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Best Rated Non-Slip Slippers For Elderly Ladies (2024)

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We all love to get into our comfy slippers when we’re home but when you’re older – you also want to make sure that those wonderful slippers are also the right size and are non-slip.

A study in 2003 at the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute concluded that…

…many older people who have had a fall-related hip fracture were wearing potentially hazardous footwear when they fell.

Sherrington and Menz in PubMed

It simply makes sense for older women (and men too) to wear non-slip slippers when at home. After all, if you can help to prevent a potentially serious injury just by using something that is so simple and inexpensive – wouldn’t you do it?

What Are The Best Types Of Slippers For Older Women?

The 3 best types of slippers that I recommend for older women are…

  • With Back Support – these are slippers that have a back support of some kind.
  • Bootie Slippers – these have a higher support around the ankle
  • Sock Slippers – these are socks with grippers

The types of slippers that should be avoided (in my opinion) are…

  • With No Back Support – slippers that are open in the back are just too easy to slip out of and trip over
  • With Smooth Soles – always choose the type of shoes that offer a non-slip / non-skid sole
  • Wrong Size – wearing shoes that are too big or too small can cause a lot of problems for seniors besides just tripping over them.

Our List Of Top Rated Non-Slip Slippers For Senior Women

So here’s our list of the top rated non-slip slippers that we recommend for senior ladies.

Ultraideas Memory Foam

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These wonderful slippers have a warm fleece lining, anti-slip rubber soles and can be worn indoors and outdoors which makes them great if you have a backyard that you enjoy being in.

In addition – they also have a memory foam built in which helps to make them very comfortable to wear.

Vero Monte Slippers

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These slippers remind me of the kind my mother use to knit for us in the winter except these are much safer and with a plush lining and foam padded sole and grippers it’s definitely an upgraded version of those old knitted slippers.

Wishcotton Memory Foam House Shoes

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Meeting all the safety requirements of a back heel and a non-slip sole – these great slippers come with a memory foam cushion lining making them so comfortable to wear that you won’t want to take them off.

Dearfoams Microfiber Velour Slippers

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Who wouldn’t like a little feeling of luxury? These velour slippers can give you that. The velour material covers the slipper inside and out. It also has a memory foam insole and a non-slip sole.

Just be careful about what size to order – apparently there is some confusion because they list sizes as small, medium and large with some variations in between.

Wishcotton High Top Slippers

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If you or your senior loved one needs a little ankle support – these may do the trick. They also have all the great characteristics of memory foam insole plus non-slip rubber sole. A popular slipper!

Zizor Adjustable Strap Slippers

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If one foot is not the same size as the other or it’s just more comfortable to wear slippers that are slightly adjustable to fit your feet – then take a look at these by Zizor.

Along with the anti-slip feature, they can also be used indoors and outdoors and of course, include the memory foam insole for optimal comfort.

Best Non-Skid Socks

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If slippers just aren’t your thing and you would rather wear socks then I would recommend to get the non-skid type and ones that I can recommend are these by Muezna.

They are actually meant to be used for Yoga and Pilates but they can certainly work for casual wear in your home as well.

I hope this list of non-slip slippers for elderly women can help you to choose the safest and best slippers for yourself or a senior loved one.

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