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The Best Kindle For Seniors

The Amazon Kindle is one of my favorite products to use, recommend and give as a gift.

It’s a great product for seniors because it’s easy to use, allows you to change the font size, it’s lightweight and it can be used indoors and outdoors.

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My favorite Kindle is the Paperwhite (shown on the left) because it’s so easy to read. Now that I’m getting older it’s just a little harder to read the print that is often found in books, magazines and newspapers.

So, with the opportunity to increase my font size and reading it against that great paperwhite background – it’s really wonderful.

I can read it indoors and outdoors (there’s no glare from the sun on this screen) and because the Kindle is an Amazon product, I can easily purchase and download books from my Amazon account onto Kindle in minutes!  (Or maybe it’s seconds – it is very fast!)

This particular one shown here on this page is also waterproof so it’s safe to take to the beach or by poolside.

It’s 6 inches wide so not too big, not too small.  There is one Kindle called Oasis that is 7 inches wide in case you’re interested in a larger screen.

Whichever version you purchase – I highly recommend a Kindle product for anyone, young and old.

Another great feature (that I don’t use often enough) is that it can also connect to Amazon’s Audible program – their version of “books on tape”.  So, if you so desire you can “listen” to your books directly from your Kindle.  Note – you will need to use some type of Bluetooth headphones to listen to an audio book on Kindle.

If you are an avid reader like me, you will LOVE your Kindle!

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