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Safety Knobs For Gas Stoves (Variety To Choose From)

There are a variety of safety knobs and accessories that you can choose from and it’s super easy to order them online!

The selection from Amazon includes the following.  There are also stove guards which are mostly used by families with young children, I do not believe that stove guards would be as useful for senior safety as knobs or locks would be.

5 Pack Clear Covers

5 Pack Black Covers

6 Pack Clear Covers

4 Pack Clear Covers

Knob Locks

Extra Large

Of course you can also purchase a variety of stove safety knobs from other stores such as:

Home Depot


And there are companies like RangeSafe that can also provide you with quality made stove safety knobs.

RangeSafe Knobs

Recently we filmed a video review for RangeSafe Knobs. Their gas stove knobs are very easy to install and easy to operate.  They work to keep you from turning the stove on accidentally. 

While I like the knobs and think they are both stylish and a good way to protect your loved ones from an accidental kitchen fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, you should know that these knobs did not fit either my stove or Esther’s.

They did work with a friend’s stove, which is how I know they work well.

You should definitely check with the company to be sure that they would fit your stove model before purchasing the knobs (although they will refund your purchase if you receive the knobs and they don’t fit your stove).

**DISCLAIMER: We at Senior Safety Advice received these RangeSafe Knobs free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. We tested the product thoroughly before giving our review. The opinions expressed here are our own and not influenced by the Range Safe company or its affiliates in any way.

When To Install Gas Stove Safety Knobs?

The best reason to use safety knobs on a gas stove (when it comes to seniors who are aging in place) is when there is a cognitive decline such as dementia or Alzheimers or any decline in cognition due to Parkinsons, Stroke or other illness.

Ideally it would be best to install them at the very first sign of a cognition problem but, as a caregiver, you will probably be met with some resistance by your senior loved one.  I have been there so I understand.

My advice here is to just keep gently discussing the issue and the possible outcomes of avoiding this great safety feature.  Listen to their arguments and do your best to discover the real reason behind their reluctance.

The fears associated with growing older and losing control are very real and they should not be ignored.  Seek professional help from a counselor, psychologist or social worker if need be.

Read more about how to make gas stoves safer for the elderly.

A Few Notes About Gas Stove Safety Knobs

Installation is super easy:

  • Remove the stove knob from your gas range
  • Open the safety cover
  • Place the base of the safety cover over the post of the gas stove knob
  • Replace the gas stove knob on the post
  • Lock the safety cover
  • When you want to use the burner, just open the hinged lid and the stove knob is easily accessible.


  • No tools required for installation.
  • The company offers an exclusive, lifetime money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the knobs.
  • Transparent covers let you instantly see the position of the knob and whether they are turned on or off.


  • They are a universal fit, which means they are big, so they may be loose on your stove knobs. Tip: get some double-sided tape to secure them to the stove. You can use a blow dryer to help get the tape off when you no longer need the safety knob covers.