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We have received requests from many of our readers to create printable PDF’s of the information on and we are proud to present that project to you!

Here are 11 PDF’s at very affordable prices for your convenience.

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Save And Get All 11 Printables Bundle

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Hurry and save over $10.00 and get ALL 11 printables for just $15.00!

Sale Ends November 30, 2020

PDF Printables In This Bundle Include Checklists and Step by Step How To's On:

1. What To Expect With Aging Parents
2. What To Look For In A Home Care Aide
3. Tips On Transferring Techniques
4. How To Get An Elderly Person Up Off The Floor
5. How To Hep Elderly Parents From Afar
6. Signs That Parents Need Assisted Living
7. How To Talk To A Loved One With Dementia or Alzheimer's
8. To-Do's Before An Elderly Person Moves Into Your Home
9. When To Call Hospice
10. Things To Do With Seniors When You Are Stuck At Home
11. Legal Checklist For Aging Parents

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