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HealthMate Velour Heated Car Seat

If you suffer from arthritis in your hips or your back and you’re still driving – then a heated seat may make the driving experience more comfortable for you.

But if you don’t have a car or truck that has built in heated seats – no worries. You can add one!

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CAUTION: It’s important for seniors to be extra careful with any heated products. Aging skin and medications can make skin very sensitive and susceptible to burns so we recommend to use this product with caution.

This velour covered heated seat is soft and comfortable which can make it a great fit for summer or winter.

It has a lumbar support of about 5 inches.

The maximum heating temperature is 114 degrees Fahrenheit so again, be very careful when using this product.

Plug it in to your car’s 12 volt DC outlet (cigarette lighter) and use the control button to choose the amount of heat you want generated.

And if you really like how it works – you can even purchase a second one for your office chair or any other seat in your home.

In addition to the HealthMate product, there are other options available for heated car seats as well.

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