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Auto Aids For Seniors

Following are the products that we are recommending to help you to make driving safer for yourself as you grow older or for a senior loved one who may still be driving.

Car Cane Standing Aids

These great little tools are meant for anyone who has trouble getting in and out of a car due to problems with their knees or hips or even if they have weakened hands. It’s also a great car emergency escape tool in that it includes a seat belt cutter and window breaker.

Easy Turn Spinner Knobs

These spinner knobs are a great way to make it easier for someone with arthritis to safely use a steering wheel when driving.

Gas Cap Remover Tool

It’s not always easy to twist open and close a gas cap, especially if you have arthritic hands. This little gadget can be the tool that comes to your rescue.

HealthMate Heated Car Seat

A heated car seat can help anyone who is dealing with arthritis in their hips or back to drive more comfortably and safely.

Heated Steering Wheel Covers

A heated steering wheel cover may help to make driving easier and safer during colder weather for someone who suffers from arthritis in their hands.

Leg Lifter Straps

If you find that it’s difficult to get your legs in and/or out of a car and you can’t do it without assistance, then a leg lifter strap may be a tool that can help you.

Portable Car Battery Charger

This great little gadget should be in every car safety kit! A portable little tool that can charger your battery, be used as a flashlight, SOS signal and compass. Check it out!

Seat Belt Buckle Holders

For anyone who may have trouble finding and managing those seat belt buckles in their car – a buckle holder can make it much easier.

Seat Belt Grabber Handle

An easier way to reach for your seat belt if you have trouble reaching over or handling the seat belt.

Textured Steering Wheel Covers

If you suffer from arthritis in your hands – you may just need a textured cover on your steering wheel to help you get a better and more comfortable grip in order to drive safely.

Seat Belt Unbucklers

Unbuckling a seat belt takes about 9 pounds of pressure (who knew?) so for some older adults this can be difficult especially if you arthritic hands. A seat belt unbuckler could be a great tool to use.

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