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Cell Phone Charger: When You Are Without Electricity

It’s easy enough to charge your cell phone when you have electricity but what if your power goes out?  This shouldn’t be an issue if you are without electricity for a few hours, but what if it lasts a few days?

The solution is a portable rechargeable cell phone charger.

Sabrent Premium Portable Rapid Charger

A portable cell phone charger you may want to consider is the Sabrent Premium Portable Rapid Charger.

I haven’t personally tried this one but it has some wonderful reviews online and additional features that the Anker charger (listed below) does not.

Here are some details on the Sabrent Cell Phone Charger:

  • You can use it to charge almost any device that uses a USB port
  • It has three models that charge either 6, 8 or 10 ports / devices at once
  • Has an overcharge protector
  • Great for international travel because it has AC 110-220V input voltage

All in all – the Sabrent is a larger charger with a few more features than the one I am currently using but when it comes time to get another one – I would absolutely try the Sabrent Premium Portable Rapid Charger.

If you purchase it and use it – let me know what you think.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Charger

My wonderful sister-in-law sent me an Anker power charger for my cell phone after she spent several long days without power in her home due to a very bad storm that hit the New Jersey area she lives in.

I ended up using it just a few weeks later when the power in my home here in Georgia went out for about 24 hours.  This certainly was not as bad a situation as she had been in.

But I have to tell you – I spent 19 days without power once when we lived in South Florida due to a hurricane and I do not want to ever go through anything like that again!

We all have been through a scenario when your phone dies and you have no other means of communication with your friends and family and it can be very unnerving.

So yes, this little portable charger was just the right tool at just the right time and I am very grateful to her for this gift.

So here’s a little bit of information about the Anker PowerCore 10000 Charger:

  • You can use it to charge Galaxy S8, iPad, iPhone 8 and iPhone and more
  • It’s very lightweight so very easy to carry in your pocket or purse
  • Comes with an 18 month warranty
  • Charges via USB port
  • Takes about 4 hours to fully charge (so I would recommend that if you know a storm is coming to check and make sure it’s fully charged)

I am very happy with this little charger and can certainly recommend it for those once in a while emergencies when your electricity goes out.

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