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How Tall Should An Elevated Dog Feeder (or Cat Feeder) Be?

An elevated dog feeder can be a great solution for your pup’s mealtime needs. But what height should the feeder be? How tall should an elevated dog feeder (or cat feeder) be in order to satisfy both you and your pet? The answer is not as straightforward as it may seem.

The height of a dog or cat feeder is determined by the height of the animal itself. For dogs, the general formula is to measure from their chest to the floor. For cats, you generally want to raise a bowl up to the height of their knees or slightly higher.

The purpose of an elevated feeder is twofold:

  • For pets who may have a problem eating from a ground level
  • For senior owners who may have a problem bending down to the floor to retrieve the bowl

Should Dog Feeding Bowls Be Elevated?

There are multiple benefits for your pet (dog or cat) to use an elevated feeding bowl.

  • Serving food to your pet from a raised bowl helps them to maintain a healthy posture. Not only will you be preventing back problems in the future, but it also means less bending for meal time and water breaks!
  • If your old pet is having difficulty eating, you can elevate their bowl to make things easier. Elevating the bowls will not only help them eat more comfortably in general but it may also be a lifesaver for dogs and cats with arthritis and joint pain.
  • If your pet is suffering from medical conditions which make it difficult for them to swallow – then a raised food bowl may help. Speak to your veterinarian about this.
  • Imagine having to bend down to eat or drink. Elevated dog bowls will make it easier for your pet to eat and drink. When they have to bend over, there’s a risk of food or water going up their esophagus instead into the stomach- which can lead them vomiting after eating dinner!
  • Does your pet lay down to eat? I know mine did before I got her an elevated bowl. My veterinarian told me that this may be a sign that I needed to change the height of her bowl.
  • Finally – for seniors who are caring for pets such as dogs and cats – it’s should be easier to bend down to retrieve an elevated food bowl than it would be to bend down to the ground.

How High Should Elevated Cat Feeders Be?

When my veterinarian told me I needed to raise the food bowl for my cat Stella, I wasn’t sure how high it needed to be. Stella tended to lay down when she ate.

The vet advised that the bowl should be at the height of Stella’s knees or just a bit higher. So, I began experimenting with various objects like cans and boxes and putting her bowl on them to see what would work best for her.

It ended up that the best option for Stella was about 1/2 inch above her knees.

Elevated Food Bowls For Dogs and Cats

Below are some products that you can review for your own pet, once you’ve determined the best height. I would recommend to experiment with the height first before you make a purchase.

Emfogo Raised Dog / Cat Bowls

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I love this product because you can customize the height of the bowls. You can sit the bowls at 5 inches off the floor, 9 inches or 13 inches! What a great idea.

Fukumaru Elevated Cat Bowl

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This one is not only elevated, it’s also tilted which should help if your cat tends to vomit after eating.

Neater Pet Brands

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This pet feeder is great for pets who tend to spill their food and it’s also elevated.

Viefin Raised Pet Bowls

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This is another elevated bowl that offers different heights and it also tilts!

There are SO MANY other choices to select from – click here to view them all.

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