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iGuard Automatic Stove Shut Off Devices

I’m impressed with iGuardStove.  It’s an automatic stove shut off device that works for electric or gas stoves.

It  has a built in motion detector and will shut off the gas after no motion has been detected for 5 minutes. For your peace of mind, it will send an alert to your smartphone. It also has a secret lock that allows a caregiver to lock the stove.

The upgraded version also offers gas leak detection. NOTE: you’ll need a certified plumber to install.

The iGuardstove products offer a slew of features such as:

  • automatic shut off
  • manual timer
  • locks to disable the stove
  • can be remotely monitored
  • text alerts
  • daytime activity monitor
  • nighttime activity monitor
  • tracks memory changes
  • a daily calendar

To Buy An iGuard

Best Buy – this is an iGuard for electric stoves. – buy it directly from the manufacturer.

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