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Echo Show For Elderly Parents

Amazon’s Echo Show is an amazing product for elderly parents and other senior loved ones!  It’s just one of the many Alexa devices that are available on the market today and we can probably expect more to come in the next few years.  In an article on written in 2019…

Smart voice assistants are already a staple in many homes. According to the latest stats, more than 66.4 million people in the US – 26.2% of the total population – now own a smart speaker. Similar stats in the UK suggest they’re nearly as popular, with more than 22% of households reportedly now kitted out with a voice-activated device.

Is Echo Show Good For Elderly Adults?

There are many ways that Amazon’s Echo Show device can make life easier and safer for older adults.

  • The Drop In Skill allows you to instantly connect to another person’s Alexa device – acting like an intercom. The person you are connecting to must have given you permission to do so at first, and then you can “drop in” on them. They do not have to answer in order for you to drop in.
  • For those with visual impairments, Alexa can be used for tasks such as texting, phone calls, list making, checking on the calendar, turning devices on an off, calling 911 and much, much more.
  • The Show and Tell Skill (which is fairly new) allows someone with low vision to hold up a box or can food item to the Echo Show screen and then ask “Alexa, what am I holding?” or “Alexa, what’s in my hand?”  It may ask you to turn the object or to hold it closer and once it reads what the object is then it will beep a few times and tell you what you are holding.  It’s not 100% as of yet, but I have to say it’s pretty darn close!
  • Video calls with family and friends are extremely easy to do – but note that this only works from one Echo Show product to another.
  • For seniors who are Amazon Prime Members – they can watch  anything that is available on their Prime account right on their Echo Show.
  • In addition to these video capabilities – the Echo Show can do everything that all the other Alexa devices can do – which for seniors – can be amazing.  I wrote about 26 great skills that I found beneficial for older adults – read that article here.

Different Echo Show Models

There are 3 different model sizes of the Echo Show.

  • Echo Show 5 has a 5 inch screen
  • Echo Show 8 has an 8 inch screen
  • Echo Show Premium has a 10.1 inch screen

We have always recommended the larger size – the one with the 10.1 inch screen simply because it’s easier for seniors to see what’s on the screen.

Where To Buy The Echo Show?

These days, there are multiple places that you can get your very own Echo Show, in person or online (during this Covid-19 pandemic we would recommend shopping online).

To buy the Echo Show, check out the online stores below:

Buy it on Amazon

Purchase it at Best Buy

See it at Lowe’s

Buy it on Home Depot

Purchase it on Overstock – the 8 inch model is available here.

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