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Car Cane Mobility Aids

A car cane standing aid is perfect for anyone who has trouble getting in and out of a car due to recent knee or hip surgery (or simply has bad knees, etc.)  It’s also very handy for someone with decreased hand strength.

The Stander HandyBar Car Cane Plus works in most cars. The big thing to know with a car “cane” is that it has to be inserted into/removed from the door frame every time the senior uses it.

A Great Handle To Help Get Out Of The Car

To use the device, insert it into the door latch of the car (this latch is also known as the striker latch). Next, turn the handle out so it faces away from the car. Note: some people find it works better for their needs if it is turned sideways across the threshold of the door.

When the person gets into or out of the car, they grasp the handle, then use it for leverage to pull themselves up or they lean on it for stability as they sit down. For added safety, the Car Cane comes with a non-slip grip handle so the person’s hand won’t slide off it while they are moving.

The Stander HandyBar Car Cane can support up to 300 pounds in body weight but it only weighs 10 ounces. This makes it portable if the user can’t store it in the car, or is using it in someone else’s car, or is taking it along while ridesharing.

Additionally, the car cane has a seat belt cutter in the handle, plus the tip (the part that goes into the door latch) can be used to break a window in the case of an accident. This model also has a small flashlight in the handle.

The biggest drawback to the HandyBar Car Cane is that the person has to remember to take it out of the latch before they shut the door. We could see this being a problem if they get distracted while gathering up coats, purses, etc, from the car.

TIP: car canes like this will not work in a car door that latches with a bolt. You must have a latch that attaches to the door frame with two bolts or screws. Be sure to check the door latch before you purchase one of these!

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