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Bed Alarms To Monitor Elderly Parents

As most of us who are growing older know, as we age the frequency of going to the bathroom during the night increases. This can be a problem for elderly parents.

But these days there are so many different products that caregivers can use to monitor their elderly parents in the bedroom.

3 Bed Alarms We Can Recommend

There are two products that we most often recommend:

1. Smart Caregiver Bed Alarm

To use it, she put the sensor pad under her mom’s hips (under the fitted sheet) and it sounded an alarm if her mom tried to get out of the bed. It was battery powered, but she got the system’s optional AC power adapter to save on batteries.

The nice thing about this alarm was that she could carry the monitor around the house as she cleaned or cooked, etc. That also meant that the alarm didn’t go off in her mother’s room and upset her with the noise.

2. Smart Caregiver Floor Mat

This is a flat mat that can be placed on the floor, by the bed.  It plugs into an outlet and when stepped on, it can turn on the light in the room AND notify you (the caregiver) that your elderly loved one has gotten up.  Of course, if they fall onto the mat – it will notify you as well.

3. Customizable Bed Alarm

This mat is another option to monitor if someone gets up off the bed.  The benefit of this product is that you can pick and choose what additional accessories you want to use with it – which can work well for some caregivers.

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