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Manual Can Openers For Seniors

There are several different kinds of manual can openers that work very well – but there are certain features that seniors should look for when choosing a hand operated can opener.

  • easy grip
  • a crank that’s easy to turn
  • helps to prevent possible cuts to skin
  • easy to use

Good Cook Manual Can Opener

These features are all found in the Good Cook Manual can opener with the Safe Cut Feature.

This very easy to use can opener cuts the top of the can on the side of the can instead of on the top.

This prevents that sharp edge that you can get when the top of the can is cut this helping to prevent YOU from getting cut.

As we all age our skin gets thinner and the chances of getting cuts and bruises increases.

So why not do all you can to avoid that?

So, go ahead and try the Good Cook Manual Can Opener – I think you’ll very much like it.

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