stickers on the inner surface of your bathtub or the floor of your shower tiles. Also you can stick it as the shape you like.

Adhesive, textured shapes or strips applied to the bottom of a bathtub or shower to provide a non-slip surface, enhancing safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls in wet conditions.

Bathtub Mat

Gorilla Grip Patented Bath Tub Shower Mat, 35×16 Washable Bathtub Floor Mats, Suction Cups and Drain Holes to Keep Tubs Clean, Clear
  • PATENTED DESIGN WITH POWERFUL SUCTION GRIP: a bathmat designed to securely stay in place; the patented mat features hundreds of suction cups that effectively help secure the mat to your tub or shower floor

A non-skid bathtub mat is another way to make the bathtub flooring less slippery.

Walk-In Tub

Ella’s Bubbles OA3252D-HB-L Monaco Air and Hydro Massage Acrylic Walk-in Bathtub with Left Outward Swing Door, Ella 5pc. Fast-Fill Faucet, Dual 2″ Drains, 32″ x 52″ x 43″, White
  • Hydro massage comes with 11 adjustable and 4 fixed jets. Includes an intensity dial control, in-line water heater, and ozone sterilization to clean the system and water.

A bathtub like this one is designed with a door and low threshold for easy entry, often equipped with safety features like grab bars and non-slip floors, catering to individuals with limited mobility or those seeking a safer bathing option.

Bathtub Cut Out Kit

CleanCut Step Bathtub Accessibility Kit – Convert Existing Tub to Step-In Shower (White, Size Large)
  • Converts existing tub to walk in shower – Affordable bathtub conversion option!

This is a conversion product that allows for the creation of a walk-in shower by cutting an opening in the side of an existing bathtub, enhancing accessibility for those with mobility issues.

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Join our thriving network of 6,685 caregivers and seniors.Granddaughter caring for her grandmother.Learn Expert Safety Tips, About The Latest Trends
And Much More!

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