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Heated Steering Wheel Covers For Arthritic Hands

If you live in a colder climate and you suffer from arthritis in your hands you may find it difficult to use your steering wheel safely and comfortably during the winter.

The solution could be installing a heated steering wheel cover.

Take a look at the ones that are listed below. Note that these are not a very popular item so reviews are few.

Make sure to check that whatever cover you choose will fit your make and model vehicle.

CAUTION: It’s important for seniors to be extra careful with any heated products. Aging skin and medications can make skin very sensitive and susceptible to burns so we recommend to use this product with caution.

Heated Covers

OneGoodCar Heated Steering Wheel Cover

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This is a universal steering wheel cover that fits 15 inch steering wheels.

It heats up by plugging it into your cigarette lighter adapter.

Zone Tech Car Steering Wheel 12V Heated Cover

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This is also a universal steering wheel cover that should fit most vehicles and it also plugs in to your vehicle’s car lighter plug.

There are not that many heated steering wheel covers available, but you can see some here.

I would recommend that you first contact your dealership or an auto mechanic to find out if there is a heated steering wheel cover that is best suited for your specific vehicle.

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