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Technology Products For Elderly Adults

Technology is all around us these days and for many seniors, it can be a wonderful tool.

Here we list some of the great products that you can take advantage of, whether you are aging in place or caring for a senior loved one.


This assistive device can do so much more than just play music – learn about the great skills that can help older adults.

Amazon’s Echo Show

The voice activated devices these days can be an amazing asset for older adults and the Echo Show takes those capabilities just one step further with a video screen which gives it’s users even more capabilities than just a “voice”.

Amazon’s Fire TV

For any older adult who has trouble using the television remote – being able to control the television with your voice can be a game changer! And you can do that with Fire TV.
Use Amazon’s Fire stick on your existing smart television set OR purchase a new television set Fire TV built in.

Cell Phone Chargers

It’s easy enough to charge your cell phone but what if you lose power? This great little cell phone charger can keep your phone charged even when there’s no electrical power in your home.


When you are not quite ready for a life alert but yet want something to help you “just in case” – the Invisawear product can be just what you’re looking for.

Kindle e-Reader

A pastime that many older adults enjoy (I know I do) is reading and the Kindle e-Reader is a great tool for anyone who loves to read. It can hold up to 3000 books so you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Medical Alert Devices

These devices can reassure both seniors and caregivers that emergency help can be on the way in an emergency.

Elderly Home Monitoring Devices

The ability to monitor elderly loved ones is one of the great benefits that we have in today’s high tech environment.

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