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Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls

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Something that can certainly help seniors to prevent falling are the type of shoes that they wear. Just to generalize a bit, if the shoes don’t fit you properly or if they have a smooth bottom they are generally not the best type of shoes for older adults to wear.

So, what kind of slippers should elderly wear to help prevent falls? – The list includes shoes or slippers that support your ankles, that have soles made of hard rubber, that have an insole and that fit your foot tightly but comfortably. Other factors are taken into consideration depending on your specific health needs.

Now, I understand that not every slipper or shoe that you wear will support your ankles, otherwise we would all be wearing boots all the time.

But if you do have problems with balance or strength in your legs, I do recommend that you at least speak with your physician and/or podiatrist about the best types of shoes for your specific needs.

Here’s a great article with information on helping you to identify your “foot type” – which in turn can help you choose the best type of slippers and shoes for yourself.

Should Elderly People Wear Slippers?

There is certainly not wrong with an older adult wearing slippers. The key is to wear the ones that have a back, instead of open in the back. And of course, they should be non-skid.

But, of course, it really depends on each individual’s situation and needs.

If an elderly person is living alone, isn’t very mobile, and spends most of their time indoors, wearing slippers can help them stay warm and cozy.

Slippers can also provide some much-needed traction on slippery floors, which can help prevent dangerous falls.

Of course, not all elderly people will need or want to wear slippers all the time.

It’s important to respect each individual’s preferences and needs. But for those who would benefit from wearing slippers, it’s definitely worth considering!

The 3 Main Varieties Of Non-Skid Slippers We Recommend Are:

  1. Standard slippers – These are the regular type of designs that we normally find.
  2. Bootie slippers – These have a higher support around the ankle if that’s what’s needed.
  3. Sock slippers – These are socks with grippers which for some, may be more comfortable that any type of slipper with a rubber sole.

These slippers can also make for a great birthday gift!

Non-Slip Slippers For Elderly Seniors

Okay, so most of us love to wear comfortable slippers at home. And yes, there certainly are slippers that work better for seniors and these are normally the non-slip, non-skid kind.

So, let’s take a look at some options available to you today.

Wishcotton Light Breathable Slippers with Non-slip Sole

I like these particular slippers because not only are they non-slip but they have a memory foam cushion so they are very comfortable and they have a secure back heel. They’re sturdy enough that you can wear them outdoors (for things like fetching the newspaper or talking to your neighbor on the front porch) and they are machine washable! They also come in several colors.

Dearfoams Womens Microfiber Velour Espadrille Slippers

Another similar type of slippers are made by a very popular brand – Dearfoam. They also come in a variety of colors, have a dense memory foam insole, can be used indoors and outdoors like the Wishcotton one I mentioned above and are machine washable.

Women’s Comfort Cotton Knit House Shoes by Home Top

These slippers have a very high density foam insole for maximum comfort and are machine and hand washable.  The anti-skid rubber sole will help to keep you from slipping on the floor and the back heel support should keep the shoe firmly on your feet.

The Hanes Men’s Moccasin Slipper House Shoe

This house slipper for men has many of the same wonderful attributes that the slippers I mentioned above have. They come in a variety of colors, they have a non-slip sole, memory foam insole and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Slipper Venetian

Kenneth Cole’s slippers for men with a non-slip rubber sole also has a nice thick memory foam insole and a microsuede upper. Again, the fact that it is a non-slip type of slipper with a secure back heel both work to make it a safe slipper for elderly men.

DREAM PAIRS Men’s Au-Loafer Moccasins Slippers

I love these comfy moccasin type of slippers for men. The look of them is so very comfy and cozy. They have a suede leather upper so I would not recommend them for outdoor use but do have a rubber sole and a secure back heel.

Gohom Indoor Slipper Boots For Women

For seniors who want a little more support around their ankles, these slipper booties are ideal. They have an anti-slip soft sole, include memory foam insole and come in a large variety of styles, colors and designs.

Hanes Men’s Slipper Boot House Shoes

Perfectly suited for men who want a little more support around their ankles, these slipper boots have non-skid soles and memory foam insoles for maximum comfort.

VERO MONTE Slipper Socks With Grippers For Women

For seniors who have a difficult time finding slippers that are comfortable to wear, slipper socks may be the answer. They conform to your feet and these particular ones have grippers on the bottom which will help to keep you from slipping. Note that most slipper socks do not have memory foam insoles.

Panda Bros Slipper Socks For Men

Yes, there are slipper socks for men too! Again, they conform very well to your feet making them very comfortable to wear and the anti-slip dots on the sole of the feet help to keep you from falling.

What Kind Of Slippers Are Best For Seniors?

Wearing safe slippers to help prevent falls (and for comfort) seems like a no-brainer and a very inexpensive one at that!

So, what constitutes a “safe slipper” that’s specific for seniors? Here’s my list:

  • Rubber non-slip soles
  • Secure back heel (decreases the chances of the shoe slipping off the foot)
  • Easy to slip on and slip off
  • Ankle support if needed for the senior wearing the slippers
  • Fit properly (not too big, not too small)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Accommodate issues such as high arch, Plantar FasciitisMorton’s Neuromaarthritis, etc.

Getting just the right type of slipper for an elderly person can sometimes be difficult.

I know that for me, my foot size is ideally 7.25 so slippers that are a size 7 are too small and ones that are a size 7.5 are too big.

Plus, I suffer from Morton’s Neuroma from years of wearing shoes that were too tight.

This means that now I have to search for shoes that have a wide front (which for women, is extremely difficult to find).

I simply recommend to try a variety of styles to see what works best for you.

Oh – one piece of personal advice I can give you is that if the slipper or shoe does not feel comfortable when you are trying it on – don’t purchase it.

It won’t change shape or suddenly feel good on your feet.

Choose a slipper / shoe that feels comfortable when you try it on the first time.

What Are Orthopedic Slippers?

Orthopedic slippers are shoes that have been custom designed to provide support and comfort to the feet, ankles, and legs.

They are often used by people who have problems with their feet, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, or flat feet.

Orthopedic slippers can also be helpful for people who have back pain, as they can help to take pressure off of the spine.

There are many different styles of orthopedic slippers available, so it is important to choose a pair that will be comfortable for you to wear.

If you have any questions about whether or not orthopedic slippers are right for you, be sure to speak with a certified podiatrist.

Are Crocs Good For Elderly Adults?

There are many different styles of Crocs shoes nowadays so the answer to this question really depends on the style of Crocs and the individual’s foot!

I would say that as long as the shoe fits snugly, has a back support and has a non-skid sole that a Croc shoe could be a good product for the elderly adult.

Just remember that Croc shoes are made of plastic and that means that their soles can wear out quicker than other types of shoes.

So, replace them more often to prevent slipping and sliding and falling.

What Is The Ideal Footwear To Prevent Falls?

Most people (especially seniors) don’t think about their footwear when it comes to preventing falls, but shoes can actually make a big difference.

The best shoes for fall prevention are those that offer good traction and support. Look for shoes with a wide base, low heels, back support and non-skid soles.

Also, watch out for worn out shoes. Many older adults will wear the same shoes for years, even though the soles may be worn down and the support may be gone.

If your shoes are starting to show signs of wear, it’s time to replace them.

Avoid Slippers Or Shoes That Have The Following

There are some features that elderly adults should do their best to avoid when it comes to the types of slippers or shoes that they wear.

  • Loose slippers or shoes like Flip Flops – living in South Florida it’s only natural that the majority of footwear worn there are sandal type of shoes and that includes backless shoes and slippers and flip flops. Not only do these types of slippers / shoes provide absolutely NO support they are very easy to trip over.
  • High heels – as an Occupational Therapist I have treated women in their 70’s and 80’s who fractured a bone or suffered a head injury because they tripped and fell because of the high heels that they insist on continuing to wear. I know change is hard for many seniors. But I can honestly say that every person I treated for this type of injury truly regretted wearing those high heels.
  • Smooth soles – those nice patent leather shoes that we used to wear to school or work mostly have smooth soles and these are very dangerous for many older adults. With these types of shoes you can slip on tile, carpeting, wood floors, etc. Best to give them away and replace them with rubber soled shoes.

Getting safe slippers for yourself or a senior loved one should not be too difficult as long as you stick with the information here in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Put Slippers In The Dryer?

Many slippers that I mentioned here are machine and/or hand washable. But – that does not mean they should be put in the dryer. Read the information that comes with the slippers or search for that information online.

Is It Safe To Drive In Slippers?

I would recommend NOT driving with slippers, even if they are secure on your feet. If anything were to happen to your car and you had to walk or be outdoors for any length of time, the slippers on your feet may not be the best type of shoe to wear in that instance.

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