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15 Alexa Products For The Home

Updated August 7, 2023 – Whether you own the Echo Dot, Echo Show or any other Echo devices – they can all help you to make your home safer – no matter what age you are.

All the Alexa / Echo devices can perform the same skills and routines – the only difference is the Echo Show and the Meta Portal have a screen so that particular device can also show you videos and more. But otherwise, whatever device you purchase – know that they can all work the same and communicate with each other.

The Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is the smallest version in the line of Alexa devices. It comes in a small variety of colors and with it’s small size and small price – you can afford to purchase several and put them throughout your home.  It’s perfect for small spaces!

The Echo Dot With Clock

The Echo Dot with a built in digital clock is perfect for those areas in your home where you would like to see a visual cue of the time of day (i.e. your bedroom).  This device is only available in white for the moment.  It functions exactly like any other Alexa device – it just has the digital clock built in.

Amazon Smart Plug

If you are interested in putting Alexa devices throughout the house – you can save some money by using Amazon Smart Plugs instead of multiple Echo Dot products.

They simply plug into an electrical socket and work just like any of the other Alexa devices by adding voice control capabilities for things like lamps.

You can use them to control your lamps, appliances, and television!

Sylvania WiFi LED Smart Light Bulbs

Okay, so this is pretty cool. These are light bulbs that can be controlled by Alexa. So, if you do not want to place an Echo dot or Echo show product in your room, you can just install this light bulb.

The Echo Dot Wall Mount Holder

Okay, so this really a cool accessory! To clear out clutter on the countertop you can mount your echo dot on the wall with this very slick wall mount holder!

The Echo Pop Smart Speaker

The original Alexa devices were tall towers but the Echo Pop smart speaker is more compact – roughly the size of the Echo Dot. This makes it much easier to blend in to your home’s decor – no matter where you place it. 

This speaker comes in four colors and is made of mostly recycled materials.

The Echo Show

The Echo Show device is honestly my favorite for many reasons.  I recommend the 10 inch version just because it’s easier for older adults. 

I love the fact that you can use to as a monitoring device which from our perspective – is such a great device for adult children who want to and/or need to keep an “eye” on their elderly parents. 

Also, the Show And Tell feature, is just a great skill – albeit it’s new and has some glitches but I can see the great potential that it will eventually have.  Check out my video on that.

Alexa Enabled Smart Smoke Detector

The Alexa Enabled Smart Smoke Detector is another great little Alexa accessory – especially for older adults and their families.  It gives you text alert notifications if it goes off alerting you of an emergency in your home.  It also tracks carbon monoxide levels and much more. 

Meta Portal

The Meta Portal Smart Camera looks a lot like the older generations of the Echo Show, but it’s different in that it can use apps, such as WhatsApp or Messenger, to connect with people who don’t have an Echo Show device.

I like that it has a larger screen, so you can see the people you’re talking to without having to squint!

Alexa Enabled Overhead Lights

Yes, you can install Alexa Enabled Overhead Lights that are voice activated, dimmable, can turn colors and are flush mounted.  They can of course also be controlled via the Alexa app which is so cool. 

You can set up a routine where every night (as an example) the overhead light can turn on and off automatically. 

This particular model shown here is super bright (2100 lumens) which makes it perfect for older adults!

The Echo Wall Clock

So, the Echo Wall Clock does a bit more than just tell you the time.  It can also be used as a timer or a countdown timer as well.  It is not, however a stand alone Alexa product.  In order for it to work, you do need an Alexa dot or Echo Show, etc.

Smart Plug Power Strip

In case you need to plug in multiple items – you can use a smart plug power strip.  Note that just because the item is plugged into this strip, does not mean that you HAVE to control it with Alexa.  (Just an FYI).

Alexa Enabled Roomba Vacuum

I use my Roomba vacuum (and yes, I have this model) every other day in my home and I LOVE it!  The benefit of having it Alexa enabled just makes it a bit easier for me.  When I’m upstairs – I can just start my Roomba downstairs without having to go back down the stairs.  A great benefit for anyone that may have difficulty with  mobility issues.

Smart Bedroom Lamp

This lamp is cool because it can be controlled by Alexa, so you can set up a routine for when it turns on and off, or you can turn it on remotely so you don’t come into a dark room.

It’s also dimmable and has the capability to change colors (over 16 million color choices!), plus it has two charging stations so you can charge your devices while sleeping.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Having a smart garage door opener means you never have to worry about forgetting your keys or if you shut the garage door when you left home.

This one can be operated with Alexa, Google, or Siri, and can also be set up to close the garage door automatically if it is left open for a certain period of time.

There are so many more Alexa devices and I would imagine that many more would be coming in the near future!

Click here to check out the Alexa Enabled devices that are currently on Amazon!

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