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The Ultimate In Gas Range Safety Knobs – RangeSafe Safety Knobs™

SeniorSafetyAdvice is proud to partner with RangeSafe, LLC to recommend and promote their RangeSafe Safety Knobs™.

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These gas stove safety knobs are very stylish, easy to install and to operate. We reviewed these knobs and were very impressed by their quality and functionality.

The purpose of the RangeSafe Safety Knobs™ is to help keep a gas stove from being turned on accidentally which can easily happen as you will see in the video for the RangeSafe Deluxe Knob for Pro-Style ranges below.

Of course, accidents can happen to anyone but the likelihood of accidentally turning on a gas stove increases if the household has older adults, children and/or pets.

In our opinion, the low cost of these knobs are a very small price to pay to ensure the safety of your home, yourself and/or your family.

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How Do RangeSafe Safety Knobs™ Compare To Other Gas Range Safety Knobs?

There are basically 3 different types of gas range safety knob products on the market today:

1. Attachments to existing knobs (like a clip) to prevent the knob from being turned.

These work fine but the disadvantages are that they don’t look so great and in order to use the stove you need to remove the clip and of course, remember to put it back on. There are a variety of these type of “add ons”. Some are clips, some are attached behind the existing knob and another one is a bar attached to the front of the stove securing the individual knobs.

2. Stove knob covers

There are clear plastic covers that can be placed over the existing knobs and although these may seem to work well, they often don’t fit well lending them to dangle from the stove knob and again – they don’t look so great.

3. Replacement knobs

The third type of products available are knobs to replace the gas range’s existing knobs and that is what the RangeSafe Safety Knobs™ are. They take the place of your existing knobs so there are no external pieces involved and they are stylish enough that they will look as if they were the original knobs that came with the gas stove.

By simply pinching the two sides of the knob together – you will then be able to turn and the gas stove safely. It is a simple and elegant product that is very effective.

About The RangeSafe Safety Knobs™ Product

The RangeSafe Safety Knobs™ as shown below and are available in 3 different models – Classic Black, Classic Brushed Stainless and Deluxe.

RagneSafe Safety Knobs For Gas Stoves

RangeSafe Classic Black Safety Knob™

​RangeSafe Classic Black Safety™ – designed for entry and mid-price-point residential ranges. The Classic Black model weighs just 4.2 oz. The Classic Black model’s bezel and knob body are made from durable high impact plastic and the metal pushing sides are made from zinc with a black finish.

The mechanical internal components of the knob are made from zinc, plastic and brass. The Classic Black model is ideal for ranges such as LG, GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, JennAir, Maytag, Frigidaire and other similar brands.

RangeSafe Classic Brushed Stainless Safety Knob™

​RangeSafe Classic Brushed Stainless Safety Knob™ – similar to the RangeSafe Classic Black model weights 4 oz is made from the same quality materials but is finished in brushed stainless steel for a more glamorous look. The Classic Brushed Stainless model also fits ranges such as LG, GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, JennAir, Maytag, Frigidaire and other similar brands.

RangeSafe Deluxe Safety Knob™

​RangeSafe Deluxe Safety Knob™ – designed for Pro-Style Ranges weighs 11 oz and is 15% larger in diameter than both Classic models. The bezel, body and pushing sides are made from 99% zinc with a brushed stainless steel finish.

The mechanical internal components of the knob are also made from zinc, plastic and brass. The Deluxe model is ideal for ranges such as Wolf, Viking, Bluestar, Capital, Dacor, Thermador and other similar brands.

Answers To Questions About The RangeSafe Safety Knob™

The questions and answers below are from the RangeSafe website.

Is the RangeSafe Safety Knob™ compatible with my stove?
Currently we cover 90% of all manufactures of stoves and ranges. We are constantly working to increase the number of manufactures we can cover. To find out if your stove is compatible please email us at or call 434-229-7401 and we will do all we can to make your home safer.

What is the warranty on your product?
We offer a full refund for returns made within 30 days of purchase for any reason and a full replacement for any non-functioning knob for 2 years after purchase.

What if I am unsure how to install the Rangesafe Safety Knob™ or I am having trouble installing the RangeSafe Safety Knob™?
We have a video and written step by step PDF on our site that will walk you through step by step. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to walk you through the process.

What happens if the RangeSafe Safety Knob™ does not fit on my stove?
In this event, please give us a call to discuss the problem and we will try to resolve the issue. If that fails, we will request you send back the knobs and we will fully refund the purchase.

What is the RangeSafe Safety Knob™ made of?
The RangSafe Safety Knob™ is made from a base metal of Zinc, we then apply a brushed stainless steel finish or a brushed chrome finish, the weight of each knob is 11.4 oz so very significant compared to your current stove knob.

Does RangeSafe LLC offer an installation service?
While we do not offer this as a service, any local appliance service company will be able to install the RangeSafe Safety Knob™.

How long to ship after purchase?
We send all orders out the same day when ordered before 3 pm EST or the following day if ordered after 3 pm EST via USPS.

What if I do not like the knobs when they arrive?
In this unlikely event, provided you have not attached the knobs to your stove, simply call us to let us know if you don’t like them within 30 days of purchase and the reason why. We will authorize a return for a full refund.

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