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Leg Lifter Straps

leg lifter straps

Leg lifter straps are awesome car aids for seniors.

They are especially helpful for people who are recovering from an injury or surgery or for someone with weak leg muscles.

I remember a friend of my parent’s who couldn’t lift either leg high enough to get in the car – even if she used her hands. Travel would have been much easier for her if she’d had one of these.

Leg lifter straps have a loop for your foot at one end of the strap and another loop at the other end that you hold in your hand.

These straps are most stable if they have a semi-rigid aluminum rod enclosed within the strap (between the loops). The rod makes it easy for the person to position the bottom loop over their foot without having to bend over.

The straps come in various lengths, ranging from about 32 inches long for shorter people and up to 40 inches long for taller adults. Be sure to check the size you need before ordering one.

TIP: not only are leg lifter straps helpful for car travel, they are also great for people who have trouble lifting their legs when they get into bed or off the couch.

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