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The Best Non-Slip Rugs For Elderly: Rug Safety Tips

As we age, slipping and falling becomes a greater risk. As an Occupational Therapist, I was trained on how to make a house safer for older adults. One of the things I learned was to advise my senior patients to remove all rugs and floor mats from their floors.

But, what I learned is that the great majority of my clients would not comply. Although they would follow most of my other recommendations, removing their kitchen rugs, area rugs, and traditional bath mats was just not something they were willing to do.

Maybe that throw rug had some sentimental value or maybe they just liked the way the rugs looked. Whatever the reason, I had to find a compromise.

So, I began researching rugs that would be safe for my patients and I found some great options. In this article, I will share with you the best non-slip rugs for elderly adults and some tips on rug safety.

You can read more about how to make your home senior-friendly here.

Are Rugs A Trip Hazard?

Generally, yes, rugs can certainly be trip hazards. We recommend a non slip flooring type – without rugs covering it – especially if there are individuals in the house who have health issues that compromise their balance. Or for seniors who use a mobility aid such as a cane or a walker.

And especially if any seniors in the home tend to shuffle or simply do not lift their feet high enough when they walk.

Rugs can also curl up or become bunched, especially in high-traffic areas. This can easily trip someone as they walk over it.

Research has shown that hazardous rugs and carpets may be the most common environmental hazard in the homes of older adults, with one study finding loose throw rugs in nearly 78% of the homes, curled carpet edges in more than 35%, an average of more than 11 rugs without nonslip backing in each home.

National Library of Medicine

Of course, it’s not just older adults that can trip on rugs, most anyone can! But, this does not necessarily mean that you can’t make a few changes to make any rug safer for everyone living in the house.

Should Old People Have Rugs?

I personally do not believe that it’s a good idea for elderly people to have rugs in their home. The risk outweighs the benefits. I have personally treated too many seniors with broken hips, shoulders and head injury because they tripped on a rug, so you can say that I’m somewhat biased.

I even remember a patient of mine who fell and suffered a head injury because his huge dog was running through the house and slipped on the area rug which my patient was standing on. Needless to say, he fell, and hit his head on the stone floor and his life was never the same again.

That being said, I understand that many seniors enjoy the comfort and aesthetic of a rug in their homes.

If you’re using a rug, make sure it’s the right kind of rug:

  • Make sure the rug is firmly attached to the floor. This can be done with double-sided tape, non-skid pads or gripper products.
  • Choose a low pile rug. A thicker rug is more likely to cause you to trip.
  • Make sure the edges of the rug are flush with the floor. If the rug is too thick, it can be a tripping hazard.
  • Choose a contrasting color rug. A rug that is the same color as the floor is more likely to be missed and cause a fall.
  • Try to avoid patterned rugs. Patterns can be dizzying and cause you to lose your balance.
  • Inspect the rug regularly for loose threads, fraying or other damage that could make the rug unsafe. If you notice any damage, repair or replace the rug as soon as possible.

Following these tips can help to ensure that your rug is as safe as possible.

Is Carpet Better For Elderly Adults?

Carpet is definitely better for elderly adults than rugs. Carpets are less likely to cause a fall and it’s also more comfortable to walk on. But, this also depends on the type of carpet too.

Carpet that is too plush may make it difficult to walk on or to move a walker on, etc. So, if you have carpeting, I would recommend a low-pile carpet, like Berber.

Our List Of The Best Types Of Non-Trip Rugs For Homes With Elderly Adults

There are many different types of non-slip rugs for both indoor and outdoor use available on the market. There are two factors to consider when selecting a non-slip rug:

  1. The amount of traction it provides.
  2. The height of the rug.

A rug with too much traction can be just as dangerous as one with not enough traction. And the higher the pile of the rug, the more difficult it may be to walk on.

Here are some of the best non-slip rugs for elderly adults:

Dexi Door Mat

This indoor mat is perfect for doorways. It’s non-slip and has a low profile so it should be very easy to walk over with any type of mobility device.

Moynesa Washable Moroccan Area Rug

Ever wished you could just throw your rug into your washing machine? Well, here’s one that you can do that with. Not only is this rug non-slip but it’s also low pile and best of all, washable! Yes, these rugs are machine washable which makes them excellent if you have pets in the home.

Carolina Creekhouse Vinyl Rugs

If you’re just looking for the aesthetic of a rug but want something that is very durable, low pile and safe, consider a vinyl rug! There are many beautiful patterns to choose from. Perfect for hardwood and tile floors (not to be used on carpeted floors).

Antep Rugs

This beautiful low pile rug with a rubber backing is both stylish and safe. It’s stain resistant and made from Polypropylene which means it can withstand wear and tear for many years.

Tchdio Non Slip Bathroom Rugs

Bathrooms also need non-slip rugs and why not also make them quick dry rugs too?

Non Slip Outdoor Rug

It’s important to also use non-slip rugs outdoors as well and there are some beautiful ones like these from MontVoo!

Products To Make Your Existing Rugs Non-Slip

Of course, you may already have a rug that you love but it doesn’t have a non-slip backing. Or maybe you found the perfect rug but it’s not available in a non-slip version. In those cases, there are products that can be applied to the back of your rug to make it safer.

The One and Only Rug Pad

If your bathroom or other areas in the home have a heated floor (radiant heat surface) you may want to look at this reversible and washable non slip pad that can be used on hardwood floors and tile floors with radiant heat.

Gorilla Grip Extra Strong Rug Pad

This gripper pad like most all grippers can do the job of keeping a rug from slipping and sliding. The downside of these waffle styled products is that they can leave a mark on the floor after some time. But one advantage is that they can be cut to fit small or large rugs of any size.

FiberLok Non Skid Rug Backing

Another great way to make your existing rugs non-slip is to use this liquid coating. It gives the rug a natural rubber backing that can help to keep it from sliding.

Epica Super-Grip Area Rug Pad

This product is similar to the Gorilla Grip. It comes in 3 different sizes and comes with a no-slip lifetime warranty.

Mohawk Home Non Slip Rug Pad (

This is a great option if you want a little bit of cushioning under your rug. It’s made from a latex rubber which makes it suitable for hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile floors. Comes in many different sizes and can easily be cut to fit under your rug.

All of these products can last a long time! So whether your rug is in the laundry room, the kitchen floor or any other room in your home – make sure to make them safe.

Types Of Rugs For Seniors

It can be difficult to choose the right type of rug for a home with older people. You want something that offer safer options which can help to reduce the risk of falls, but you also don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort.

If you have high traffic areas in your home, then you know how important it is to have a rug that can withstand the wear and tear. Look for a rug that is specifically designed for high traffic areas. These rugs are usually made out of tougher materials that can stand up to heavy foot traffic.

There are several different types of non-slip rugs available on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for your needs. Here’s a look at some of the best options available:

Foam Rugs: These rugs are made from foam and have a textured surface that helps to prevent slipping. They’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to find. These are often kitchen mats and marketed as anti-fatigue mats.

Rubber-Backed Rugs: These rugs have a rubber backing that helps to grip the floor and prevent slipping. They’re a bit more expensive than foam rugs, but they’re also more durable.

Area Rugs: Area rugs can be a great way to add some style to your home. If you insist on having area rugs in your home, make sure that they are non-slip or have a gripper underneath them.

Stair Treads: Although technically not a “rug”, stair treads are a must-have for any home with elderly adults. They help to provide traction on slippery surfaces and can make it easier to get up and down stairs.

With so many great options available, there’s no excuse not to have non-slip rugs in your home if you have elderly adults living with you. These rugs can help to prevent slips and falls, and they can also add a touch of style to your space.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for the perfect non-slip rug for your home today!

How Do You Keep A Rug From Slipping On Hardwood Floors?

One of the best ways to keep a rug from slipping on hardwood floors is to use non-slip rug pads. These special pads grip the floor and hold the rug in place, preventing it from sliding around. Non-slip rug pads are available at most home improvement stores and can be easily cut to fit any size or shape rug.

Another way to keep a rug from slipping on hardwood floors is to use double-sided tape. This tape adheres the rug to the floor, holding it securely in place. Double-sided tape can be found at most hardware stores and is easy to apply.

Finally, make sure that you vacuum your rug regularly. A build-up of dirt and dust can make any rug slippery, so regular vacuuming will help to keep it clean and slip-free. Besides, keeping them clean, will extend the life of your rugs.

With these tips, you can help to keep your rug from slipping on hardwood floors and enjoy its beauty for years to come.

How Do You Keep A Rug From Sliding On A Tile Floor?

The rules for keeping a rug from slipping on a tile floor are basically the same as those for hardwood floors.

One way is to use rug pads that are designed for use on tile floors. These rug pads will usually have a sticky backing that will help to keep the rug in place.

Another way to keep a rug from sliding on a tile floor is to use double-sided tape. This tape will adhere to both the rug and the tile floor, and will help to keep the rug in place.

Finally, you can also use a rug gripper. This is a device that you attach to the corners of the rug. The gripper will then grip the tile floor and help to keep the rug in place.

How Do I Stop My Rug From Curling On The Carpet?

There are several ways to keep your rug from curling on the carpet, and the best method may vary depending on the type of rug you have. If you have a synthetic rug, you can try using double-sided tape or rug weights to keep it in place.

For a natural fiber rug, you may need to use tacks or adhesive strips. You can also try using a carpet mat or runner to keep your rug from sliding around.

If you have any concerns about damaging your carpet, you can always consult a professional for help.

How Do You Fix A Rug That Won’t Lay Flat?

If you have a rug that won’t lay flat, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, check to see if the rug is properly secured to the floor. If it isn’t, try tacking it down with some double-sided carpet tape or adhesive strips.

If that doesn’t work, try rolling the rug up tightly and then unrolling it in the opposite direction. This can sometimes help to loosen any creases or wrinkles that may be causing the problem.

If all else fails, you can always take the rug to a professional for cleaning or repair.

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