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Standing Aids For Seniors – Tools To Help Elderly Stand Up

No doubt that these days there are many wonderful new products available to help seniors age in place or to help their children modify their own homes so that their parent(s) can move in. It’s so much easier these days for older adults to help avoid injury.

The Standing Aids We Recommend Include

Lift Chairs

I wrote about lift chairs and how wonderful they are for your elderly parents (or other senior loved ones) who may be having problems getting up from a seated position.

There are many different varieties and styles of lift chairs available – you can see the selection from Amazon here.

You can also choose from selections of Lift Chairs at the following stores:

But sometimes, a recliner with a lift mechanism just isn’t the right product. So, I wanted to explore other products (tools) that are very useful for helping someone who has difficulty standing up.

Now, although I have been focusing on the issue of standing up, the truth is that oftentimes if a senior is having trouble standing up from a seated position they are more than likely also having trouble sitting down as well. The reason is that they have weakened lower body strength.

These products that I’m mentioning here aid the person with both problems.

Grab Bars

grab bars

It may not work for all areas of the house but if possible, grab bars are an excellent aid for seniors. They can be placed by the toilet, by a chair (if it’s near a wall of course).

Most of us are very familiar with the standard grab bars but you may want to consider one that folds away when not in use. Something like the Moen Flip Up Bathroom Grab Bar. Even though it’s intended for a bathroom, it can certainly be installed in other areas of the home.

What I like about this particular tool is that it extends from the wall further than a standard grab bar AND it folds away when it’s not needed. These are two very useful aspects.

Another type of grab bar that’s not your “standard” is the Stander Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar which is a perfect tool for bedside, chairside, etc.

A different version of this is the Sit to Stand Easy Assist Pole from MedMart.

I would however recommend that if the space in question is small to not use the security pole simply because of the space that it takes up. It’s important to leave enough open space surrounding the seated area to avoid your senior loved one from tripping and falling.

Chair Aids

Sometimes though your senior loved one just needs a little help getting up. In this case, a cane or a walker may be just enough to help them. But if they don’t normally use either one, you can opt for a Portable Chair Assist. This product can just stay by the chair or sofa or bed or wherever they may need it.

Finally, a tool made specifically for couches and sofa chairs is the Stander EZ Stand-N-Go. There are handles on both sides, which makes it much easier to push oneself up. It has a very low profile, meaning it doesn’t protrude out very much and it can easily be moved.

Another great standing aid tool for sofas and recliners (shown above) comes with or without a table top which can be used as a TV tray or for your laptop, books, crafts, etc.

But if you just need the standing aid without a table top you can choose a single bar aid that is very similar to the one above with the table.

Any one of these tools will help your elderly loved one. It may also be that you start off with one product but as the person in need grows older and may require more help, you may need to move on to another product that provides more assistance.

Chair Lifts

These items sit on the chair or sofa and literally lift the person up from the seated position.

There are two that we can recommend…

The SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat

This product can be placed on most any chair, comes with a carrying bag and weights 6.6 lbs. making it fairly easy to take with you. Click here for more details.

Another less expensive option is the Carex Upeasy Seat Assist.

It’s also very portable, no batteries required, just a simple product that may suit your needs. Get more details here.

Sit To Stand Lifts

Technically, the sit to stand lifts are mostly used to help transfer someone from one location to another (i.e. the sofa to a wheelchair or the bed to a toilet, etc.).

But they are not a 100% lift like Hoyer Lifts – the person being transferred does need to be able to follow commands, they must be able to sit up on their own and bear weight on at least one leg.

These lifts are compact pieces of equipment that can do the job of transferring someone easily and safely.

They are perfect for caregivers who are physically unable to safely transfer someone or if the senior loved one is a plus sized person which can make transfers very dangerous.

The Sara Stedy Sit to Stand model can help someone up to 400 pounds to stand up from a sitting position. This can be extremely helpful for caregivers who are unable to physically help someone who is very large to stand up.

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