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Space Heaters With Timers

Space heaters are certainly nice to have on those cold winter days, but they can be dangerous for a number of reasons. This is why it is best if a senior (or anyone, really) uses only space heaters with timers.

Here’s why: one problem with space heaters is that people want to use them all night long so their bedroom stays toasty. But, as we discussed in our article, Are Space Heaters Safe To Leave On At Night?, they dry out the air, which increases their fire risk.

In addition, the heat they generate can melt carpeting or start bedding on fire. There’s also the potential for tripping over it if the person gets up during the night.

For these and other reasons, we recommend that a space heater be placed far away from the bed, plus it really needs to have a timer so it shuts off if the user falls asleep or forgets to turn it off.

Tower Heater With Timer

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The Lasko Electric Space Heater oscillates and is equipped with an overheat safety protection. It has a programmable thermostat, works via a remote, and features an auto-off timer .

We also like the fact that it is a cool-touch space heater, meaning you or a pet won’t get burned if you touch the outside of it. In addition, it will turn itself off if it gets too hot.

Mini Heater With Timer

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We also like this portable electric space heater. It’s a little smaller than the Pelonis (it only weights 2.2 pounds), but heats just as quickly and disperses the heat through the room.

It’s made of flame retardant material and it automatically shuts off when it gets to a certain temperature, both features which can help to avoid an accidental fire.

Best Space Heaters With Timers

The Costway space heater from The Home Depot is also portable and features tip over protection. The bonus is that it has 3 heat settings and a timer that can be set to shut off anywhere from 1 hour up to 12 hours ahead.

It heats quickly and has both tip over and overheat automatic shut off protection. We also like the LED display screen, which make it easy to read settings and temperature.

For a smaller heater, try the Greentouch Infrared Quartz Cabinet Electric Space Heater from Lowe’s. It’s a table top model (can be used on the floor).

It features an LED touchscreen and readout, plus an overheat shut off and tip over safety shut off. It’s countdown timer can be set up to 9 hours ahead.

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