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Textured Steering Wheel Covers For Arthritic Hands

If you suffer from arthritis in your hands – driving can become a difficult task – and this includes being able to safely use your steering wheel.

It may just be that installing a textured steering wheel cover could be enough to give you the grip that you need to drive safely and comfortably.

Most all steering wheel covers are difficult to put on because they are intended to have a very snug fit. So, I would recommend to ask someone who is not dealing with arthritic hands to install this for you.

Another bonus of using textured steering wheel covers is that many of them will decrease vibrations that you may feel (and cause you pain) when driving.

Some Textured Wheel Covers

Just Squeeze It Steering Wheel Cover


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This steering wheel can help to reduce your arthritic pain in your hands making it easier and safer to drive.

List most steering wheel covers this is hand washable (do not put it in the washing machine)

Rayauto Steering Wheel Cover by Raysell


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Sometimes all you really need is more bulk and this steering wheel cover could offer you that.

It’s not as soft as memory foam, but it does increase the bulk of the steering wheel which may make it easier for someone with arthritis and poor grip to hold on to the wheel.

For a large selection of textured steering wheel covers – go see them here.

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